Chef Fang (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2017

Chef Fang (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Food, Romance, Rich Man, Poor Woman
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 36 Episodes


  • Lei Mu as Sheng Yong
  • Michelle Jiang as Fang Yi Shao
  • Jerry Chang as Shen Yi Bo
  • Zhu Jia Yi as Fang Ye
  • Hu Ben as Shen Jie

Fierce Wife brings luck!

Episode 1

Fang Yi Shao is an orphan girl who is pretty cheerful and a wonderful cook.

She has a stall in the market where she cooks delicious soup loved by everyone.

One day, just before she was about to close her eatery, a man, who looks like quite rich came to sit down in one of her tables.  He seemed very very upset.

Fang Yi Shao started cooking something for him.  They got talking and said that a monk had told him that the first girl that he talks to would be able to help him solve his problem.  It seemed the girl was her.

The man told her that he was having some people to dine in his house but their cook had gone.  He then begged her to help him out.

As he was looking so sad Yi Shao agreed to help him.

She was busy in the kitchen, when someone knocked her over the head, making her unconscious.

When she came to, she was in a carriage wearing a traditional red wedding dress.

She found that she had been left more than 1000 tael of silvers and a letter telling her that she was marrying the son of the magistrate in place of his daughter who threatened to kill herself if she was forced to marry.

Yi Shao married Sheng Yong.

Episode 2

Yi Shao was a hit with her in-laws.  They saw immediately that their delinquent son had changed a little bit.  That is he woke up early and joined them for a delicious breakfast cooked by their new daughter in law.

After breakfast, Sheng Yong was advised by his parents to pay respect to Yi Shao’s parents.

Yi Shao tried to dissuade him from going but he insisted.  The Fengs went along with Yi Shao in the end.

After the visit, Yi Shao asked her husband to take her out to dinner.  They went to the swankiest restaurant in town whose chef apparently has a recommendation from the king.

Yi Shao ordered and was told that what she wanted was not in their menu, plus the fact that it was impossible to cook.

Yi Shao was challenged into cooking her own food.

They were so delicious that it caused a stampede which hurt some and broke some furniture.

Episode 3 & 4

His magistrate father punished both Yi Shao and Sheng Yong to work at the restaurant.

It proves very profitable for the restaurateur.

Yi Shao and Sheng Yong went to complain to the restaurateur that he was profiting too much from their labor.  But they found him dead.

Episode 5

Yi Shao and Sheng Yong are really getting along fine.  She had become a good influence on him.

Sheng Yong’s mother mistakenly thought that Yi Shao is already pregnant.  She can’t wait to tell the magistrate.

The mother called Yi Shao and told her that they will go to the temple to make an offering.

When Yi Shao asked Sheng Yong what kind of temple where they were going, he said it was a fertility temple.  Yi Shao jumped to the conclusion that Sheng Yong’s mother must be pregnant. 🙂

Sheng Yong was scandalised.  He said his mother is 40 and his father is nearing 60!

Anyway, they went to the temple with the mother and was quite happy that Sheng Yong had turned rather filial.

Episode 6

It only takes one thought to become a Buddha or a demon.
– Head nun at the longevity temple

Yi Shao and Sheng Yong helped the magistrate to uncover the real culprit on the murder of the restaurateur.

It was the head nun who brought up the daughter of the restaurateur by his wife he forced to marry him.

The woman was won by the restaurateur through gambling.

Song Dynasty Bei Dou Department (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Song Dynasty Bei Dou Department (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


  • Aka: The Plough Department of Song Dynasty
  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama Fiction, Romance, Wuxia, Love Triangle
  • Release Date: 19 March 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 36 Episodes


  • Xu Ke as Tai Sue
  • Zhang Yu Jian as Liu Suifeng
  • Dai Luwa as Wu Yaoguang
  • Yue Rong as Di Lingzi
  • Zhang Jingtong as De Miao
  • Lu Xin as Luo Dongshan
  • Song Hanyu as Meng Dong
  • Niu Zhiqiang as Xuan Xuanzi
  • Zhou Hankun as You Nian Meng Dong
  • Lu Jincong as Xiao Linzi

Quick Precis:

Three young heroes working for a secret crime solving department under the direct authority of the king.

Episode 1

I just watched the first episode and found it engaging and pretty exciting.

It started with a fox enchantress that had been hounding the people for money and treasure.  Anyway, Liu Siufeng saw the beautiful white fox which vanished but only to return in the form of a beautiful woman.

Liu Siufeng was a bit of a Lothario.  He loves the opposite sex.

When the fox woman threw herself into his arms, he was only too willing to embrace her.  He then told her that he will protect her and make her his own.

Unfortunately for him, his sentiment was curtailed by the forceful arrival of Yaoguang who threw her gun (staff) at the back of the fox woman, causing her to fall on the ground.

Siufeng was frustrated and told Yaoguang surely she could have given him a few minutes with the woman.

But his frustration turned into alarm when the fox lady got up and battled it out with Siufeng, who has super strength.

Suifeng pulled on the fox woman hair and it came off.  Siufeng was surprised at the wig.  Then next came the beautiful mask and showed a not so beautiful face.

Siufeng finally helped Yaoguang to defeat the woman by using his superpower of the Buddhist Lion Roar which stunned the woman fox.

Siufeng concluded that the most beautiful women are those who are not wearing make-up.

They brought in the fox woman in to the secret Plough Department, which is like an ancient Chinese version of James Bond HQ at M16.  They even have a Q, who was working on sophisticated (for that time) gadgets. And of course, they have M in the person of the Defense Minister.

Suifeng and Yaoguang were given a new mission, directly from the king.

A few days ago, the Imperial Censor Zhang was behaving erratically in the street when he was murdered by an immortal who climbed through the sky via a rope.

The King is concerned that the people are now looking up the sky to pay homage to the immortal.  The king wanted them to investigate this ‘immortal’.

Suifeng and Yaoguang went to the market town where the murder happened.  It was a busy bustling place.  A street performer who can do magic was very popular.

Then wanted to talk with him but he seemed to vanish at will.  This man was Tai Sue.








Yuttakarn Prab Nang Marn(Thai Drama Review & Summary)

Thai Lakorn 2018


Yuttakarn Prab Nang Marn(Thai Drama Review & Summary)

Yuttakarn Prab Nang Marn poster

  • Genre: Romance, Business, Rich Girl, Poor Man, Strong Female Lead; Step Family
  • Release Date:  November 2018
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Lakorn: 18 Episodes


  • Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor as Yuttakarn
  • Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon as Rumpapat (Rumpa)
  • Sun Prachakorn Piyasakulkaew
  • Nara Thepnupha as Paphada
  • Pete Puntakarn Thongjure as Ronnachai
  • Rujira Chuaykua (Khem) as Paweeda
  • Pupae Ramawadee Sirisuka as Orathai
  • David Asavanond as Character Name
  • Dao Nathapatsorn Simasthien as Actress with Cameron Diaz smile
  • Kittiphong Tantichinanon (Pop) as cinematographer

The lead girl is so beautiful, I did not recognise from that Little Thing Called Love.  She was that cute dark girl.  and of course, Tao Sattaphong was that gorgeous prince in Princess Hours

Episode 1

Yuttakarn was being hustled by his debtors and was given three days to settle what he owes.

Meanwhile, Rumpa was the boss from hell.  She was very exacting and feared by her employees.  She is the new CEO of her father’s film production company.

Her father had brought in to live with them his new wife and her daughter which aggrieved and caused friction with Rumpa.

Rumpa was going wild and humiliated her new stepsister by grabbing her head and pushing it on a creamy cake.

Her father had had enough of her bad behavior and told her that if she won’t try to get on with his new family then she should leave his house.

Episode 2

Rumpa had bullied her secretaries so many times that they either resign or fired.  She was on her tenth, which she fired.

She tasked her office manager to get her another secretary for the next day.

Here enters Yuttakarn.

Rumpa at first was not liking the idea of a male secretary but because of some problem at work, she was too busy to think more about it.

Yuttakarn followed wherever she went and saw the chaos at first hand inside a film editing room.

It was the day of the press conference for their new movie and yet they could not agree to the trailer that should be shown.

Rumpa was a perfectionist and was very unhappy with the trailer result.  She then found out that the last part of the trailer had gone missing.

It was taken by her father’s business partner who had had enough of her high and mighty attitude.

Her father found out what had happened and went to his partner to take the film back.  At first the partner refuses to return it until Rumpa comes especially and begged for it.

In the end he agreed but  said he will leave the company to form his own.

She asked to contact the lead actor of their film to reshoot the trailer but he was unavailable.

She found out that he was having a R&R in a hotel a few hours away and can’t be disturbed.

This is where Yuttakarn showed he could help.  He told Rumpa that he knew the bellhop of the hotel.  Together they drove to the hotel and more or less Rumpa threatened the actor to shift his butt or he will never work in the business again.

They got their reshoot but coming back was taking them so long and their new trailer would be late for the press con.

Her father was calling her to tell her he has got the film but Rumpa ignored his calls.

He was thinking was his baby girl not answering his call when his car crashed into a lorry.

Rumpa managed to deliver the trailer on the dot.  She was feted for her company’s new film.

Meanwhile she was looking for her father who was not in attendance but her stepmother and stepsister were there.

Someone showed her a newsflash of her father’s crash.

Yuttakarn took her to the hospital.  But it seems that Yuttakarn is more than just a secretary.

Someone is paying him to spy on Rumpa.  Who is this mysterious boss?





20 March – Spring Starts

Daffodils, photo by PH Morton

20 March – Spring Starts

2oth of March is not only the official start of spring in the UK, Canada and the US, but today is also a celebration of International Happiness Day.

Are you happy?  Have you got spring in your footsteps?

Me too 🙁

Not a happy bunny!  Woke up this morning tired from lack of sleep to a greyish gloomy day.

It was so dark at 8:00 am I had to turn the lights on.

Come on spring……

Mother of Mine (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Kdrama 2019

Mother of Mine (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Mother of Mine poster

  • Genre: Family, Relationship, Romance, Drama
  • Release Date: 23 March 2019
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Kdrama: 100 Episodes


  • Kim Hae Sook as Park Sun Ja (Mother)
  • Yoo Sun as Kang Mi Sun (Eldest Daughter)
  • Kim So Yun as Kang Mi Ri (Middle Daughter)
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Han Tae Joo
  • Kim Ha Kyung as Kang Mi Hye (Youngest Daugther)
  • Ki Tae Young as Kim Woo Jin
  • Choi Myung Gil as Jun In Sook
  • Myung Kye Nam as Han Jong Soo
  • Lee Won Jae as Jung Jin Soo
  • Joo Hye Rim as Jung Da Bin
  • Joo Hyun as Jung Dae Chul
  • Park Jung Soo as Ha Mi Ok

This drama is an eye-watering 100 episodes but I think it would be worth it because the cast is stellar.  Kim So Yun is more beautiful than ever.  I am also really fond of Kim Hae Sook who will play the mother.  She is such a good, reliable actress.

Can’t wait for this drama to start.