Seigi no Se (Ms Justice) Japanese Drama Review

Ms Justice poster

Seigi no Se (Ms Justice) Japanese Drama Review

Genre: Law, Romance

Date Released: April 2018



  • Yuriko Yoshitaka as Ririko Takemura (Newbie prosecutor)
  • Ken Yasuda as Tsutomu Aihara (assistant to the newbie prosecutor)
  • Shohei Miura as Hitoshi Otsuka
  • Alice Hirose as Haruko Takemura
  • Kinari Hirano as Hideki Kimura


Ririko Takemura is a newbie prosecutor who got transferred to Yokohama District Public Prosecutors office, where her colleague are male and experience.

Ririko was enthusiastic with her job, so much so that most times her assistant would remind her to be more circumspect and not show too much emotion with the public/client.

Her first case was about power harassment when the manager regularly bullied his subordinate and went as far as beat and pushed him down an underground stairwell.  The victim sustained heinous injury.

He reported the case to the police a week after it happened and the boss/manager and another colleague, who was with them during the said incident, denied that anything had happened.

Ririko was advised to drop the case as there was no evidence.  Her boss told her that Japan has 99.99 percent record prosecution because of evidence.

Ririko got upset and even rethought about being a prosecutor if she can’t serve justice.

In the end she got her evidence.

Ririko has a boyfriend of four years.  But lately they have been both to busy to see one another.

There is of course a gorgeous prosecutor at her office.  He is Otsuka played by Shohei Miura.  I have they have a romance but I find that Shohei  in most of his dramas  does not get the girl.

Yuriko is such a winsome young lady.  I love her dramas.  She reminds me of Tao Tsuchiya.

Can’t wait for the next episode.


Saewoo Twigim (Korean Deep Fried King Prawns)

Saewoo Twigim, photo by JMorton

Saewoo Twigim (Korean Deep Fried King Prawns)

I could eat and eat fried king prawns all old.  They are so delicious especially served with some spicy sauces.


  • 1/2  shrimp, peeled (but leave the tail intact) and de-veined
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups Korean deep frying mix powder (this is available in Asian/Oriental/Korean food store near you) 🙂
  • Oil for deep frying

Method of Preparation:

  • Using a deep fryer or a pan with high sides like a large wok or casserole, heat the enough oil for deep frying.
  • Ensure that the oil is hot at 375 degrees, essential for quick crisping of the battered shrimps. (It is useful to invest in an oil thermometer for kitchen use, some are not very expensive)
  • Spread the two cups of Korean deep frying mix powder on a plate.

  • Dip each peeled shrimp into the beaten eggs and then cover and coat with the mix powder.
  • Give each a gentle quick shake and then carefully lower down over the hot oil.
  • Fry in batches; do not overcrowd the pan to maintain the hot temperature of the oil.
  • Remove from oil when prawns are golden brown all over.
  • Paper towels should be at the ready to drain off excess oil.

Serve with some salad and favourite dip.

Bin Dae Tteok (Korean Vegetable Pancake)

Korean Pancake, photo by JMorton

Bin Dae Tteok (Korean Vegetable Pancake)

This is a delicous savoury pancake.  Delicious dipped in a sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar, minced garlic and spiced with chopped chillies.

Perfect for starters.

So Ji Sub (South Korean Actor)

So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is a Korean actor and singer.

He made looking thoughtful brooding so sexy.  The last drama I saw him on was Oh My Venus.  It was not a new one but I have been putting if off for sometime because I thought it was all about a fat girl.  I finally watched the drama in its entirety this week and I thought I should have watched it sooner.  It was so good and So Ji Sub and his abs are a feast to the eyes!

Another drama that he was so yummy is called Master’s Sun.  I also adored him in a film called Rough Cut.


So Ji Sub (South Korean Actor)


DoB: 4 November 1977 (40)

Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor & Businessman (entrepreneur)

Height: 1.82 m

Films & Dramas:

  • Oh My Venus
  • Rough Cut
  • Master’s Sun

Love Rerun (Japanese Drama Review and Summary)

Love Rerun Poster

Love Rerun (Japanese Drama Review and Summary)

Genre: Romance

Released Date: April 2018


  • Anne Nakamura as Sayaka Minami
  • Yuki Furukawa as Shohei Machida
  • Ryohei Otani as Ryosuke Sagisawa
  • Tomoshiro Ichikawa as Hayato Fujisaki
  • Nana Katase as Mizuki Aoyama
  • Aimi Satsukawa as Yumi Uno

I’ve just seen the first episode in Japanese.  Of course I did not understand a word as there is no English sub available yet.

But it did look very engaging and interesting.

It is about a girl, who is prim and proper in her 30s and works as a designer.  She had been in a one-sided love with a gorgeous man, who she knew for many, many years.

It looks like her dream of getting together with him was finally going to be rewarded.

But she woke up one morning, dazed and looking different from her norm.  She was modern and rather lovely.  And there was a man in her apartment.  She doesn’t know him and totally confused of what was going on.

She found out later that she actually lived with him.  They are in a relationship.  She also found out that it was three months later from the last time she can remember.

It did really look good.  Please Japanese subbers.  Kindly help us out with this drama.

Okay, I have just seen the subbed first episode.

At 29, Sayaka has experienced zero love life.  She had been busy concentrating on a one sided love with a childhood friend, Ryosuke.

She loved him when she was in her teens and followed him in Tokyo when she could.  He was there to celebrate her 20th and bought her a lovely red winter duffle coat, which she treasures more than anything.  It became her comforter, whatever the weather.

Anyway, she works at Olivia Lab as one of the designers or something.  Their project has to do with the 30s women and their love life.  She was rather embarrassed as she doesn’t have the experience to speak of.

Her best friend, who she shares a flat with encouraged her to let out her 15 years of longing to Ryosuke.  So she gave Ryosuke a call to meet up.  I can understand why she was longing for him, he is so masculinely gorgeous. 🙂

Ryosuke said that he will take her out on her 30th birthday.  She was so happy, she is going for a date and she will confess to him.

The next ‘day’ she woke up dazed and confused in an unfamiliar house. She noticed herself in the mirror looking decidedly different from usual. For starter she was not wearing her glasses, she also has her hair untethered.  And she was wearing an off the shoulder blouse.

Then came a young man, asking her if she had finished packing.

It turned out he was Machida, her lived in younger boyfriend.  He was quite matter of factly in telling her that he was her first, He took her virginity and now they have broken up.  And she has to move out.

She was so confused.

She has nowhere to go as her best friend is now married with a baby and even Ryosuke is living with another woman.

The doctor said that she has memory displacement or something and could be temporary.

She begged Machida if she could stay with him until her memory is back.  He agreed but he said she has to go as soon as she remembers.

Love this drama.

Episode 2

Apparently there were a lot of things that happened during the last three months that she can’t remember including having a friends with benefits with Hayato.

Minami was utterly confused as she of course can’t remember as well as it was not in her nature to sleep around, having been a virgin until the age of 30.

It turned out that Hayato was lying because he is more than just a high school friend of Machida.  He is in fact in love with Machida himself.  Hayato thinks that Minami does not deserve Machida as she is not completely over with her one-sided love with Ryosuke.

Love this drama.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Japanese movie)

JoJo Bizarre Adventure poster

Genre: Film, School, fantasy, Bizarre, Manga

Released Date: 2017



  • Kento Yamazaki as Jōsuke Higashikata
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki as Kōichi Hirose
  • Nana Komatsu as Yukako Yamagishi
  • Masaki Okada as Keichō Nijimura
  • Mackenyu as Okuyasu Nijimura
  • Takayuki Yamada as Anjūrō Katagiri
  • Yusuke Iseya as Jōtarō Kūjō
  • Alisa Mizuki as Tomoko Higashikata
  • Jun Kunimura as Ryōhei Higashikata

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Japanese movie)

I am really not into this kind of genre but surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the film, probably helped by the couple of glasses of red wine, I imbibed with my supper.

A little tipsy,  I found the whole film made sense. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I watched this movie because of Yamazaki Kento, Nana Kotmatsu, Mackenyu and the perennially gorgeous Masaki Okada.

Okey let me see, if I can now make sense of what the film was all about.

Kento played Josuke, who was a descendant of a family with superpowers.  He did not really know about this family as he grew up with his mother and his maternal grandfather, who was an exemplary police officer.

Josuke is quite popular at school, not only because of his strength and agility but also due to his good looks, especially with his retro goth (lucille ball’s donut hairstyle, see above photo) hairstyle. 🙂

No one was allowed to negatively comment on his hair or there will be hell to pay. 🙂

A new transfer student, Koichi, having been saved by Josuke from bullies, promptly attached himself to Josuke.  But by doing so he put his life in peril as Josuke was being hunted by the evil forces of their town.  These evil forces were lead by Keicho Nijimura and his brother, Okuyasu.

There is something common amongst Josuke, Keicho and Okuyasu.  They all have a ‘stand’, which is a spiritual guiding fighting element that they can exude, these stands are their luminous robot-like doubles who does their fighting for them.  CGI was quite good.

Only those with stands can see these spiritual beings.  That is why Josuke was popular with his classmates for his quickness in fighting, they don’t actually see his stand doing most of the fighting for him; they thought it was him.

Keicho has a bow and arrow that can make a ‘chosen one’ dead but come alive complete with a stand, who he then put under his  control.   This is all about gravity apparently, according to him.

A person that Keicho used his bow and arrow on was a crazed murderer.  The murderer and his stand ended up killing  Josuke’s grandfather, the kindly policeman.

Though Josuke has the power to heal anyone, his grandfather was a lost cause.

With vengeful wrath, Josuke vanquished the crazed killer.

He then went to have his final confrontation with the Nijamura brothers.  Koichi tagged along with him but got shot with an arrow by Keicho.

During the fight Josuke saved Okuyasu and in return Okuyasu helped Josuke to save Koichi.

Keicho’s stands were those toy soldiers and helicopters and tanks which came alive in their hundreds of miniatures.  The vast numbers of the toys soldiers had almost defeated Josuke and his stand but his stand has a power of unbreakable diamond.

The end was an atonement of Keicho to his younger brother Okuyasu.  He took a flying killing evil toy car that would have gone for Okuyasu.

The end was Josuke, Keicho and Okuyasu going back to school rather chummy.

The film feels like it would spore a sequel because the talented Nana was not use much.

I enjoyed the film though rather bizarre.

Duncan Chow (Hong Konger Actor)

Duncan Chow

Duncan Chao, also known as Duncan Lai, is a British Hong Kongese (?)

He is very popular in Taiwan.


  • DOB: 19 September 1978
  • Educational Background: Majored in Psychology At Auckland University
  • Occupation: Model, interior designer, Actor


Duncan Chow (Hong Konger Actor)


Films & Dramas:


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