See You Again (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

 Chinese Drama 2019

See You Again (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

See You Again poster

  • Genre: Romance, Time-Travel
  • Release Date: 16 July 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on a novel
  • Cdrama: 40 Episodes


  • Tiffany Tang as Shi Jian
  • Shawn Dou as Ye Jia Cheng
  • Yang Shuo as Yi Pei
  • Zhou Qi Qi as Song Xiao Jing (JiaCheng’s girlfriend)
  • Lu Yi as Yi Bi Ya
  • Lyric Lan as Zhao Wen Wen
  • Caesar Li as Zhang Kai
  • Mu Le En as Lai Qiao (Dorm roommate)
  • Benny Qian as Chang Jian (Shi Jian’s ex-bf)
  • Feng Li Jun as Cheng Zi Song
  • Chang Kuo Chu as Master Yi
  • Wang Ce as Yi Qing Dong
  • Gu Yang as Fang Rou (Shi Jian’s Mother)
  • Zhang Zhi Wei as Professor Song (Jia Cheng’s mentor & Song Xiao Jing’s father)

Quick Precis:

After a plane turbulence, Shi Jian woke up ten years back in time.

As a resourceful girl, she endevours to meet her future husband, Jia Cheng, ahead of time.

She also rights some wrongs in her past.

One big surprise, she realises that her hunky boss, Yi Pei, had been in love with her.

Hey when are going to have an English subtitle.

This drama is so interesting.  It raises a lot of questions about how you would feel if your husband in the present time actually took his time to fancy you in the past.

It was excruciating to see him so gentle and caring with another woman, his then girlfriend.

Poor Shi Jian turned into a stalker.  Following her ‘husband’ and even befriending his girlfriend to be near him.

There are times when it was absolutely excruciating to watch her put herself there and be utterly degraded.


There was also a very poignant scene where she realised that ten years ago, her mother was still alive.  When she learned this she rushed from university to strangle her mother with the tightest and longing hug.  That was lovely and her mother looks so kind.  This scene reminded me of Kdrama’s Go Back Couple.

I am now on episode 11, not truly understanding what is really going on but one thing I noticed was the sexy chemistry Tang Yan has with the second male lead, Yi Pei.

Her chemistry with her future husband is not bad either but Yi Peif is sexily appealing with his muscly body almost bursting from his tight white long sleeves.  Gorgeous!  🙂

Anyway, Shi Jian was trying on a wedding gown for some reason and Jia Cheng turned up.  Again, Shi Jian can’t help flirting with him through eye to eye contact but Song Xiao Jing, the girlfriend turned up and whisked  Jia Cheng away.

Shi Jian was so upset she went drinking.  She got drunk and called Yi Pei who turned up to almost pick her up off the street.

She woke up in his bed and his pajamas.  He then started posing (more, more) against a pillar with a glass of orange juice and the sexiest come-hither look.

Forget Jia Cheng just have it off with the gorgeous Yi Pei in this lifetime.  LOL

14 Sept 2019 Update:  First two episodes have been update!

Episode 1


Shi Jian was blissfully waiting to be reunited with her husband Jia Cheng in Santiago, Chile. They started a business together when they got married.

Shi Jian was especially excited because she wanted to surprise Jia Cheng of her news that they were going to have a baby,

At the airport lounge, Shi Jian spoke again with Jia Cheng who can’t wait to see her.

Yi Pei happened to notice her asked if she doesn’t mind if he sits and chats with her for a while. Yi Pei is the president of EMOC who Jia Cheng had contact previously.

Yi Pei and Shi Jian were seatmates at the First/Business Class.  Yi Pei likes Shi Jian cheerfulness.

Shi Jian fell asleep but woken up by the sudden turbulence of the flight.

Yi Pei ensured that her seatbelt was correct and proper.

The turbulence got worse and luggage from the overhead compartments started to fall.

Ji Pei saw a sharp object/pole aiming where Shi Jian was seating.  He stood up and cover her with his body.

Shi Jian was in a coma.  Jia Cheng was worried sick about her as she won’t wake up.

But she did wake up in another timeline.


Shi Jian was all confused when she woke up.  She did not know where she was until one her dormmate told her that she was in university.

She later found out that it was 2006 and she was 21 years old.

She could not believe what was happening so she jumped into the school pond and were rescued by good samaritans.

Shi Jian was worried about Ji Pei so she went to EMOC to speak with him. But he just looked at her blankly and his assistant said she was some weirdo and to stop bothering Ji Pei.

She also found out that her mother was still alive.  She died later of that year of Terminal breast cancer.

Upon hearing that her mother was alive, she raced home to be with her.  She hugged her tightly.  Her mother said that Shi Jian was being weird.  They just saw each other last weekend.

Anyway, she did not want to frighten her mother but Shi Jian convinced her to get a check-up with her the next day.

Shi Jian also found out that she still has a boyfriend at that time. He was Cheng Ji.

He was working with Yi Qindong, the uncle of Yi Pei.

Yi Qindong will use Cheng Ji for fraudulent activity.  Cheng Ji will end up in prison for ten years.

Shi Jian did warn him about the project with Yi Qindong was he was turning violent when she spoke to him about it.

Now she wanted to see Jia Cheng but she does not know where to find him.

Episode 2

Shi Jian found out that Jia Cheng in this timeline was still dating Song Xiao Jing.  So she reckoned that to find where Jia Cheng she needs to know where Song Xiao JIng was.

Shi Jian found her and started stalking her.

Song Xiao Jing noticed and had a word with Shi Xiao about it.  She told Shi Xiao to stop following her.

Episode 3

Shi Jian waited for her boyfriend to get out of his apartment.  She then went to his place and searched for materials regarding the project he was working on with the conniving Qingdong.

She found a memory card reader which details the Grand City project.

She copied the information and decided to give it to Ji Pei because she reckoned that he can help Chang Jian not to end up in prison.

Shi Jian had become rather friendly with her future husband’s current girlfriend, Song Xiao Jing.  The later promised her an internship into her company.

Finally, she met Jia Cheng in the bookshop.  She was saddened that he was not really interested in her at all.  No memory of her whatsoever.  She was also a little upset that he was very attentive with Xiao Jing.

Shi Jian’s roommate told her either to pursue her future husband or just forget about him for now and let nature takes its course.

Meanwhile, Yi Pei is beginning to be fascinated with her as her information seemed a step ahead of what was happening.

She even foretold that the Grand City project will be disastrous at first.

He asked to meet her and asked why she was ‘helping’ him?  What is it for her?

She said that she did not want anything for herself but she would appreciate for Yi Fei to help Chang Jian not to end up in prison.

Shi JIan met up with Chang Jian and confessed to him what she did that she copied everything from his computer and gave the information fo Yi Fei.

She then told him to go to Yi Fei as he can help him.

Chang Jiani did not appreciate what Shi JIan did so he slapped her hard which was seen by Yi Fei and his assistant who was watching from his car just outside the restaurant.

The initial test result for her mother’s physical came out clear.  But Shi Jian tried to convince her mother to get further tests.

Episode 4

OMG Yang Shuo is too damn sexy.  His every pore is oozing sex appeal.  LOL

Anyway, the chairman of EMAO was upset with what happened with the Grand City Project.

His son, Qingdong denied knowing anything about it.  The Chairman only got more annoyed because Qingdong is the president of the company, how can he not know about a big project.

Shi Jian was absolutely shameless which was making Jia Cheng uncomfortable.  She was stalking him.

She was there giving him a ticket for the Roman Holiday movie but he turned her down.

She was there bringing him a chocolate cake, he told her that he doesn’t like sweet food.

He was rebuffing her at every turn and told her that he has a girlfriend.

One good thing for her was that her mother agreed to undergo more tests.

And another thing, Yi Fei made good of his promise.  He had a talk with Chang Jian about working with Qingdong.  He warned him that the last assistant of Qingdong was currently serving 10 years in prison for doing all the underhanded dealings for Qingdong.

Episode 5

Chang Jian went back to the office but found that his things are being boxed as he had been fired.

He went immediately to Qingdong to inquire about his dismissal.  For good measure, he turned on the voice recorder on his mobile phone.

Qingdong told him that Chang Jian was being investigated for fraud.  The investigators have found a million yen(?) had been deposited in his account.

Chang Jian said that Qingdong gave him the money himself as a bonus.

Qingdong said that Chang JIan should not put the blame on him.

Chang Jian did manage to get a rather incriminating confession from Qingdong which reached the Chairman as Chang Jian gave a copy of the recording to Yi Pei, who passed it on the Chairman.

The Chairman was so annoyed with his son who seemed to have gone back to his old ways.

Shi Jian found out that her mother has an early-stage breast cancer from the doctor.  She did not know how to go about telling her mother.  It so happened that Jia Cheng called to thank her for the chocolate which he actually enjoyed.

Jia Cheng adviced her to be straightforward with her mother.

Jia Cheng had been having a problem with his girlfriend, who was very controlling and spoilt.

Episode 6

It also did not help that Shi Jian was always around Jia Cheng like that morning when they were found together by a suspicious Xiao Jing, who realised that Shi Jian purposely got closer to her so she could snatch Jia Cheng away.

Xiao Jing was right though.

Seriously even if Jia Cheng is her husband in the future, it was not right to take him away from his girlfriend in an earlier timeline.

Shi Jian’s mother tried to commit suicide when she found out that might be a burden to her young daughter who was looking for a job rather than taking her exams to be able to graduate.

Thank goodness, Yi Pei was there to support Shi Jian after they had taken Chang Jian to the police station to surrender.

Shi Jian asked Yi Pei for a job.

And it seemed it was such a small world as Yi Pei was meeting Xiao Jing and Jiacheng for dinner.  Yi Pei wanted to collaborate with Jiacheng to design the Grand City, which has been given to him by the chairman to manage.

The Chairman took the project away from Qingdong because the later had gone back to his old vice of gambling.

Episode 7

Despite Qiao Qiao telling ShiJian that she would give way if she gets the internship with EMAO in favour of Shi Jian, who needed it more, Qiao Qiao got upset when Shi Jian got the position herself through Yi Pei.

Anyway, Jia Cheng arranged a hospital bed for Shi Jian’s mother through his friend Gao Zhifeng.

To thank them, Shi Jian treated them to a meal.  But Xiao Jing called Jia Cheng to say she needed help because she might have broken her leg when she fell in the bath.

Jia Cheng immediately moved to go to his girlfriend but Shi Jian volunteered to drive him as he had been drinking.

When then got then, Xiao Jing went mental and accused both Jia Cheng and Shi Jian of an inappropriate relationship.

Shi Jian had had enough of Xiao Jing’s rather understandable accusation so she told her that she should not be disrespecting Jiacheng who is kind, hardworking and honest and anyway he was her husband first.

Jia Cheng and Xiao Jing both looked at her as if she was a deranged stalker. 🙁

Jia Cheng took the car key from her and warned her never to come near him again.  He doesn’t want to see her again.

Episode 8

Shi Jian’s mother had a successful operation.

She is still obsessing with Jia Cheng but she can see that she means nothing to him.

She was also obsessing with Qiao Qiao’s love life.  she forced Qiao Qiao to break up with her boyfriend she met through the internet.  She told Qiao Qiao that he was going to break her heart in the future.

It was the new year.  She celebrated it with her mother.

Jia Cheng toook Xiao Jing to meet his parents.  Xiao Jing was not a hit with his parents but they were stoic about her.  It was their son who will have to marry and live with Xiao Jing so he has to make the decision.

Episode 9

It was Shi Jian first day work.  She was told of the three things that she must abide by working for Yi Pei.  First, don’t ask a question you shouldn’t ask.  Second, don’t listen to the conversation you shouldn’t listen.  And third, don’t be curious about the situation you shouldn’t be curious about. And a bonus advice: maintain moderate stupidity.

Shi Jian had a happy shocked when she ended in Jia Cheng arm’s when she collided him in the corridor.

She did not know that he works with Yi Pei.

Yi Pei saw them looking at each other and knew that Shi Jian has a massive crush with Jia Cheng.

It so happened that Wenwen, Yi Pei’s fiancee had come back to China.

They have a mutual understanding that they do not want to tie the knot yet as Yi Pei is busy at work while Wenwen is not through playing with boys yet.

But Wenwen likes someone to act as an assistant so Yi Pei used being able to work with Jia Cheng to convince Shi Jian to assist Wenwen.

Wenwen is a carefree soul as Shi Jian had found out.  She remembered in the future that she had a conversation with Qiao Qiao about Wenwen, who will die from a fall while skiing.

Wenwen exhibit signs of early pregnancy.


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Cho Seung Woo (South Korean Actor)

South Korean Actor


Cho Seung Woo (South Korean Actor)

Aka: Jo Seung-woo

Cho Seung Woo


  • First Name: Seung-woo
  • Surname: Cho (Jo)
  • DoB: 28 March 1980 (39)
  • PoB: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height:
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Dankook University (School of Culture, Arts & Design
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  • Originally an Anglican (Church          of England)
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  • Created a cardinal by Pope Leo XIII on 12 May 1879.


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Xin Rui Qi (Chinese Actress)

Xin Rui Qi


  • First Name: Rui Qi
  • Surname: Xin
  • Dob:19 February 1997 (22)
  • PoB: Xian, China
  • Height: 1.66 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Actress
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