Sophie Zhang (Chinese Actress)

Chinese Actress

Sophie Zhang (Chinese Actress)

Sophie Zhang


  • First Name: Xueying
  • Surname: Zhang
  • Anglicised¬†Name:Sophie¬†Zhang
  • DoB: 18 June 1997 (21)
  • PoB: Zhejiang, China
  • Height:
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education Central Academy of Drama
  • Occupation: Model, Actress
  • Work Period: 2003 – Present

Dramas & Films:

  • Einstein & Einstein (2013)
  • The Whirlwind Girl (2015)
  • Legend of the Nine Tails Fox (2016)
  • Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds (2016)
  • When We Were Young (2018)
  • Summer’s Desire (2018)
  • Princess Silver (2019)
  • The Files of a Teenager in the Concession (2019)
  • Once Given, Never Forgotten (2019)
  • The Braveness of the MIng (TBA)

Files & Factoids:

  • She was a child actress.
  • She is one of the Four Dans post 95 with Guan Xiao Tong and two others. ūüôā

The Loving Couple – Feng Shui

The Loving Couple – Feng Shui


The Loving Couple, photo by JMorton

Origin: China; Fung Shui

Peter and I bought these Loving Couple in Divisoria in the Philippines because they looked so cute. We just couldn’t resist.

By the way, Feng Shui object d’art is big business in the Philippines.

Apparently, these figurines are of a newly married couple.

Aside from Mandarin ducks figurines, which I think is a slightly more popular choice, the Loving Couple is also presented to a newly married couple a symbol of true love.

Traditionally the Chinese believe that if put these wedding couple in a room where you are mostly with your other half, in the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen or even in the dining room,  your personal relationship luck will be activated and be a longlasting love.

I recently watched a drama called The Story of Ming Lan, where the second male lead gave the female figurine to Ming Lan to keep, while he kept the male one for himself.

Well probably because he separated them, he did not get to keep Ming Lan in the end.

I know, it is overthinking. LOL

The Night of the Comet (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

The Night of the Comet (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

The Night of the Comet poster

  • Genre: Youth, Romance, Fantasy, Parallel Universe
  • Release Date: 13 February 2019
  • Origin: China; webdrama
  • Cdrama: 16 Episodes


  • Tang Mengjia as Lin Xiao Xiao
  • Fu Longfei (Jason) as Cheng Hao & Lu Hong Jian
  • Zhang Haosen as ???
  • Liu Xinran as Zou Ling

In Context: A superstar singer got sucked in into a parallel universe after a car accident.  He then met a young female reporter as well as his jolly doppelganger.

Episode 1

It was 14 February 2019, Cheng Hao had just won the Best Singer award in China.  He is currently the most popular and much-adored singer.

Post-award show, Cheng Hao was driving along Bin Jiang Tunnel when a long-predicted comet by NASA was free falling into the earth.

The comet was causing intense electromagnetism which engulfed the Bin Jiang Tunnel causing Cheng Hao to collide with another car driven by a woman.

Cheng Hao was trying to make a call on his mobile phone which shows that it was 2017, he did not notice it though.  He then suddenly felt his heart aching that he collapsed on the ground.

He woke up in the hospital.  His immediate thought was to inquire about the woman driver whose car he hit.

The doctor said that there was no woman brought in from the scene of the accident.

Cheng Hao was puzzled and forced himself to get out of the bed and out of the hospital room. He then saw his assistant looking all sophisticated and rather different.

He was relieved to find her but Zou Ling treated him as some weido.  She did not know him at all.

He was calling the police about the accident and they too confirmed the lack of accident at Bin Jiang Tunnel.

He then quickly realised that he might have gone back in time as it was 2017 instead of 2019.

Zou Ling came back to see him.  She apologised to him and asked him as he was handsome, would he like to become a celebrity.

She trained him and was pleasantly surprised that he was so talented and second guessing everything.

Two years passed on….

Cheng Hao is now a popular celebrity.  Fans were screaming for him everywhere he goes.  He was due to go to a recording studio or something when he noticed someone looking exactly like him.

He realised that he did not travel in time, he was in a parellel space.

Against advice from his manager, Zou Ling, he got out of the car to look for the guy but instead, he walked in straight to a heaving throng of over-excited fans.

This was just too much for him, he collapsed.

He was immediately taken to the hospital.

Fans where patiently waiting at the doorway of the hospital.  One of these avid fans was a young reporter, Lin Xiao Xiao.

She got a call from her handler saying that the best spot to catch their target celebrity is through the backdoor.

And right on cue, Cheng Hao got out of the back door straight into his waiting car.

Xiao Xiao was so overwhelmed with excitement she forgot to take pictures.

Her handler followed Cheng Hao.

After a few minutes of chase, Cheng Hao stopped.

Xiao Xiao got out and was telling him she was not a stalker but his number one fan.

While she was talking Cheng Hao felt his heart aching and fainted.

Xiao Xiao was so alarmed, she did not know what to do.  She thought she should do a CPR.

She put her hands bashfully on his precious chest telling him that she was not being naughty but helping him.  No matter how much she pressed his chest, he was not waking up.

Xiao Xiao then thought that perhaps a mouth to mouth resuscitation is in order.  This was the cutest.

She was pouting her lips getting ready to lock them in his mouth when he suddenly pushed her face away.

Again she apologised to him.

He asked her that as his number one fan, can she hush up the situation he was currently in?

Xiao Xiao agreed immediately.

Episode 2

Xiao Xiao woke up in bed with Cheng Hao but it was not really Cheng Hao but Lohong Jian, the singer’s look-alike.

Apparently, Xiao Xiao and Lohong Jian knew each other very well and were quite chummy in a platonic way.

Lo Hong Jian had told Xiao Xiao that he had been having a string of bad luck.  It started two years ago. He had just finished his script on his laptop when there was a power surge.  He then bumped his head and ended up in the hospital.  When he got better, he had just decided to retrieve his script from his laptop when his laptop was snatched from him.

He went to a shaman, who advised him to change his name and date of birth.  From Hao Cheng, he had renamed himself Lo Hong Jian.

Lo Hong Jian wanted to borrow money from Xiao Xiao, who actually do not have the money.  Lo Hong Jian made her feel guilty of not helping him so she was forced to give him her credit card.

Cheng Hao was supposed to shoot a music video in Hong Kong but he requested that they should do it in Hainan instead.

He found out that Lohong Jian had just bought a train ticket to Hainan.

Meanwhile Xiao Xiao had been tasked to be the onsite reporter as well as assistant to Xu Houmei, who is shooting the video with Cheng Hao.

Xu Houmei is the niece of ht e news/tabloid agency that Xiao Xiao works for.  Apparently this was Houmei last chance to stardom.  They had tried everything to make her famous but nothing works.  It is now down to Xiao Xiao to create juicy new for Houmei.

As soon as Xiao Xiao got to Hainan he saw Lo Hong Jian immediately.  She was after him for having maxed her credit card.

But he got away and hid in the men’s dressing room.¬† As she can’t wait for him any longer, she entered the men’s room and saw a partially naked Cheng Hao.¬† She slipped and crashed into him holding on his towel.¬† Now she saw him completely naked.

Xiao Xiao was on paparazzi duty.  Her charge, Houmei, forced herself into Cheng Hao hotel room.  Somehow Xiao Xiao was reluctant to take a photo as she thought Houmei is defiling her idol.

Anyway she noticed that there was another paparazzi taking photo.

She went to Cheng Hao to warm him but instead they ended up falling face to face.

Episode 3

After a long eye to eye and stopped short of kissing, Cheng Hao helped her to get up, while Xiao Xiao was telling him that she is her number fan and that she just wanted to close his curtains as they was another paparazzi trying to take his photo.

Cheng Hao took her sd card from her camera and told her to leave.

Cheng Hao was feeling rather guilty about Lo Hong jian.¬† He instinctively knew that the bad luck Hongjian was getting was because of him surfacing in Hongjian’s time and space.

To sort of makeup for Hongjian’s surfeit of bad luck, he hired him to pretend as him.¬† For two million he Hongjian agreed.

The fans can’t tell that Hongjian was a fake Cheng Hao but Xiao Xiao was able to tell immediately.

Episode 4

Hongjian is now living as Cheng Hao and vice versa.

The president of Cheng Hao fans club kidnapped Cheng Hao thinking that he was Hongjian, who was giving the real Cheng Hao a bad name, as the real Hongjian is a bit of a con-man and owes money from a lot of girls.

The President of the fans club brought Cheng Hao to XiaoXiao’s apartment as Hongjian owed her the most money.

But just one look at Cheng Hao, Xiao Xiao knew that the fan club leader got the wrong person.  She kidnaps the real  Cheng Hao.

Before Xiao Xiao could enlighten the FC leader. Cheng Hao went down on his knees begging Xiao Xiao to be merciful and that he would pay all the monies he owned her immediately.

Xiao Xiao understood what he was really saying.  He did not want her to reveal who he really was.

As the girls and women Hongjian owed money to had started patrolling their area, Xiao Xiao advised Cheng Hao to stay with her for the night.

He slept in her bedroom but dead at night after going to the bathroom the half-asleep Xiao Xiao climbed into her bed where Cheng Hao was asleep.

He woke up and saw that she was in bed with him.

In his frustration, he got up and went for a walk at the apartment building lobby.

Xiao Xiao found him there but he collapsed clutching his heart.

Dragging him all the way back to the bedroom, she gave him a few bruises especially on his head.

Her applying tincture to his bruises woke him up form his dream.  He was dreaming of what had occurred two years ago when the comet struck.  He clearly saw the driver of the other car he bumped into.  It was Xiao Xiao.

He was so surprised looking at Xiao Xiao and realising that it was her.

One thing led to another, she fell back on the bed and him on top of her.

Will they kiss?

Meanwhile Hongjian was haivng the time of his life.¬† He can’t believe hs good fortune living in the lap of luxury as Cheng Hao.







The Classics (Up to 2015)

Drama List

The Classics (Up to 2015)

These are dramas from 2015 or older.

These are dramas that are classic, which means has stood the test of time.

Sure winners, reliable entertainment, something to go back to enjoy again and again.

These are dramas from 2015 or older.


  • Heard It Through The Grapevine is a classy and sophisticated kdrama about the integration of a poor girl into a rich family.¬† It is a comedy of manners.
  • Mare is a Japanese long drama series chronicling Mare’s life from childhood to adulthood.



  • Pride & Prejudice is a Kdrama about the goings-on at the prosecution office.
  • Emergency Couple is a romantic Kdrama about a young couple who ended up divorced but rekindled their love and affection inside the emergency ward of the hospital.



  • Master’s Sun is a Supernatural Romance Kdrama which is an all time favourite starring to of the most bankable romantic leads: So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin.
  • Secret is a romantic Kdrama starring the reliable pairing of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum.¬† It is about a girl who went to prison instead of her fiance for hit and run.¬† The victim was the pregnant girlfriend of the male lead.¬† Melodrama at its best.


  • Holy Battle in Couleur de Rose (Barairo no Seisen) is a Japanese dorama about a downtrodden housewife who decided to change her life by using her one big asset, her height which is perfect for fashion modeling.
  • Lie to Me is another classic Kdrama romance starring the beautiful pairing of Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan.¬† It is a fake marriage contract.¬† Sweet


  • My Tutor Friend is a South Korean romantic film about a college student tutoring a habitual high school repeater.

Goodbye My Princess (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

Goodbye My Princess (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

  • Goodbye My Princess poster

    Genre: Historical Fiction, Wuxia, Romance, Tragedy

  • Release Date:
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 52 Episodes


  • Chen Xing Xu as Li Chen Yin/Gu Xiao Wu
  • Peng Xiao Ran as Xiao Feng
  • Shawn Wei as Gu Jian
  • Kingone¬†Wang as Li Chengye
  • Ren Wan Jing as A Du
  • Cheng Xiao Meng as Yong Ning
  • Zhou Xiao Xin as Fang Shan Yi
  • Shao Feng as Chai Mu
  • Lao Ping a Gao Xian
  • Yeung Kristy as Princess Mingyuan
  • Jiang Kai as Qu Wencheng
  • Wang Zhifei as Gao Yuming
  • Gallen Lo as Emperor
  • Siqin Gaowa as Empress Dowager
  • Zheng Xiao Ning as Tieda’er Wang

Episode 1

I was in two minds whether to plunge myself into this drama because I heard so much negative things about the character of the male lead, Chen Yin.  Apparently, he has nasty through and through.

He had the family of the lead girl completely annihilated.  I cannot vouch for the truthfulness of this as at the moment it is just hearsay, having not seen most of the episodes yet.

I am only on the first.

Anyway, the drama started with the voice over that there was a¬†waterfall that would allow one who jumps into it to forget all one’s care love ones and all cares in the world for eternity.

It looks like the heroine suffered such atrocities that are beyond reason that she needed to completely forget everything to be able to live sanely.

We will see what these cares in the world would be.

Xiao Feng is the happy, spoilt ninth princess of Western Liang.  Out of the blue, the King, her father, announced that she has to marry the Crown Prince of Eastern Palace/Li Dynasty.

Xiao Feng was so against the idea and so was the queen, her mother, as she had to leave and live in a far distant land.

Xiao Feng has a mentor, Gu Jian, who is really a childhood sweetheart.

She asked him to leave with her, elope.

Gu Jian was against the idea at first but he was told by A Du that the queen would like Gu Jian to take Xiao Feng to safety.

So really against his better judgment, he told the princess to meet in Luingro.  He will come for her in three days.

Meanwhile, the two princes, Cheng Ji, and Cheng Yin were on their way to the central plain when their entourage was ambushed by bandits and by the ‘Danchi’ people.

The skirmish turned into a massacre killing everyone including the crown prince, Cheng Ji.  Only Cheng Yin got away.

He was then rescued by Xiao Feng, thinking he was Gu Jian at first.

Cheng Yin became a temporary prisoner of the princess but she had to let him go when he said that he was a merchant and that his merchandise had been taken by the bandits.

The Princess had told Cheng Yin that she would let him go but he had to fulfill three requests which she had not thought of yet.

Anyway, while she was talking to the Danchi leader, who is her cousin, Cheng Yin got away, leaving her a note that he will return in three days to make good of her wishes/requests.

Xiao Feng and Gu Jian finally met up.  But they were not able to get away because the palace guards had found them.

The guards used emotional blackmail with the princess.

They said that if she does not go back with them, the king would kill every single one of them.

Xiao Feng was being scolded by the king who said that he had not changed his mind.  She still needed to marry the crown prince.

It was then announced that the Prince had come to offer marriage.

It was Cheng Yin and he just missed the princess who passed by dressed like one of the servant girls.

Episode 2

Cheng Yin visited the Northen Liang palace and officially made an offer for the hand of the 9th Princess.  But his suit was interrupted by another faction who wanted to have a marriage alliance with Northen Liang as well/

It was later revealed that the Noble Concubine of the Northen Liang is the aunt of Cheng Yin.  She was sister to his dead mother, who was a concubine.  His mother was slowly poisoned by the Empress, who was jealous of the concubine providing a son to the emperor.

After the death of his mother, Chen Yin was taken in as a true son of the Empress.

He was shocked at how his mother was treated and vowed revenge.

He also found out that Gu Jian is his cousin, who is the only remaining one from the massacred Gu clan.  Gu Tian was then brought up by Master Chai Mu and had told him that he owned Chen Yin a blood debt.

And because of this blood debt, he orchestrated for Feng Xiao to match up with Chen Yin despite being in love with her himself.




My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 poster

  • Genre: Romance, Alien, Supernatural
  • Release Date: 14 February 2019
  • Origin: China; Sequel to My Amazing Boyfriend
  • CDrama: XX Episodes


  • Mike D Angelo as Xue Ling Qiao
  • Esther Yu as Tian Jing Zhi
  • Fingal Fu Jia as Li Yan Zhi (No 7 exbf)
  • Miles Wei as Dr Jiang
  • Aro Yang as Feng Dong Dong (assistant)
  • Yang Zhi Ying as Bai Lu

The waiting is almost over.  The sequel to that fun and cute drama My Amazing Boyfriend is almost upon us.

It is slated for airing this Valentine’s Day.

I have to say having watched two episodes of this second series, I thought the original leads were an adorable duo.¬† They had a ‘real’ feel to them if you know what I mean.

But having said, these new leads have a charm of their own and making the second series also as watchable.

Episode 1

Back in 2005 Mr Que and some others were mountain climbing when there was an avalanche which caused Mr Que to fall into a mountain crevice.  There he met a strange guy named Yubai, who may not be from this world.

Despite their differences, Yubai saved Mr Que from being crushed by a falling rock.  Since then, Yubai had become a much loved family of Mr Que.

Mr Que is the grandfather of Tian Jingzhi.

Back to 2018, three months after Xue Ling Qiao vanished.

Tian Jingzhi had not been able to get over her breakup number eight.  She is doing everything to forget him including consulting with a psychiatrist.

But Liang Qiao seems to invade her ever waking moments as well as we she is asleep, which is a lot of time.

Lately she had not been feeling well.  She was trending in the internet with her erractic behaviour during television shows.  She once fallen asleep during live broadcast; Dong Feng Feng had to pour water all over her face to wake her up.

There was also that time that she was crying during a show, she was crying too hard she made herself sick.

Poor girl thinks she was hallucinating all time because she sees Liang Qiao everywhere, inside her house, cooking for her, doing her laundry, cleaning for her, putting her to bed.

One day she was in the supermarket when she met him face to face, thinking that he was a part of her dream, not real, she was dreaming, she just sat down propped by shelves and proceeded to fall asleep.

Then she later found out that he was actually back, he is her new neighbour, right across her house, if that is that the worse case, she also finally admitted to herself that she is pregnant, pregnant with his baby.

Also in the scene is a new guy who is the same as Liang Qiao.  He has the same power.

For the last three months, he had been sending Tian Jingshi white roses.

Somehow he found out quickly that she was pregnant and offered to look after her and her unborn baby.  He will marry her and care for her baby as if it is his own.

But Tian Jingshi is not over Liang Qiao yet, not by a long mile.

Episode 2

Another new person has moved into Tian Jingzhi neighborhood.¬† She is Bai Lu who seemed to be able to guess what Tian Jingzhi’s dress for the day.¬† She always wears the same style but in a different colour.¬† They are always twinning.

Liang Qiao also noticed the new girl and wanted her investigated.

Tian Jingzhi went to visit her grandfather with her seventh boyfriend the cop.

The grandfather was telling them that he was very saddened that they did not get it together.  He would be a great-grandfather by now.

She felt guilty that she can’t tell him that she is pregnant.

Tian Jingzhi begged a grandfather to forgive and make up with her mother.  Mr Que thought was firmed that her mother is now an adult and should stand on her feet.

Tian Jingzhi does not know that Liang Qiao already knows that she is pregnant.  She, therefore, is thinking ways on how to break the news to him.

There was a rather random scene towards the end of this episode. They were both being interviewed.

The last question asked of them was who would they like their child to look like?

Tian Jingzhi said Kim Tae Hwan (original Lian Qiao) while Liang Qiao wrote, Janice Wu (original Tian Jingzhi)

Episode 3

Tian Jingzhi cleared the air with Liang Qiao.  She said she wanted to be friends with him as they are now neighbors and anyway, she was friends to all of her ex-boyfriends.

Liang Qiao was taken aback, thinking that Tian Jingzhi was too in love with him.

Speaking of ex-boyfriends, Number 7, the cop, came to visit her as they have decided to go back to being just like brothers and sisters.

He was talking to her when he suddenly noticed that she had fallen asleep.  No matter how he tried to wake her up, she was comatose.

So he called an ambulance.

Episode 4

It was chaotic for a moment as they were trying to prevent Tian Jingzhi being taken to the hospital because of her current pregnant condition.

But as if telepathic Laing Qiao was there to take control and wake Tian Jingzhi up.  He told her to be an actress now and act herself out as if nothing had happened.

Tian Jingzhi has become friendly with Bai Lu, who seemed to be protecting her as she surreptitiously removed a tracker from Tian Jingzhi’s car.

They got talking about liking a cat, Bai Lu said that she doesn’t particularly like them because they die quickly (their life span is short)

Tian Jingzhi ask her if she had heard the poem of Gu Cheng called Avoid?

You said you didn’t like planting flowers

For fear of seeing the flowers fall

Therefore to avoid the end of all

You refused the beginning of all.
– Avoid by Gu Cheng

Tian Jiangzhi has also found out that Liang Qiao already knew of her pregnancy, it was actually the reason for his return.

When she went to confront him about it, he told her to have an abortion because what she was carrying is a parasite, feeding on her nutrients, fats, blood.  No matter how much she ate it would not be enough.  That is why she is anemic now.

Tian Jiangzhi got upset and told him that she would decide wha she will do.