Joo Won (South Korean Actor)

Joo Woo

Joo Won is a South Korean actor.  He is very watchable not only for his good looks but for his acting ability as well.


Real Name: Moon Jun-Won

DoB: 30 September 1987 (30)


Education: Mass Communication graduate

Occupation: Singer, Actor

Joo Won (South Korean Actor)

Film & TV Dramas:

  • 7th Grade Civil Servant
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Fashion King
  • Cantibile Tomorrow
  • Sweet Sixteen

2018 Update:

Currently Joo Won is serving his mandatory military service, which he entered in May 2017.  He had just finished is six week military training and had been promoted as an assistant trainer.

Untouchable Lovers (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Untouchable Lovers poster

Genre: Historical, Romance

Date Released: 2018

Drama: staggering 54 episodes! 🙂


  • Guan Xiaotong as Liu Chu Yu / Liu Chu Xiu / Zhu Que
  • Song Wei Long as Rong Zhi
  • Li Zonglin as Huo Cao
  • Zhao Lusi as Ma Xueyun

Untouchable Lovers (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

I keep watching Chinese historical drama and always hoping that it will be a happy ending.  I keep investing time, emotion and health 🙂 to these dramas only to cry buckets in the end because it usually ends in a Shakespearian tragedy.

Anyway, as I never learn though, here once again with full hope of a happy ending, I am going to plough in to episode 1 (watch this space!)

Episode 1

Tianji Tower is ruled by the despotic Liu Ziye.  He is only 16 years old and so immature that he is prone to violence and impulsive behaviour.  His people started plotting to dethrone him.  They schemed to get rid of the young’s emperor’s most beloved sister, Liu Chuyu by drowning her, and replaced her with an assassin, who was a doppelganger.

The ‘new’ sister then pretended that she had lost her memory.  She is being taken care of by a posse on 24 menke, led by Rong Zi.

(What is a menke?  Well apparently they were retainers, or like eunuch without the castration bit 🙂 but I think in modern times’ equivalent, they are like butlers or valet)

Episode 2

The princess in weeding out her menke.  Transferring those who are plotting against her and promoting some slimy ones away from her manor.  Rong Zi is surprised how more humanitarian and clever she is becoming.

He is beginning to suspect that she is a fake princess.

Episode 3

The princess went to the mountain of luvvies (artists).  She was in disguised as a man (oh yeah?).  She was told that a beautiful man should be pure and have a skin as white as snow, only then can he be called a dreamy fellow!  🙂 🙂 🙂 Metrosexuality obviously existed even in ancient times.

Episode 4

The princess had taken away all the power of management for her manor from Rong Zi. The only thing left for him to manage are the herbs, spices and royal medicine.

Apparently, the boy emperor suffers from bipolar disorder.  Only the smell of a concoction of certain herbs had a calming and soothing effect to the emperor.  The princess found out that Rong Zi had created the scent for her and that is why she can control the emperor.

Episode 5

The princess just found out that she was twin to the drowned Lui Chu Yu.  Apparently the emperor forced the queen to get rid of one of the twin sisters because of the astrologer’s pronouncement that one will bring havoc to the kingdom.

Episode 6

The Queen Dowager had died but she whispered something to the princess before she passed.

The princess heard from the boy emperor the reason why he turned out how he is.  He was treated like an animal by one of the old emperor’s consort/concubine.  He was tortured for a month.

As soon as he had grown a little bit, he strangled the concubine/noble lady and then killed his own father.

The princess did feel sympathy for her brother.  She realised how dysfunctional they are.  Brother killing brother, sister killing sister, uncle killing brother, etc to get to the power.

Episode 7

The most beautiful woman of the land offered herself to the princess who she was disguised as a man.  The princess turned down the offer obviously 🙂 but she lost her upperhand over the land-owning luvvies as they thought that the HE (the princess pretending to be a man) was a sorry example of total manhood. 🙂

Episode 8

The Royal astrologer had gone awol and the princess with Rong Zi were looking for him.  They needed him to convince the superstitious boy emperor to tone down his violence.

Episode 9

All of the princess plans are coming to nought.  She has started thinking that there was someone out there who was purposely thwarting her every move.

Of course it was Rong Zi.  He is a spy.  However, he can’t help falling for the princess.

Episode 10

The princess’ surrogate sister/childhood friend and ladies maid, Fendai, entered the palace as a concubine to the boy emperor.  She plotted to kill him as the princess was unable to carry their mission to assassinate him.

Unfortunately for Fendai, her plan went awry and got herself killed instead.  The princess was desolate as she had to carry out the final whipping that eventually killed Fendai.

Episode 11

The boy emperor found out that the princess uses the scented herbs to calm him down and he felt betrayed by the princess.  He told her that she will be under guard from now on.

Episode 12

Rong Zi is very ill so the princess helped him escape the manor to get treatment.

She has the opportunity to kill the boy emperor.  Will she take it?

Episode 13

The boy emperor is dead and replaced by the pig prince uncle, who was as nasty.

The princess confessed to Rong Zhi but turned down. She bravely said that since he doesn’t like her then she would stopped liking him as well.

She then said that they will part ways and hope never to meet again.

This was actually a lovely scene.

Episode 14

Rong Zhi had a change of heart.  He wanted the princess afterall.  This time he was rebuffed.  The princess intimated that they are like ships in the night; their moment had passed.

Episode 15

Rong Zhi was about to kill the pig prince/emperor when the royal astrologer intervened.  Rong Zhi was further halted by the appearance of the princess taken as a prisoner by Hua Cuo, who was once Rong Zhi friend but now turned foe.

Episode 16

You lan, the one remaining ladies maid of the princess, betrayed her.

Rong Zhi had plunged to his ‘death’ in a cliff.  But is he really dead? 🙂

It turned out everyone is in love with the princess.  She is Helen of Troy.  She is the face that caused a thousand deaths.  🙂

Rong Zhi is not dead but an insect got to his brain and ate his memory.  LOL

The princess thinking that Rong Zhi was dead was absolutely devastated.  She is now being taken cared of by the Imperial astrologer, who had developed a bit feelings towards her.

Episode 17

Rong Zhi is now back in the Northern Wei and had asked a minister’s daughter to marry him.  But there is another woman in the scene.  A fighting machine called General Hao.  She was also fond of Rong Zhi, She said that Rong Zhi can marry as many women as he likes but he had to promised that he would only stand side by side in battlefield with her.

Episode 18

Wow! Rong Zhi married both Ma Xueyun and the princess (who has lost her memory).  Rong Zzhi is now the regent and therefore it was left to him to forge the alliance between Songs of Tianji Towers and the Weis.  But he had already promised to marry the minister’s daughter, Xueyun.

Rong Zhi spent the first night (wedding night) with Xueyun.

The princess is all together different from before.  She is more playful and don’t give a damn.

The Weis think she is a bit uncouth and therefore they have been teaching her etiquette and manners like in the proper way of drinking tea.

Your hands must not be higher than your nose.

Despite having no memory of each other, Rong Zhi and the Princess have subtle flirting.

Episode 19

Northern Wei do not have money to compensate the citizens suffering from flooding and to pay the soldiers.  It was left to Rong Zhi to think of a plan to pay the soldiers without increasing taxes.

Xueyun and the princess do not get on.  Xueyun plays at being a pure and innocent little beauty but she is bullying the princess in small ways.  Of course the princess in having none of it. 🙂

Episode 20

The princess has been fitted to have cause poisoning of the young 8th prince.  This episode touched on migration and how immigrants are treated. 🙂

Episode 21

The stolen military provisions have been found hidden at the temple.  The Pavillon master was behind the theft.

Xueyun is pregnant but she is really too weak to carry a child.  The episode ended cutely.  Rong Zhi wanted to sleep with the princess.  He meant it literally.  He slept soundly. 🙂

Episode 22

Due to Rong Zhi sleeping at the Regent’s consort, Xueyun framed the princess for trying to poison her.  Because of the poisoning she can’t carry the baby full term.  It was Rong Zhi who spoon-fed Xueyun the abortion soup and in essence he ‘killed’ his first child.

Episode 23

The highlight of this episode is the sword dance by Rong Zhi.  Gorgeous!!! 🙂

Episode 24

Rong Zhi is very sick, someone tried to poison him.  The assailant run into the manor of Prince Kang.

Episode 25

Rong Zhi is still very ill and Xueyun had to beg the princess to allow her to look after him.  Rong Zhi however s slowly removing himself from her.

The love story between Shen Yu, the prince regent’s bodyguard, with Larou, the princess ladies’maid, is slowly unfolding.

The princess has become a patron of an orphanage and she had been pawning her jades.

Rong Zhi is recuperating slowly but strong enough to play budaqiu, a sort of polo without the horse, with a team including the princess.  It was quite an exciting game.  Rong Zhi did a Beckham kick and won the game for the team.

Episode 26

Xueyun arranged someone to bring a philter scent dish to prevent insect flying around the princess. But the scent is poisonous.  It was lucky Rong Zhi was there to save the day.

Rong Zhi finally realised how far Xueyun can go with her jealousy.

Rong Zhi is back being ill again.

Also Huo Cao almost got assassinated.  She was stabbed with poisoned blade luckily Guan ho was a doctor and saved her.  He was the masked Pavillon Master and new love interest for Huo Cao.

Episode 27


Guan Xiaotong (Chinese Actress)

Guan Xiaotong is a very popular Chinese actress.  At a very young age, she has already garnered several awards in acting.  Probably this is not really surprising as acting is in her blood, coming from her family of actors.

Guan Xiaotong is not only beautiful, she is equally brainy as well.  During the entrance examination to the Beijing Film Academy in 2016 where registration was subscribed by 7,631 hopeful candidates and only 45 would be successful, Guan Xiaotong topped both the oral (interview) and written exams.



  • English Name: Miley Traey
  • DoB: 17 September 1997 (20)
  • Height: 1.72 m (5’8″)
  • Educational Background: Beijing Film Academy (Performing Arts)
  • Occupation:  Model, Singer, Actress
  • Civil Status: in a relationship with Lu Han


Guan Xiaotong (Chinese Actress)

Dramas & Films:


The Princess and the Matchmaker (South Korean Film Review)

Genre: Historical, Romance

Film:  South Korean

Genre: Historical, Romance

Date Released: February 2018


  • Shim Eun-kyung as Princess Songhwa
  • Lee Seung-gi as Seo Do-yoon, the fortune teller
  • Yeon Woo-jin as Yoon Shi-kyung, fourth candidate as husband to the princess
  • Kang Min-hyuk as Kang Hwi, second candidate as husband to the princess
  • Choi Woo-shik as Nam Chi-ho, third candidate as husband to the princess

The Princess and the Matchmaker (South Korean Film Review)

It is a very interesting story with top notched leads in Shim Eun Kyung as Princess Songhwa and Lee Seung-gi as the fortune teller. Both excellent actors.  I have to say also that Yeon Woo-jin never fails to deliver an excellent performance as well as the anti-hero.  The rest of the cast are also brilliant.

The story started in a drought ridden kingdom.  The people and the royals are getting worried with the prolong drought that they called every diviner, sooth-sayer, fortune teller in the land to end the drought.

It was agreed that the only solution is for the king’s daughter be married at once.

The king agreed but he does love his daughter, though sired from a concubine.  The king held a series of contest to determine the most suitable husband for the princess.

The list was finally narrowed down to four.

The Princess was very upset and yet intrigued.  She overheard one of the candidates bouth-mouthing her.  In her distress and fury she ended up kissing the very surprised fortune teller/guard.

The Princess then decided to leave the palace and see for herself the candidates in their on turf.

While she was in her mission, the fortune teller met her again and accompanied her to meet the first candidate.

He was only 13 years old, too young, too immature.

The next candidate was was super handsome and knows it.  He was hedonistic and into orgies and she found out that after marriage he is not likely to give up his penchants for beauties.

The third candidate was a very cruel man.  He likes punishing anyone even for minor misdemeanour. She was lucky, she almost died in his hand if not for the protection of the fortune teller.

She decided to go back to the palace.

The fourth candidate is very cunning and very ambitious. He was  He forced the fortune teller, by threatening his blind relative, to write/fake a soji indicating that the fourth candidate, Yoon Shi-kyung, is the most suitable to marry the princess.

All was arranged, the princess was to marry Shi-kyung.  He even arranged for Seo Do Yoon to be tied up and locked and guarded so that the wedding can go ahead without any hindrance.

At the last moment, Seo Do Yoon appeared, having been help by his apprentice to escape.  He was that it would be wrong for the wedding to go ahead as he was forced by Shi-kyung to write the soji.

Seo Do yoon ended up being banished by the king while shi-kyung was arrested.

The princess begged the king to allow Do yoon to come back, she said she was willing to give up her status as a royal.

This only enraged the kill.  He said what is love.

To which the princess says:

If in a person’s life is without love, what else is there?

A few days later it rained and rained.

The king gave the princess a choice.  Go and be with Seo Do yoon but she can never return to the palace.  She will be stripped of her princess status and she will be removed in the royal records.

Awww, the ending almost like Julia Robert’s Nottinghill.

I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

But she said was I am just a woman in front of your eyes.

To which he replied “in my eyes, there is no other woman but you.”

Awww and this scene was in the middle of a forest carpeted by white daisy flowers.




Seigi no Se (Ms Justice) Japanese Drama Review

Ms Justice poster

Seigi no Se (Ms Justice) Japanese Drama Review

Genre: Law, Romance

Date Released: April 2018



  • Yuriko Yoshitaka as Ririko Takemura (Newbie prosecutor)
  • Ken Yasuda as Tsutomu Aihara (assistant to the newbie prosecutor)
  • Shohei Miura as Hitoshi Otsuka
  • Alice Hirose as Haruko Takemura
  • Kinari Hirano as Hideki Kimura


Ririko Takemura is a newbie prosecutor who got transferred to Yokohama District Public Prosecutors office, where her colleague are male and experience.

Ririko was enthusiastic with her job, so much so that most times her assistant would remind her to be more circumspect and not show too much emotion with the public/client.

Her first case was about power harassment when the manager regularly bullied his subordinate and went as far as beat and pushed him down an underground stairwell.  The victim sustained heinous injury.

He reported the case to the police a week after it happened and the boss/manager and another colleague, who was with them during the said incident, denied that anything had happened.

Ririko was advised to drop the case as there was no evidence.  Her boss told her that Japan has 99.99 percent record prosecution because of evidence.

Ririko got upset and even rethought about being a prosecutor if she can’t serve justice.

In the end she got her evidence.

Ririko has a boyfriend of four years.  But lately they have been both to busy to see one another.

There is of course a gorgeous prosecutor at her office.  He is Otsuka played by Shohei Miura.  I have they have a romance but I find that Shohei  in most of his dramas  does not get the girl.

Yuriko is such a winsome young lady.  I love her dramas.  She reminds me of Tao Tsuchiya.

Can’t wait for the next episode.


Saewoo Twigim (Korean Deep Fried King Prawns)

Saewoo Twigim, photo by JMorton

Saewoo Twigim (Korean Deep Fried King Prawns)

I could eat and eat fried king prawns all old.  They are so delicious especially served with some spicy sauces.


  • 1/2  shrimp, peeled (but leave the tail intact) and de-veined
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups Korean deep frying mix powder (this is available in Asian/Oriental/Korean food store near you) 🙂
  • Oil for deep frying

Method of Preparation:

  • Using a deep fryer or a pan with high sides like a large wok or casserole, heat the enough oil for deep frying.
  • Ensure that the oil is hot at 375 degrees, essential for quick crisping of the battered shrimps. (It is useful to invest in an oil thermometer for kitchen use, some are not very expensive)
  • Spread the two cups of Korean deep frying mix powder on a plate.

  • Dip each peeled shrimp into the beaten eggs and then cover and coat with the mix powder.
  • Give each a gentle quick shake and then carefully lower down over the hot oil.
  • Fry in batches; do not overcrowd the pan to maintain the hot temperature of the oil.
  • Remove from oil when prawns are golden brown all over.
  • Paper towels should be at the ready to drain off excess oil.

Serve with some salad and favourite dip.

Bin Dae Tteok (Korean Vegetable Pancake)

Korean Pancake, photo by JMorton

Bin Dae Tteok (Korean Vegetable Pancake)

This is a delicous savoury pancake.  Delicious dipped in a sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar, minced garlic and spiced with chopped chillies.

Perfect for starters.

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