A Little Thing Called First Love

A Little Thing Called First Love

A Little Thing Called First Love is apparently going to star Lai Kuan Lin as the male lead and it was being touted that the female lead may possibly be Shen Yue.

It was only the male lead who is more or less a sure thing.

This drama, which is based on a Thai movie is called Crazy  Little thing called Love will be the startup vehicle for the 17-year-old Lai Kuan Lin in the drama world.

I do hope that Shen Yue gets the part.


Masahiro Higashide (Japanese Actor)


Masahiro Higashide (Japanese Actor)

Masahiro Higashide


  • First Name: Masahiro
  • Surname: Higashide
  • DoB: 1 February 1988 (30)
  • PoB: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 1.89 m (6’2.5″)
  • Civil Status: Married to Anne Watanabe (1 January 2015) 3 children (twin girls born in 2016 and a son, born in 2017)
  • Education:
  • Occupation: Model, Actor
  • Work Period: 2004 – Present

Dramas & Films:

Over Drive (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)


Over Drive (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Over Drive poster

  • Genre: Sport, Rally, Sibling Rivalry, Drama
  • Date Release: July 2018
  • Origin: Japan


Review & Summary

The plot of the drama is really nothing new and yet there is still a heart to the whole movie.  It is also help by several kawaii boys.

There is only a very small percentage of romance,  I would say about 1 percent. 🙂

The story begins with a young lady working as a sports agent who was handling a golfer, Ishihiro but was suddenly transferred to handle the bad boy of rally sport.

He was the temperamental (but so gorgeous and sexy, there are plenty of shots of him shirtless, lol) Naozumi.  He drives for Spico, where the chief mechanic is his own brother Atsuhiro.

Naozumi and Atsuhiro could not be more different.

Naozumi is very hard-headed who would pick up a fight in a heartbeat.

Atsuhira, on the other hand, is very calm, very polite and rather thoughtful.

The brothers used to be so close when they were children but when hormones kicked in and Hina happened, they became distant.

Hina was the girl both boys fancied in their youth.   Hina became Naozumi’s girlfriend but eventually dumped him as she was really more attracted to the quiet Atsuhina.   Hina went to Boston to study and to forget Atshina.

On Christmas Eve 2010, she was shot dead near the train station in Boston.

During Christmas, the following day, he received a Christmas card from the dead girl and the card was all about Atsuhiro.  He was so bitter that he did not even mention him except that he should be the best in the world.

Since then,  he had been driving like a mad man to get the record and fulfill her wish.

He was neck and neck with Shincai.  At some point, Shincai was leading which only drove Naozumi crazy.

During the fifth round to determine the final winner, Naozumi met an accident leading him, his co-driver and car to plunge into the lake.

By all reasons, they should withdraw or retire from the contest but Atsuhiro realised that winning the rally and progressing to World Rally Championship is everything to his brother.

So out of the impossible, they fish out the car from the lake and overhauled it and installed another propulsion engine, which is really still a work in progress,  invented by Atsuhiro.

They work overtime and overnight until it was finished.  But the drama does not stop as after all the works that went with it, the car refuses to start.

Atsuhiro contemplated his engineering hand and push the start button once again and it worked like a dream.

Because of the accident, Naozumi has five minutes penalty.

By this time the brothers have made up.  As he was about to start the engine, Atsuhiro advised Naozumi to go full throttle.

And he did and won.

A little bit of spark happened when Hirako shook hands with Naozumi.

Then the epilogue shots Naozumi was at the World Rally Championship and doing very well.

It was a really enjoyable film and rather exciting to watch the rally.  You wanted Naozumi and his team to win the rally.


Ever Night Season 2 Update

Ever Night Season 2 

Character poster of Dylan as Ning Que

I have to admit that when it was announced that Chen Feiyu had opted not to continue on as Ning Que for Season 2, something in my heart dedicated solely to Ever Night grieved.

There is no one out there that could possibly play Ning Que with enough charm, maturity, understanding of the role, agility for action, charisma, chemistry with Song Yiren as Sang Sang and those movable eyebrows.  🙂

But with less than a minute of Dylan Wang jumping all over the place with his little ponytail, I am sold.

Yes, I can see him as Ning Que.  I also began to remember how he treated the tiny (compared to his height anyway), Shen Yue, when they were playing Dao Ming Si and Shancai in Meteor Garden 2018.  It was like Ning Que and Sang Sang.

Now I am so looking forward to this coming installment or rather conclusion to the drama.

And just to confirm, Dylan Wang He Di has been officially announced as the new Ning Que.

I don’t want to give spoilers but we do want to know what is on offer in season 2.  Anyway if you really wanted to know the full story, it can be found in tome of books,   Apparently, there were more than 1000 chapters to this web novel and the first 600 chapters made for the first season.

From the first season ending, we see Sang Sang dying.  Is our Sang Sang dead?

Sang Sang, you can’t die!

Wailed Ning Que


No, she can’t be dead because she will play a pivotal role in Season 2;

Sang Sang was very much weakened after using her Hao Tian light to help Ning Que defeat the far superior Xia Huo, who had attained the ultimate level of Wu Duo.

Fully spent in the snow, Sang Sang almost fatally damaged her pulmonary system as she has always been susceptible to hypothermia.  She had a cold disease as Ning Que called it.

Apparently, Ning Que will travel the world with Sang Sang to find the cure to her malady. (Why not just consult with Fu Zi, who knows everything?)

In their travels, they would meet adventure after adventure as it became known that Sang Sang is far from the child of light as Master Guang Ming had predicted.  He did say in episode 41 that ‘they were so wrong and yet so right’ LOL.

In fact, Sang Sang is darkness incarnate.  She has the spirit of Yong Ye within her, who comes every thousand of years to bring eternal darkness.

Ning Que, of course, would not abandon her, his wife,  Yes they got married apparently.  He had to protect his wife from all factions that wanted to harm her.

There is also the now invigorated Long Qing, who has turned really evil with lots of lovely eye makeup.

I have to admit that Long Qing was such a loser in Season 1,  Everything he did, he always ended up losing, especially to Ning Que.

Yep there are so much to look forward to in Season 2.

I hope it would equal Season 1, as I reckon it was the historical drama for 2018 to beat.

A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2019


Global Granary

A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2019

We usually post our list of reviews of dramas and films towards the end of the year but it is a lot of hard work to collate and to go back to each and every drama and film.

So we shall start this list as a work in progress throughout the whole year.

For the complete list of all the dramas, we have reviewed click DRAMAS & FILMS.

Review 2019


























Brother’s Friend (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)


Brother’s Friend (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Brothers Freind poster

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth, School
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: Japan, Based on a Manga


  • Matsukaze Risaki sd Nanase Mai
  • Yokohama Ryusei as Nishino Souta
  • Furukawa Tsuyoshi as Nanase Yukihiro
  • Ono Karin as Nishino Aki
  • Matsuoka Koudai as Kaga Itsuki

This live-action manga is being subbed by Rjgman56.

The drama started ever so kawaii.

Mai is a high-school student, just like her brother Yukihiro, who on a rainy day brought home a friend from school.

Mei is very domesticated.  She does the laundry, does the cooking and other housework.  Her brother hollered for her to bring in a towel as he got drenched from the rain.

Mei was enchanted when she saw who was with her brother.  It was the cutest boy ever.  It seemed the boy was equally enchanted with her because Souta had to break their staring contest to get their attention.

Mei then heard the guy, Souta, tells her brother, “your sister is cute.”

Mei had the coolest brother, he did not mind that a boy is after his sister.  In fact he encourage the boy to pursue his sister even when Souta said that he believed that Mei has already got a boyfriend.

Yukihiro was very dismissive.  He asked Souta why that should stop him liking Mei.

With this advice, Souta confessed to Mei when they next saw each other.  Souta said that he knows that Mei has already got a boyfriend but then again ‘nothing ventured nothing gained.”

This confession paid out because Mei said that she hasn’t got a boyfriend and that she likes hm too.


Unfortunately, these two are both naive in love.

Despite confessing to each other, Souta never thought that they are actually dating.

By the way, the conversation between her brother and Souta can always be heard by Mei in her room.  Apparently, the partition wall between bedrooms is so thin.

So Mei was rather confused because she assumed that they are already dating!





Legend of Hua Buqi (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Drama 2019

Legend of Hua Buqi (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

I Will Never Let You Go poster

AKA: I Will Never Let You Go


  • Genre: Wuxia, Historical Fiction, Romance, Time Travel (?)
  • Release Date 8 January 2019
  • Original: China, Based on the Novel
  • CDrama: 51 Episodes


  • Ariel Lin as Hua Bu Qi
  • Vin Zhang as Chen Yu//Lian Yi Ke
  • Austin Lin as Dong Fang Shi
  • Xing En as Mo Ruo Fei
  • Sun Kris as Yun Lang

I am super excited for this drama as it starts two reliable leads.  Ariel Lin, a Taiwanese actress who was last seen in Old Boy last year but five years ago in a historical drama, Prince Lan Ling Wang.  She is very charismatic.

The male lead is Vin Zhang or Zhang Bin Bin is equally charismatic that he often steal the scenes when he appears.

However, he had made several dramas, whether in the lead or as a supporting cast, and he tends to lose the girl in the end.

Hope this drama has a happy ending, but then again when there is a legend in the title it usually means the life and death of the character. 🙂

Be that as it may, I am looking forward to this drama which is coming this 8 January 2019.  Please subbers, I beseech you to translate the episodes in English!

7 January 2019

It has been announced that this drama has been licenced to Viki.  Yey, we are assured of subtitles.  Rejoice.

Episode 1

Currently reviewing this drama in its raw form, did not understand a word but hey action speaks louder than word.  LOL

Anyway, the drama started with the Xue manor being ransacked.  A heavily pregnant woman and her older brother barely got away.

After running in some hazardous terrain from their pursuer, they got into a shack where the woman gave birth to a baby girl.

Their situation is rather grim.  The  woman said that it was karma.  Her newly born daughter apparently is rather special.  She will cause chaos unto herself and others when she has grown up because everyone would want her usefulness.  The mother decided that it would be kinder to kill the baby but her brother stopped her and took the baby away from her.

The soldiers and their chasers are getting nearer so the man left with the child as the woman was bleeding profusely, too weak to move.

She dies as the soldiers got to her.  Apparently, the woman was in some sort of relationship with her pursuer.  He wanted her to be his concubine but she cheated on him.

Six years later, the Uncle Jiu and Hua Bu Qi lived a very sorry life.  To make a living, they would busk as the girl sings like an angel.

Unfortunately, the other beggars were not happy that they were making money.  Uncle Jiu was beaten up but luckily a dog, Aqua, (ah Huang) came to the rescue.

More years later, the girl is now a young lady, dressed in rags from head to toe.  But she seemed the most cheerful and rather opinionated girl.

She has a good head for business.  With her cart, she delivers and procures goods like wine, food, and clothes to be sold.

While pushing her cart, she got waylaid by a storyteller, who was recounting stories about a folk hero. Lian Yi Ke.  He had his audience spellbound with his stories how Lian Yi Ke had a 10 arrows bow..  She can’t help but stay and listen.

Among the crowd was a gorgeous man, our lead,  who was rather intrigued by the rag girl who corrected him when he said that the stories are exaggerations and lies.

The gorgeous man is Chen Yu who has a persona which dresses up in mask and ninja warrior attire.  He becomes Lian Yi Ke, champion of the people.  Chen Yu is newly arrived at this market town.  He had been tasked by his father to look for his illegitimate daughter by Xue Fei.  Of course, the purported daughter was Hua Bu Qi.

From the window of his room in an inn, he saw that bandits will be hijacking caravans of medicinal herbs which were to go to Feiyun.

As Lian Yi Ke, he was fighting with the bandits when the rag girl with her pushcart got into the middle of the fight.  Lian Yi Ke ended up using her as a part weapon to high-kick the bandits as well as to protect her.

When the fight was over, he noticed the rag girl without her hood.  She was a beautiful young lady.  For a minute or two he just stared at her and fell in love (I think)  She stared back and worshipped him for being her hero, Lian Yi Ke.

He rewarded her with a tael of silver.  She wanted to be with him longer but he had to go.

Well, the first episode is already interesting with enough action that you can follow the story despite the lack of subtitle.

There is also sizzling chemistry between the leads.  It is hard to believe that Ariel Lin is 36 while Vin Zhang is only 25.  Ariel Lin is so well preserved.   She gets more beautiful as she ages.  Hope this drama is subbed soon.  Come Viki!

Episode 2

Rag Girl Hua Bu Qi’s Uncle Jiu had been suffering from a chronic cough for years.  He collapsed while trying to eat after getting really upset and worried at having found out that Hua Bu Qi had been flouting all his.instructions.

Time and again he had told her to stick to begging, always dress in rags and keep her face dirty or covered.  She must not make herself stand out.

Hua Bu Qi cannot understand why she and her uncle needed to live like paupers, eat proceeds from begging alone when she can now make a living by buying and selling and everything else.

Rag Girl went to get the local doctor, who cannot do anything anymore for her seriously ill uncle.  She begged the doctor.

He recommended that perhaps she should approach the kindly Master Lin of Youlon Manor. who is a master herbalist and pharmacist.  Master Lin has apparently concocted a herbal pill that can ressurect someone from the dead.

Rag Girl wasted no time, she went to the manor and begged to see Master Lin.  She was so desperate she even offered herself as part payment for the expensive herbal pill.

But the guard won’t let her into the manor.

The intrepid Rag Girl climbed up a wall to get in.

At that moment gorgeous male lead, Chen Yu, was with Master Lin.

Master Lin has previously found out that Chen Yu was a prince.

The Rag Girl without further ado threw herself prostrate in front of Master Lin.  She then asked if she can have the herb that could make Ninth Uncle better.

They all looked at her as if she were mad.

She ended up being thrown out of the manor.

She was crying over her very ill uncle when she noticed the masked man at the doorway.  He then threw a vial towards her.  It was the rare herbal medicine she wanted.  She quickly gave the meds to her uncle.

The masked man disappeared as fast as he had appeared when she went to look for him.

Her uncle got better, he had become the spritely man that he was.  Her uncle told her that it was about time that they return to the capital. She was old enough to find out about her background.

They were preparing their stuff to bring to the capital when a large number of assailants came barging in into their hovel.   They were determined to terminate both uncle and niece, despite of their order to keep the girl alive.

The ninth uncle was prepared to defend his niece as he promised his dying sister.  Despite being really good in martial arts, in the end Zhu Hua, the ninth was defeated as there were just too many of the assassins.

But before he drew his last breath he left instructions to Hua Bu Q that she has to stay alive and not let those people get her.  He also sadi that she should take the pottery and go to a pawn shop located in South Lane in the Capital City.  She should look for Mr Zhu and hand him the pottery.

Episode 3

As Uncle Jiu was dying, Hua Bu Qi was running for her life and being chased by the black cloak people who attacked her uncle.

They were able to corner Hua Bu Qi by a cliff.  She would rather die and join her uncle in death than captured by the black-clad people.  So she jumped into the cliff but immediately rescued by Lian Yi Ke, who took her to a cave to rest and hide after he hurt the First Miss, the leader of the black cloak people, who has a crescent mark on her chest.

Hua Bu Qi was very upset and concerned that her uncle’s body might become dinner for wolves so she tried to get back to their shack.

She was stopped by Lian Yi Ke, who said that everyone was looking for her and if she does not want to get caught then she had to stay put in while he goes to find her uncle’s body.

She waited but she saw a couple of black-clad men heading towards the cave.

So she left and saw her dog Aqua (Ah Huang) who led her back to the Yaoling Manor.

She saw the madam of the house and with the help of Aqua, they put up a very sad and dramatic story that the madam instructed to the servants to give Hua Bu Qi a room to stay.

It was quite a nice room too.

At the dead of the night, she left the manor to meet up with Lian Yi Ke where he led her to the grave he made for her uncle.

She thanks Lian Yi Ke profusely and told him that she was heading to the capital soon with the creepy, playboy and arrogant Chen Yu, the exact opposite of Lian Yi Ke.  Lian Yi Ke/Chen Yu does not know whether to be insulted or not.

Back at the manor, Hua Bu Qi had been given a maid’s uniform and now part of the household as a servant.

Master Lin found out the Hua Bu Qi was the missing daughter of the Seventh Prince, so from being a maid, she was immediately upgraded as part of the family with her own plush room.

Unfortunately for her, she felt like a prisoner as she was guarded by her own maids everywhere she goes.

One night she tried to sneak out but her maids were there.  She told them that she wanted to go for a walk.

They then saw a commotion in the courtyard.  A ninja warrior was surrounded by the manor guards.

The maids run away leaving Hua Bu Qi alone.  She took her chance and left but she got caught up in the fight between the Ninja man (Long Qing in Ever NIght), Yun Lang and the manor guards.

A most unfortunate thing happened, Aqua protecting Hua Bu Qi was killed by Yun Lang.  So sad.

Sorrowful, Hua Bu Qi buried Aqua, feeling that she is now completely all alone in the world.

Episode 4

Thinking that Yun Lang is dead, Hua Bu Qi went back to remove the mask from him to find out how he looked like, the man who killed Aqua.

He grabbed her and took her into one of the rooms in the Yeolong villa.  He then asked her to help him bind his bleeding shoulder.

She got away from him pretending that she was complacent.  She locked him in the room and then she started shouting for the guards saying that she’s found the thief.

She really made him miserable and told her that he will be back and she will pay.

With all the commotion, Hua Bu Qi quickly got away and ended up in her old shack she shared with her 9th Uncle.

She found a very pretty man tending to his injured servant.

As the guard from Yeolong was upon her, she made out that the thief was those inside the shack.

She then got away and ended up in the cave once again, where the pretty man, the young master of Mo, Mo Ruofei found her.

Mo Ruofei became interested in her being the purported illegitimate daughter of the Seventh Prince.

The promise of a golden bowl from Mo Ruofei convinced Hua Bu Qi to go back to the Yeolong Villa with him.

Master Lin had a conversation with Hua Bu Qi, where she told him that she is not suitable as his concubine.

Master Lin laughed.  He told her the truth.  That she was the daughter of the seventh Prince and he will be sending her to him once all the confusions are sorted out.  In the meantime, he told her to stay at his villa, where she will be safe.

The Fourth Sister of the villas started instructing Hua Bu Qi in etiquettes and manners.

Episode 5

I love this episode.  I love the action bit.  The choreography is amazing and an absolute delight to see.

It was agreed that Mo Ruofei will Hua Bu Qi to the capital.

On their way,  they were attacked by the Black Clad people, where Mo Ruofei was severely injured.

At the last minute, Lian Ki Ye appeared to the rescue and took Bu Qi away to escort near the capital.

If Bu Qi is the daughter of the seventh prince and Chen Yu is also the only son of the seventh prince then that would make Bu Qi Chen Yu’s half-sister?!!!

Episode 6

Thank goodness, it was made more clear in this episode that Chen Yu and Bu Qi are not blood related.

The Seventh prince (duke) first appeared in episode one where he was pursuing Xue Fei.  He told her that she could have been his royal concubine but she won’t have it and instead had had to have an affair resulting to her pregnancy.

Xue Fei did say (Episode 1) that she did not matter to the seventh prince because all he wanted was the Bi YouTian (whatever that is?)

Hooray, Hua Bu Qi and Chen Yu can have a loving relationship if they wanted to but of course this is a drama so it would be during the halfway period before they find out.

At the moment, Chen Yu is fighting his attraction to Bu Qi but he just can’t help himself.

Poor Bu Qi was confined to the firewood warehouse by an extremely annoyed Jiangsheng, the close confidant/manservant of Mo Ruofei because he blamed her for the injury suffered by his master.

Ruo Fei was in bed being treated for a serious stomach stab/slash wound by his mother.

Ruo Fei had once told Hua Bu Qi that they have a history together.

Apparently, Ruo Fei’s father fell in love at first sight with Xue Fei.  Xue Fei had such an impact to Master Mo that when his first child was born his wife was happy to have their child named after Xue Fei, that is how Mo Ruo Fei got his name.  It might be possible that he and Bu Qi are siblings.

It doesn’t look as the mother is really happy about her husband’s attraction to Xue Fei because she was looking at Bu Qi rather suspiciously.

The news that Hua Bu Qi is now in the capital has reached the Seventh Prince.  He called his concubine and Chen Yu to an audience.  He told them that he plans to have Bu Qi live with them.

The main concubine agreed immediately but Chen Yu said ‘over his dead body’ because having Bu Qi in the manor is a mega-slap to his dead mother who suffered by the seventh prince obsession of Xue Fei and his ‘illegitimate daughter’

Despite moaning about Bu Qi, he can’t help himself checking up on her whether she was doing fine or not and later found out that she was far from ok

He saw Bu Qi left starved and locked in the dirty woodshed.  She was so desperate she was about to eat a mouse but Lian Yi Ke hiding in the roof said that he would bring her fried chicken and he did.

Ruo Fei is getting better and the first thing he thought of was Bu Qi.  Having found out that Bu Qi is being locked up as a prisoner, he got up to find her.  He is so cute.

Bu Qi’s life is continuously being threatened by so many.

Episode 7

I love, love, love this drama.

Anyway, this episode is the revelation of Hua Bu Qi’s real father.

The Seventh Prince had come to see Hua Bu Qi.  Upon seeing her, he declared that she was his beloved missing daughter, the spitting image of XueFei.

Bu Qi was trying to reach some berries when she almost fell in the pond if the Chen Yu did not fly down to save her.

He warned her not to even think of going to Duke’s  Manor.  He then pulled her belt and pushed her into the pond where his father could clearly see.

His father shouted at him.  He dove into the pond to rescue Hua Bu Qi.  He told her that was just a taster.  If she goes to the manor, she is dead.

Anyway, the Duke told her to stay at the Mo Manor for now.

Mo Ruofei liked her so much that he said she will be his true little sister.  He would ask his mother to adopt her into the Mo family.  She will be the Second sister of the family.

Unbeknown to them, Ruofei’s mother secretly hated the idea and hated Bu Qi more.

Once upon a time, Lady Mo was the most beautiful woman in their area.  She was so beautiful that many wanted to marry her, including a handsome young man, Mo Baixing, who came to beg her father her hand in marriage.  He promised that he would only love her and would never take a concubine.

But XueFei happened.

Zhu Xua left Xue Fei to Mo Baixing to look after as the Duke had been after her.

Unfortunately, the married Mo Baising fell in love with Xue Fei.  One drunken night, he forced himself to XueFei and made her pregnant.

Devastated and jealous RuoFei’s mother sent her back at the Xue Manor.

Seeing that her husband continued to be obsessed with XueFei, that he even named their precious baby after the woman, RuoFei’s mother instructed that Xue Manor should be burnt.

After the death of Xue Fei, Mo Baixing was a different man, he pined for Xue Fei and in front of his wife, while clutching his drawing of Xue Fei he drew his last breath.

Now she instructed Uncle Mo to poison Hua Bu Qi.




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