Hi Flower (Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua) – Chinese Drama Review & Summary

Hi Flower (Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua) – Chinese Drama Review & Summary


  • Genre: School, Youth, Family, Romance, Melodrama
  • Date Released: 2017
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: Season 1 (17 Episodes) & Season 2  (18 Episodes)


  • Bambi Zhu as Lu Ru Hai
  • Lion Lai as Wen Chu
  • Xu Mify as Zi Su
  • Hou Jun Cheng as Bei Che
  • Guo Wei as Fang Luo
  • Wang Wu Wei as Lu Si Yu (Ru Hai’s Brother)
  • Song Yi Xing as Lu Fu
  • Lu Hao as Jing Liu
  • Liu Guan Lin as Wen Fei (Wen Chu’s Brother)


I have just started watching this Chinese drama, my first Chinese drama for 2018.

There are 35 episodes, which only 6 are currently subbed in English.  Oh NO!  But I braved myself to start watching because the lead girl looks so cute and appealing, still having that withdrawal symptom from Chen Xiao Xi of A Love So Beautiful.

Anyway, the ugly girl part of the title is just a hook, Ru Hua is far from ugly.  She is lovely, energetic and really savvy about business.  She had to be because she is sending her twin brother to school as well as herself.  Therefore, she takes every opportunity to make money.

Some admired her, some pitied her, some look down on her but she just does not care.

Episode 1:

It started with the first day of four years in university.  Ru Hua set up shop by the entrance selling everything and anything to new students.

This episode also shows Ru Hua going to the male dorm to visit her brother.  It was empty except for a very naked Wen Chu chilling with a wet towel. 🙂  He was aghast to see a girl and told her to get out.  The unabashed Ru Hua tried to sell him toiletries instead.  This is the start of their love-hate relationship.

Episode 2:

Ru Hua and Wen Chu continue to take turns humiliating and embarrassing each other.  This episode also sees them going for their 2 weeks away days on compulsory army training.  As they seemed to get closer, only for them to end up tricking each other.  There are so much cute scenes.  The leads have good chemistry.  But you can see problems would arise in the future as Wen Chu is a chaebol, comes from a monied background while Ru Hua is struggling to pay for her brother’s and her tuition.  Also, she had to settle the enormous debt her dead parents left behind.

Episode 3:

Ru Hua fainted in Wen Chu’s arms due to continued duty as a guard (she accepted payment for substituting for guard duties)  Wen Chu was tasked by school doctor to watch over Ru Hua, who started to mumble on her sleep.  Wen Chu was caught in the act trying to listen in to the whispers of Ru Hua by their school mate.  It was misunderstood, thinking that Wen Chu was trying to kiss Ru Hua.

This was gossiped among their school mates.  Unfortunately one of the schoolmates, Zi Su, has a massive crush on Wen Chu.  She reported why Ru Hua fainted.  Everyone got punished as a consequence for the few who paid someone to do their duty.  Ru Hua suffered a dip in popularity.  She was shunned especially by the female of the species.

Episode 4:

Ru Hua continued to do favours for her classmates.  This includes subtly moving from desk to desk to ensure that the professor marks the attendance as a present for her classmates who decided to bunk off school.  Wen Chu won’t let her get away for long and Ru Hua ended up ‘absent’ due to a dental appointment.  The professor said that Ru Hua would need to produce a note from the dentist as well as the extracted tooth.

Ru Hua felt there was no choice but to go to the dentist and get her wisdom tooth extracted.  After her dental appointment, she and her friends met up with Wen Chu, who took them for a meal, knowing full well that she can’t really eat.

Wen Chu seems to be obsessing about her as he follows her and curious about what she does.

Episode 5

Si Zu’s jealousy of poor Ru Hua was getting out of control.

She hired Ru Hua to deliver a document to Bei Che.  The location was quite far from university and to ensure that Ru Hua missed the deadline for the submission of her painting to Professor Shi Shu, Si Zu arranged that Ru Hua was locked in the break time room.

Ru Hua cannot contact anyone to unlock the room.  She was able to speak to Bei Che but ignored her request to help her get out of the room.

Then Bei Che started a conference but he can hear Ru Hua making so much racket in the next room that he had no choice but open the door.

Ru Hua was going hyper and accidentally fell on the arms of Bei Che when he unlocked the door.  She gave him the document and left without further preamble.

She run to her dorm room and got her painting but she was waylaid by Wen Chu.  She agreed to everything he asked so she could get away.

But even so she was just too late.  All the paintings had been collected by Prof Shu Shi’s assistant.

Ru Hua was upset at first because not being able to turn in a project meant that she may lose her scholarship which she can ill afford.

A couple of days later, she was surprised to learn that she won in the contest.

Ru Hua was really surprised because she thought she did not submit her project.  She later found out that her painting was picked by submitted by mistake by the horrid Si Zu, thinking that it was their other dormroom classmate’s.

The paintings were all displayed in the school gallery.

Wen Chu turned up with a cup of coffee which he was told to get rid of.  He was quite impressed with Ru Hua’s painting.

When they went back to the gallery to wait for the imminent arrival of Professor Zhu Zhi, The students were surprised to find that someone had tampered with Ru Hua’s painting.  It looked like coffee had been spilled on it.

Ru Hua looked at Wen Chu, who quickly denied it.

Without much choice Ru Hua, mended her painting and was able to do it just a few minutes before the professor arrived.

The professor like the picture and mentioned that it still wet from obvious retouch.

He announced the winner of the contest.  Wen Chu won as he was cut above the rest in oil painting.  Si Zu won the water colour category.

Then the professor announced the name of the two students that he would personally train

Wen Chu was the first obviously and then to everyone surprise Ru Hua’s name was called.

Some students complained and Si Zu was not happy.

The professor said that if any one of them there in the room would be able to repair a soiled painting in 30 minutes then he was willing to take them as trainees as well..

Si Zu walked out but followed by Fang Luo who warned her to stop because he knew she was the one who reported Ru Hua during the military drill and also spilled coffee on the painting.

Episode 6

Wen Chu had been helping Ru Hua with her work because he can’t pay what he owed her.

Si Zu was so jealous that she offered to pay Wen Chu’s debt to Ru Hua.

Wen Chu would not allow Si Zu much to the annoyance her annoyance and jealousy.

She might have a cause to be jealous because Wen Chu and Ru Hua almost had a moment in the shower.  They almost kissed.

Wen Chu even offered to pay her.

Ru Hua told him in no uncertain term that she sells almost anything but not her body.

The next morning Ru Hua was back to her cheerful, energetic self which astounded Wen Chu.  Nothing can keep Ru Hua down for long.

Episode 7

Si Zu went to Brother Bei Che to complain about Ru Hua.

To cheer her up, Bei Che gave her a couple of David Paul tickets.  The tickets were so valuable that anyone getting the tickets not meant for them will be in trouble.

Yap, Si Zu put the tickets in Ru Hua’s bag.

Ru Hua who wanted to go to the show thought that it was We Chu who got them and secretly put it in her bag.

When Ru Hua went to the show with Wen Chu, their tickets were scrutinised.  They were then questioned about the tickets.

Ru Hua said that Wen Chu got the tickets.

Wen Chu said he did not.

To cut a long story short, Ru Hua confessed that she was the one who stole the tickets as she does not want to implicate Wen Chu.

Ru Hua became persona non-grata.  Everyone shunned her and would check their things when she was nearby as she might have stolen something from them.

Fang Luo remained loyal to Ru Hua.

He went to SiZi and told her that it was all her doing, Wen Chu sided with Si Zi and told Fang Luo to get evidence.

Meanwhile, the project with Professor Zhuzhi had started.  When Ru Hua turned up, she was told that she was no longer a part of the team.

Episode 8

Aww the case about the stolen tickets were solved immediately.  Ru Hua’s roommates kept a video camera running at their dorm room to catch a sighting of ghosts.  What it caught was the moment SiZi put the VIP tickets into Ru Hua’s backpack.

Ru Hua was vindicated while SiZi had to take a leave of absence from school. Ru Hua was also asked back by Professor Zhu Zhi to return to his team.  He had always been rather bias to Ru Hua because she knows old Chinese painting techniques learned from her parents who used to be art dealers and restorers.

Episode 9

How can menstruation be a source of a romantic scene?  But it worked.  It was quite cute when Ru Hua rather embarrassedly had to reveal that she had stains on her shorts to Wen Chu.  He teased her for a while but gallantly lent and tied his shirt over her bottom half.

Bei Ce asked Ru Hua to come to his house.  His house was next door to Wen Chu’s.  And Wen Chu’s uncle saw Ru Hua going into Bei Ce’s house.

Ru Hua sked Bei Ce why their house was next to each other?

Bei Ce revealed that Wen Chu was his brother but not quite.  Wen Chu’s mother married Bei Ce’s father.

Bei Ce and Ru Hua had a very funny misunderstanding.  Ru Hua thought that Bei Ce wanted to buy condoms from her, their exchange was so funny because Bei Ce wanted a box but Ru Hua said that surely he needed more than a box.  Bei Ce said a box should last him a year. Ru Hua was aghast but kept it to herself because he was a potential client.  Bei Ce said that he uses it multiple times and asked his maid to clean it after each use.  Ru Hua said you are very frugal.

She then emptied her bag with a huge assortment of condoms.  Bei Ce looked at the condom in disbelief.

He was, of course, talking about umbrellas and wanted a box of them because it will be rainy season soon.

Ru Hua was on top of a ladder painting a mural for Bei Ce when a very annoyed Wen Chu came into the room.

In her surprise, Ru Hua fell into the arms of Bei Ce.  They had a cute moment.  They have chemistry as well.

Episode 10

Ru Hua’s brother was the sweetest, kindest boy.  But I feel he has a death wish and with some of his decisions, he blatantly ignored all the sacrifices of his sister for him.  Did I mention he was sweet?!!!

Ru Hua was on her way to fully captivate Bei Ce.  She presented her credentials to him as jill of all trades.  He liked her enthusiasm so he hired her as a driver.  He can’t help smiling while she was driving so slowly.  He saw a bike rider passed them buy.

Professor Zhu Zhi set Ru Hua against Wen Chu for a competition using sculpture as a medium.

Ru Hua won in the end by default because Wen Chu withdrew his piece and refused to show it to anybody.  It was a bust of Ru Hua.  Cute

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It is sad that it seems it would take ages to actually subbed this drama in English. Only the first seven episodes are subbed.  But I had a look at the end and if you do not want to see what happens, please do not read on…


The brother dies due to heart complication.  There is a bittersweet ending. The leads did end up together amidst the sadness of her brother’s passing.

I would have probably cried if I understand what was going on.  There were tears everywhere.



Gong Jun (Chinese Actor)

Chinese Actor

Gong Jun (Chinese Actor)

Gong Jun


  • First Name: Jun
  • Surname: Gong
  • Anglicised Name: Simon Gong
  • DoB: 29 November 1992 (26)
  • PoB: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Donghua University, Dept of Performance
  • Occupation: Model, Actor
  • Work Period: 2016 – Present


Dramas & Films:

Ma Tian Yu (Chinese Actor)

Chinese Actor

Ma Tian Yu (Chinese Actor)

Ray Ma


  • First Name: Tianyu
  • Surname: Ma
  • Anglicised Name: Ray Ma
  • DoB: 12 July 1986 (32)
  • PoB: Dezhou, Shandong, China
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period: 2006 – Present


Dramas & Films:

  • Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)
  • Evening of Roses (2009)
  • The Vigilantes in Masks (2011)
  • Treasure Mother Treasure Girl (2012)
  • Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of the Sky (2012)
  • Beijing Love Story (2014)
  • Lady’s House (2014)
  • Young Sherlock (2014)
  • Swords of Legend (2014)
  • Love Without Distance (2015)
  • The Gossip Girl (2015)
  • Surprise (2015)
  • Kung Fu Mother-in-law (2016)
  • Edge To Happiness (2016)
  • Ice Fantasy (2016)
  • Beauty Private Kitchen (2016)
  • The Founding of An Army (2017)
  • Ice Fantasy Destiny (2017)
  • Secrets of Three Kingdoms (2018)
  • A Better Tomorrow (2018)
  • All Out of Love (2018)
  • The Best Meeting (2018)
  • Scouring Marriage (2019)
  • Rivers Flows To You (2019)
  • Humans (2019)
  • My Mowgli Boy (2019)


Facts & Factoids:

Zhao Jin Mai (Chinese Actress)

Chinese Actress

Zhao Jin Mai (Chinese Actress)

Zhao JIn Mai


  • First Name: Jin Mai
  • Surname: Zhao
  • Anglicised Name: Angel Zhao
  • DoB: 29 September 2002 (16)
  • PoB: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
  • Height: 1.58 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education:
  • Occupation: Model, Actress
  • Work Period: 2012 – Present


Dramas & Films:


Facts & Factoids:
  • Jin Mai started her career as a child actress.
  • 23 June 2019: Jin Mai had been seen shooting a historical drama with Lin Yi. Watch this space for ore updates.

Royal Navy’s HMS Enterprise Tour

Royal Navy’s HMS Enterprise Tour

There was a one-day-only tour which was opened to the public for free but you have to book a ticket online to have a chance to go on board the HMS Enterprise.

This was yesterday, 22 June 2019.

To be honest, we went because Peter thought it would be fun to see a real ship called the Enterprise as a homage to Startrek’s starboard.

Startrek or whatever, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found and what we learned from the tour.

HMS Enterprise is huge, really breathtaking.  One must really see how immense it is.

The Royal Navy personnel guiding the tour were so accommodating and willingly answered questions no matter how innocuous they were.  I have to admit I asked a lot of questions.