Must See Filipino Dramas (FDrama)

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Must See Filipino Dramas (FDrama)

I have to be really honest here.  It is really hard to recommend a Filipino drama to international audience.

It is unique in that it is even more surreal than Korean’s makjang, a form or drama where absurd circumstances occurs.

As a case in point, there is currently a drama called Ika-6 na Utos (Sixth Commandment) which is both wowing and frustrating viewers.  The drama has gone on and on showing mind-blowing scenarios after another that has gone beyond a joke.

I notice that unlike Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, Chinese, etc, Filipino dramas tend to go on forever when it is deemed popular.  They extend the series and tries to wring every emotion that can be wrung until there’s none left.  Viewers then would get bored of the same story line but with a different dialogues, it is only then that shows bring about its end.

Of course there are gems to be had and here is my list but not in any order.

Not too sure:

  • My Korean Jagiya, I quite like this at first but it gone way too tedious.  The cute potential love affair from a contract marriage between Gia and Jun Ho has gone on long enough and yet there is no resolution in the offing.  They are prolonging the story line until ennui sets in and no one bloody cares.  How can a stupid sock-wearing probinsiya plays hard to get for such a long time from a supposed to be KDrama superstar?!!!  Tell me?  No don’t, I don’t really care anymore. 🙂



Happy Sisters – KDrama Review

Happy Sisters

Happy Sisters – KDrama Review

I have to say I have been totally sidetracked by A Love So Beautiful, a Chinese drama, that I have lost much of my appetite for Korean dramas lately.  I did try to watch a few and can’t really get into them but for some reason this new Korean drama, Happy Sisters, managed to piqued my interest.

Actually I first watched it while waiting for the twit (from Twitter) from Noumi that ALSB has been subbed.  Oh the time I had waited for the English subs!!!  Well worth it.

Anyway, I began to watch Happy Sisters., thinking what is this?!!!  There was that monstrous looking mother-in-law, the lead girls where ajumma (older lady) looking.  I have to confess that I like my leads to be young, drop-dead gorgeous or famous.  But the two sisters Ye-eun and Sang-eun, though not unpretty, were not the leading lady material of the more highly sought dramas I am used to.

But I was pleasantly surprised.  I have to admit that I have fast-forwarded a lot of the scenes from the first 7 episodes and concentrating mainly in the stories of the two sisters.  By episode 8 I am totally hooked and even loving the monstrous mother-in-law.

Main Cast:

  • Shim Yi-young as Yoon Ye-eun
  • Han Young as Yoon Sang-eun
  • Oh Dae-gyu as Choi Jae-woong
  • Kang Seo-joon as Lee Jin-seop
  • Lee Shi-kang as Min Hyung-joo
  • Ban So-young as Jo Hwa-young

Ye-eun is the younger sister, who has been married for seven years to Jin-Seob, who is having an affair with his personal assistant, Hwa-young.

Sang-eun is the older sister who got into so much debt that in desperation entered into a contract marriage with a prosperous plastic surgeon, Jae-woong, who is not interested with a traditional marriage but just to give a mother figure to his beloved daughter.

In the background at the moment is a young good-looking man by the name of Hyung-joo, who met Ye-eun by accident and taken her to the hospital.  He found Ye-eun rather interesting.

The real fun began (episode 10) during the wedding of Sang-eun and Jae-woong.  Hwa-young gave Jin Seob his final warning of not attending his sister-in-law’s wedding or else all hell will break loose. But Hwa-young attended anyway as he is expected to walk the bride down the aisle.

Hwa-young was a feisty woman, who refused to be thwarted, so she sent a couple of selfies with her and Jin Seob in bed together to Ye-eun.

At this same moment, Hyung-joo, who happened to be a good friend of the groom spied Ye-eun in the bridal welcoming party.  As he approached her, Ye-eun just walked passed him in a rather agitated mood that Hyung-joo fallowed her.  There he witnessed Ye-eun husband confessing his love to his mistress, while Ye-eun was catatonic in shock in a nearby wall.


Jugglers – Korean Drama Review


Jugglers – Korean Drama Review

I have just started watching this new South Korean drama and I much say it is very promising.  The lead actress plays Jwa Yoon-Yi (Baek Jin-Hee) is adorably quirky but extremely efficient, while the lead actor is Daniel Choi playing the reluctant boss, Nam Chi – Won.

Jugglers pertain to the so-called office wives, the personal assistants.

Favourite School-Theme Dramas & Films(Orient)

Having just watched A Love So Beautiful, I am still suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I have watch the said drama, almost non-stop for a period of almost three weeks. Over and over.  I watched it first without subtitles and then with. I just couldn’t get enough of it. But it is coming to an end.

I dare say I might rewatch the whole thing over again because it has become my favourite.

There are many school-theme drama on offer from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and China which are really good.

Below is my list, which is a work in progress and not in any order.

Favourite School-Theme Dramas & Films (Orient)


I Cannot Hug You; Touch Me 无法拥抱的你 Chinese Drama Review

I Cannot Hug You; Touch Me 无法拥抱的你 Chinese Drama Review

I started watching this drama last night and I must admit I was hooked immediately. Probably it was because it starts rather familiar Chinese actors. Zhang Yuxi from Dear Prince, Zhing Zhaolin from Eternal Love and the cute Dai Jing Yao from the recently finished drama The Big Boss.

Apparently this drama was based from a Korean webtoon UnTouchable, which is about a modern day vampire story.  Gone are the days when vampire suck the blood out of human.  They are more cultured now, they get their energy from simply touching a human.  Human exude their own distinct ‘touch taste’.


  • Xing Zhao Lin as Jiang Zhi Hao
  • Zhang Yu Xi as Li Shi Ya
  • Dai Jing Yao as Xin Ba
  • Xin Rui Qi as Xu Qing Ran
  • Xu Kai Cheng as Cui Jun He
  • Gao Junjie
  • Wang Ruo Xue as Li Lan Xi
  • Kele Sun as Yin Shi Huan

Our heroine Li Shi ya (Zhang Yuxi) is a 21st century vampire. She is a celebrity.  She is a bit capricious who ran away from home thinking that her father, who is also a vampire, is much too controlling.

She was out buying magazines one day when she bumped into Jiang Zhi Hao, the male lead, who suffers from OCD in the form of being germaphobic.  Anyway Li Shi ya accidentally touched Zhi Hao’s hand and they had an immediate connection.  She found his touch tasty or delicious while Zhi Hao was confused and does not trust Li shi ya, so much so that he accused her of being a stalker and a perverted at that.

By sheer coincidence the flat Li Shi ya had just rented was next door to Zhi Hao, who again accused her of being a stalker.

Lemon & Lime Sorbet

Lemon & Lime, photo by JMorton

Lemon & Lime Sorbet

This recipe is perfect for the Christmas holidays when we are served with richly delicious food.  We need to clean our palate for the next course and this refreshing sorbet is just the business.

Below is a recipe which can be made a few days before Christmas.


  • 2 tbsp lemon rind, grated finely
  • 1 tbsp lime rind, grated finely
  • 1 cup caster (fine) sugar
  • 2½ cup water
  • ½ cup fresh lemon juice
  • ¼ cup fresh lime juice
  • 1 egg white (from a large egg) :); Please read the method of preparation before assembling. 


Method of Preparation:

 To make the lemon and lime to be juicier, play with them with your palms, Roll them, tap them, flick them, etc.  Then wash them thorough to remove any sign of wax.  Grate the rinds to use as required and cut in half and juice.

  • Heat a medium size saucepan over high temperature.
  • Add the lemon and lime rinds with the sugar and water.
  • Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Bring to a boil and then lower down the heat and simmer for five minutes with stirring.
  • Pour this mixture into a heat-proof container and leave to cool down to a room temperature.
  • Stir in the lemon juice as well as the lime juice.
  • Pour the sorbet mixture into a tin loaf pan, cover tightly with aluminium foil or cling film and leave in the freezer for at least 3 hours or preferably overnight.
  • Cut up the set sorbet into pieces and put them in a food processor with the egg white.  Blend until  smooth.
  • Pour back into the loaf pan and freeze until set.
  • Serve as needed.



Cantaloupe Refresher Drink – Milon

Iced Milon, Photo by JMorton

This is my favourite thirst quencher when I was still living in the Philippines.  It is refreshing and delicious.

Thankfully, wherever you are in this world, you can prepare it and it tastes the same from the what I was used to in the Philippines, as long as you use the cantaloupe melon.

Cantaloupe Refresher Drink – Milon



  • 1 Cantaloupe (Milon)
  • 1¼ cup sugar
  • 4-6 cups cold water
  • 1 cup ice cubes



Method of Preparation:

  • Cut the cantaloupe in half.
  • Using a spoon, scoop out the seeds. Discard or for extra flavour, mash the seeds and pulps with a fork and then use a sieve to get the juice while discarding the seeds and pulps.
  • Score the cantaloupe flesh with a fork and then scrape with a spoon.  It is of course easier to use a melon grater.
  • Put the cold water and sugar into a pitcher or a big cocktail fish bowl.  Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Stir in the cantaloupe strands (and juice from the seeds – optional)
  • Then add the ice cubes just before serving.

Refreshingly delicious.


Love of Aurora (Chinese Drama Review)

Love of Aurora (Chinese Drama Review)


Love of Aurora is a modern drama romance which will be made up of 50 episodes and directed by Liu Bo.

I love the leading girl in this because she was so cute in that 2016 drama, Hello, Mr Right with Korean actor, Lee Dong Gun


Ma Ke as Li Jun Tai

Guan Xiao Tong as Han Zing Xi

Zhang Xiao Long as Li Ming Zi

Zhao Han Ying Zi as He Jin Wen

Ma He as Lei Yuan Yuan

Zhu Xiao Peng as He Hua Hao

It started rather dramatically.  Our heroine, Han Zing Xi was being chased by a man in suit.  While she was running she got hit by a car and later woke up with psychogenic amnesia.  Apparently this is a way for the brain to cope with unbearable traumatic memory.

The synopsis of the story is about a girl who is an actress with extra-ordinary talent who meets an heir to a large fortune but running away from responsibility and a very strict parents.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Decor on Sale at John Lewis, Iphoto by JMorton

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Here comes Santa, photo by JMorton
It is December!
It is officially Christmas Season.
Give Love of Christmas.
It is the time to send Christmas cards to nearest and dearest, including to those often forgotten and overlooked relatives and acquaintances. 🙂
It is time to set up the Christmas Tree.
It is time to buy presents and gift, know your budget.
It is time to party.
It is the to visit the relatives.
And most important of all it is the time to celebrate a most spiritual Birthday of all.
Happy Birthday to our Lord, Jesus!

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