Ethan Juan (Taiwanese Actor)

Ethan Juan

Ethan Juan


  • Birth Name: Juan Ching-Tien
  • AKA: Ethan Ruan
  • DoB: 8 November 1982 (35)
  • PoB: Taichung, Taiwan
  • Height:  1.84 m
  • Civil Status: Single (ex: Tiffany Hsu)
  • Education: Hsing Wu University, majored in Tourism
  • Career: Model, Singer, Actor

Ethan Juan (Taiwanese Actor)

Films & Dramas:

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Legend of Fuyao (Chinese Drama) Review

Legend of Fuyao poster

  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Adventure, CGI
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • CDrama: 66 Episodes


  • Yang Mi as Fuyao
  • Ethan Juan as Zhangsun Wuji;
    Yuan Shaoxu


Apparently this story will revolved around Fuyao, who had been destined to collect the secret order of the five kingdoms.

I love the cast.  Two of my favourites: Yang Mi and Taiwanese actor, Ethan Juan.  I have to say watching and waiting for subbing of 66 episodes is a bit punishing.

Legend of Fuyao (Chinese Drama) Review

World Cup 2018 (Russia)

World Cup 2018 (Russia)

Another four years had passed and here we are again, England that is, trying our damned hardest to win the trophy, which has been unattainable since 1966.  As ancient as the history of the Magna Carta of 1066.  🙂

Surprisingly enough despite my lack of confidence of an England win, this world cup has been enjoyable and simply exciting.

The game between Spain and Portugal was heart-stoppingly exciting.  Surely it was the best game of this tournament.  Ronaldo had proven he is still a force to be reckoned with when he scored a hat-trick.  His penalty shoot-out was a reminiscent of a Beckham free kick specialty.

Fairly early on in this tournament, there have been unexpected results, the lose of Germany to Mexico and if Mexico has a better finishing, they could have scored at least a couple more against Germany, Iceland containing the world class Messi of Argentina and then Brazil did not shine against Switzerland.

I am looking forward to the two games tomorrow.  South Korea vs Sweden should be gorgeous, lots of oppas from SK and of course no matter what I still support England who would be playing against Belgium.  I am slightly excited about the England game so I  might put up some England banners and flag as well.  LOL

England, don’t let me down!


Classic Brownie Recipe

Brownie with Love, by Mae Mercado-Sanguer

Brownie is easily a favourite with everyone.  But then again, why ever not?!!!

I had a bit of a conundrum categorising this recipe.  Should it go under baked cakes or baked cookies?  I did a bit of research and found out that it should be classified as a cookie?


Apparently it has something to do with the manner it is eaten.  Brownie is a finger food, just like cookies and biscuits.  Cakes are eaten with a fork or even a desert spoon, if cake is rather runny.

So that’s it

Below is a recipe that is easy to follow for such a delicious treat.

Classic Brownie Recipe


  • 200 g butter or margarine
  • 165 g cocoa powder
  • 400 g  brown caster sugar
  • 1¼ teaspoons vanilla 
  • 125 g plain flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 g  walnuts or unsalted peanuts

Method of Preparation:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4.
  2. Line a brownie tin/tray or grease a 20 x 18 cm tin.
  3. Melt the butter and cocoa together in a saucepan, under a low heat.
  4. Add the sugar and vanilla. Mix thoroughly.
  5. Remove from the heat and mix in the flour and half of the nuts then the eggs.
  6. Pour into the already prepared brownie tin.
  7. Bake for 20 minutes or when press the top is soft and bounce back up.
  8. As soon as it comes out of the oven, tip in the rest of the nuts all over the top of the hot brownie.  Run a wooden spoon over the top to gently press in the nuts.
  9. Cool and cut into serving pieces.


Enjoy!  Sometimes I like my brownies still slightly warm and then served with a bit of ice-cream on the side.   Hmmm I think this is when brownies become a cake! 🙂

Sketch (KDrama Review & Summary)

Sketch Promotional poster

  • Genre: Crime, Serial Killer, Revenge, Fantasy,
  • Date Released: May 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Jung Ji-hoon (Rain) as Kang Dong-soo
  • Lee Dong-gun as Kim Do-jin
  • Lee Sun-bin as Yoo Shi-hyun
  • Jung Jin-young as Jang Tae-joon
  • Lee Seung-joo as Yoo Si-joon
  • Lim Hwa-young as Oh Young-shim
  • Kang Shin-il as Moon Jae-hyun

Apparently this drama is about an excellent detective helped by a female detective with a power of precogniton to stop a serial killer.

Sounds interesting!

Sketch (KDrama Review & Summary)

Episode 1

Brilliantly taut first episode.

Shi-hyun is a detective who can see criminal acts three days into the future.  She then excesses the images and from these images an underground special investigation act on them.

The case of a money launder was the first time Shi Hyun and Dong Soo met.

Dong Soo happened to pick up the notebook of drawings Shi-hyun dropped from fleeing the scene.

From the sketches, Dong Soo noticed the similarities to his fiancee, Min Ji Soo.  The woman who looked like Ji Soo was drawn was if dying in the arms of someone who looks like hm.

He was perturbed enough to contact Shi-Hyun about it but still disbelieving of the whole thing at the same time.

Shi Hyun brought him to their HQ and explained what they do.

Dong Soo was half convinced and therefore begged his fiancee to take a couple of days off from work and stay at home.  He got a police officer to guard her for good measure.

Do Jin was just coming home from the army but first he wanted to meet Min Ji Soo before going home to his wife.

But the what we know as viewers, was that Do Jin’s wife is the next victim of the serial rapist.



My Sunshine (Chinese Drama Vs Film) Review

My Sunshine

  • Date Released: January 2015
  • CDrama: 36 episodes (Reduced to 4 episodes as a Director’s Cut in Netflix)


  • Wallace Chung as He Yichen
  • Tiffany Tang as Zhao Mosheng
  • Jian Renzi as He Yimei
  • Tan Kai as Ying Hui
  • Mi Lu as Xiao Xiao
  • Yang Le as Lu Yuanfeng


You Are My Sunshine

  • Date Released: April 2015
  • Film


  • Huang Xiaoming as He Yichen
  • Yang Mi as Zhao Mosheng
  • Tong Dawei as Ying Hui
  • Angelababy as He Yimei
  • Evonne Hsieh as Hua Xianzi
  • Huang Zitao as William
  • Joan Chen as Pei Fangmei
  • Sui He as Xiao Xiao
  • Ma Su as Ms. Wen
  • Hua Shao as Teacher Zhou
  • Eric Tsang as Mr. Lin
  • Yao Anlian as Zhao Qing Yuan
  • Sun Yizhou as Supermarket Manager
  • Kong Lianshun as Supermarket Security officer
  • Shen Tai as Xiang Heng
  • Liu Tianzuo as Mr. Yuan (Lao Yuan)

I saw both of the long version drama and the film before and enjoyed them.  Both the film and drama were based on a novel called Silent Separation by Gu Man.

I saw the director’s cut version in Netflix today.

When I saw the film version after I have seen the drama first, I thought the drama of 36 episode was much better.  Obviously because it has more time to get the audience/viewer to engage more on the story.

It shows why the protagonist male has a love/hate relationship with the gorgeous lead female.

Today, I watched the drama version condensed into four episodes.  Though watchable, you end up not really caring what the story was about.  It cut out all the painful scenes.  Also the second male lead was rob of that feeling from the audience that the female should go for him.

Anyway the story was that, on the first day of Mosheng in the university, she saw a young man who was reading under tree.

She couldn’t help herself, so she took his photograph as he was really handsome.  When he noticed her taking liberties, she apologised immediately and asked him for his name as she will send him a copy of his photo.

The young man was Yichen and Mosheng had fallen for him at first sight.  She found out that he was a second year law student on full scholarship.  Mosheng stalked the poor guy!

Mosheng is lovely looking girl with a winsome personality.  Before you know it, they were in a relationship.

Suddenly there was another girl, Yimaei, who was hanging around Yuchen. They looked really close.  At the same time Yuchen became rather cold towards Mosheng, to the point that he told her that he doesn’t want to see her anymore, to get out of his face. 🙁

At that time, Mosheng was being forced by her parents to study abroad.  So thinking that Yuchen doesn’t love nor need her anymore, she disappeared abroad.

Seven years later…

Mosheng is back in China.  And now a professional photographer.

She was in the supermarket when she saw Yuchen, who was with Yimei.  Yuchen blanked her.

But one day, coming home from work, she was accosted by a drunk Yuchen.  He told her that he lost, she won. He then left.

They had a tentative reconciliation but Mosheng had a major confession to make.

She married someone three years ago while in America.

Yuchen was unsurprisingly very upset.  He told her that he was not going to be playing around with a married woman.  Him being a lawyer and all.   But he loves her too much.

Fortunately Mosheng said that she was actually a divorcee.

Yuchen was not waiting for anything.  He bundled Mosheng to a civil register officer to register their marriage.

Mosheng and Yuchen attended a function in their former university.  Who would they find in there but Mosheng ex-husband, who was not really quite an ex yet.  Musheng is a bigamist!

Her gorgeous  ex-husband is a self-made man, who does not want to let her go.  He wanted to reconcile.

But Mosheng had always belong to Yuchen.  With the help of Yuchen, they went to America to deal with the divorce.

The ex-husband really loves Mosheng and doesn’t want to give her a lot of grief, so he agreed to the divorce.

From this point on, it is happy sweet romance for the leads.



Lee Joon-Gi (South Korean Actor)

Lee Joon-Gi


  • DoB: 17 April 1982 (36)
  • PoB: Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts; Hanyang University
  • Career: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Mandatory Military Service: Completed – 2010-2012
  • Hobbies: Martial Arts

Lee Joon Gi singing during a fan meeting

Lee Joon-Gi (South Korean Actor)

Dramas & Films

As seen by GG

Furukawa Yuki (Japanese Actor)

Furukawa Yuki


  • DoB: 18 December 1987 (30)
  • PoB: Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Language Spoken: Japanese, English (having moved to Canada at 7 and then USA at 16 then came back to Japan at 19)  He remained fluent in Japanese when growing in the west as parents conversed in Japanese at home.
  • Education: System Design Engineering (Control Theory) at Keio University
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Occupation: Model, Actor


  • He loves cats
  • He loves break dancing
  • He loves basketball

Furukawa Yuki (Japanese Actor)

Dramas & Films:

(See by GG)

Genghis Khan (Chinese Film) Review

Genghis Khan poster

  • Genre: Adventure, Loosely Biographical, CGI galore, Fantasy, Mystical, Romance
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Chinese: Film


  • William Chan as Temüjin
  • Lin Yun as Börte
  • Hu Jun as Kuchuro
  • Ba Sen as
  • Zhao Lixin
  • Ni Dahong
  • Li Guangjie as Jamukha
  • Zhang Xinyi
  • Tu Men as Jamukha’s father
  • Li Shengda
  • Bayin
  • Yong Mei

Genghis Khan (Chinese Film)


This is a fantasy saga of  romance between Temujin and Borte as well as Kuchuro and Dodai.  This movie is reminiscent of the film Beowulf, King Arthur, 300 and Braveheart, amongst other Hollywood greats and some Chinese ones also.

Long time ago the light of the Grey Wolf met the White Deer, together they blessed the vast plain of grassland of Mongolia and soon enough a huge number of nomadic people began to live and breed in this land in relative peace, but not for long.

As always the light is always followed suit by the darkness, in the shape of the king of hell, who loves nothing but to spread chaos, strife. war and battle in view of unifying the three world and him being the master.

There was a hero called the Golden Warrior of Cina, who was a descendant of the Grey Wolf and White Deer.  He ensured that the king of hell do not get too out of control by banishing him back to the pit of the underworld.

He then planted his Soledin, the spiritual flag as a prayer for peace on top of the Burgein Mountain overlooking the grassland.

But the king of hell was a wily creature.  Before too long he targeted those who are most vulnerable to spread discontent.

He instigated wars between clans including those of Kuchuro and his everlasting love, Dodai.  Kuchuro ended up dead but he was brought back to life but without his Dodai by his side.

He made a pact with the king of hell to bring him out of the underworld, and in return he has to have Dodai back.

900 years later.

Temujin was born with a blood clot on his palm.  He was the new Golden Warrior of Cina.

He had a happy childhood with a loving mother and a hands-on father.  He had great friends, including a very pretty girl called Borte.  they had an idyllic childhood until a desperate news reached Temujin that his father had just been killed along with most of his clan by a rival clan.

Years later, Temujin went back to marry Borte because he never forgotten her as well as to continue his bloodline.

Before they can consummate the night of their wedding, Borte was abducted as a sacrifice to the king of hell, who needed blood from a beautiful and pure maiden.  Borte was the ‘it’ girl at that time, ergo the abduction.

The story follows on from this.

I must say, it is watchable and highly recommended to be watch in wide screen, preferably the cinema’s,.

If you are after a historical Genghis Khan, then this movie is not it.  As I have mentioned, this is pure fantasy with lots of amazing CGI.  The action is great as well and William Chan is gorgeously hunky.  Lin Yun is delicately pretty, with not much to do really.  It is a lovely film to watch with the family, just be careful with the much younger viewers.  But then again, children as young as five are used to playing computer games.  This film has that essence.  It is computer game comes alive because of the large amount of CGI.

Li Hong Yi (Chinese Actor)

Li Hong Yi

Li Hong Yi


  • Name: Hongyi Li
  • DoB: 26 June 1998 (19)
  •  PoB: Liaoning, China
  •  Height: ???
  •  Occupation: Model, Actor
  •  Civil Status: Single

Li Hong Yi (Chinese Actor)

Dramas & Films:

(Seen by GG)

  • Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2017 (2 Seasons)
  • My Love From The Ocean 2018 (Coming Soon)




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