Princess Silver (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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Princess Silver (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Romance
  • Release Date: 15 May 2019
  • Origin: China; Based on a novel by Mo Yanshang
  • Cdrama: 60 Episodes


  • Zhang Xueying (Sophie Zhang) as Crown Princess Rong Le
  • Aarif Lee as Prince Wu You
  • Luo Yunxi as Western Qi Emperor
  • Jing Chao as General Fu Chou
  • Gao Shuang as Xiao Sha (Rong Le’s Bodyguard)
  • Mi MI as Shao Ke
  • Gaou Guangze as Xiang Yin
  • Wang Yu as Ling Yue
  • Ashin as Wu Yu
  • Chen Xin Yu as Hen Xiang

Apparently the story is about a crown princess with amnesia who was sent to marry a neighbouring prince for alliance.

The princess was declined admittance to the prince’s palace and so was the marriage alliance was aborted.

The feisty princess went incognito as a commoner and opened a tea-house.

She then became fascinated with a legendary book that would bring greatness to a nation.  The book is missing and the search goes on.

In her adventure in the search for the book, she met Wu You, the prince who turned her down.  As drama would have it, they fell madly in love with one another but the course of true love never did run smooth because by this time the Princess had been ordered to marry someone else, the powerful General Fu Chou.

Episode 1

Rong Le was being chased by masked men in black.  She managed to overcome them one by one until the last one overpowered her.

He then told her that she cannot escape from them.

She then woke up, with no memory.  She did not know who she was or where she was.

Until her brother who doted on her came to say that she is his sister, Princess Rong Le.  He is the Emperor of Western Qi.

The young emperor doted on her until she started trusting him.

But then the Empress Dowager, who does not like her and said that she was to marry the Prince Wu You of Northern Realm.

Rong Le resisted at first and she had the backing of the emperor but the Empress Dowager used emotional blackmail.

She told Rong Le that most of their guards and soldiers are either old or ailing.  They need to form an alliance with the Northern Realm, otherwise, the soldiers will be all dead and gone and Western Qi will be in a state of Chaos.

With not much choice, she finally agreed.

Episode 2

The Emperor had told her that there is a legendary book left by the Qin Family that was purported to bring greatness to a nation.

Prince of Wu You was apparently an expert about it.

The emperor made her take with him Xiao Sha to protect her.

When she got to Northen Realm, she was welcomed by the king who asked her to remove her mask but she refused saying that only her husband can remove it on their wedding night as per the custom of  Western Qi.

But her betrothed cannot be bothered to get out of bed, so the king ordered to bring him to him at whatever cost.

So Prince Wu You was brought in still in his bed and all.  Then he categorically refused to be used as a pawn for an alliance.

As a compromise, Rong Le said that she would give him six months to get to know each other, if he still does not want to marry her then they will call it quits.

Episode 3

Rong Le was given a Princess Manor to reside in and a retinue of maids but she declined most of the maids preparing those she brought with her from Western Qi.

Rong Le had the idea of pretending to be a commoner to go about her business while her young maid, Ling Yue pretended to be her.

Rong Le started running a tea house where another girl is a direct conduit to her brother.  The girl helped her locate the the legendary book of Mountains and Rivers.

Prince Wu You had a phobia of being touched by a woman, which Rong Le found out when she was doing her investigation in a brothel.  The number one courtesan is a witness that she wanted to speak with but the girl has a condition before she helps Rong Le.

She wanted to leave the brothel but the madam would not let her go.

Prince Wu You happened to be at the brothel drinking with his friends.  Rong Le used him to get the courtesan fired.  She made the girl accidentally touch the prince on his shoulder,

He immediately threw the girl out of the door and then called the madam and instructed that the girl’s hand is amputated.

Rong Le, dressed as a man said that the girl was his girlfriend and she would pay the prince for her.

The prince said that Rong Le can cut ‘his’hand instead of the girl and gave ‘him’ a sword.

Rong Le was about to cut her hand when the prince stopped her with a pebble thrown at her.

Episode 4

It was unfortunate that Ling Yue was almost assaulted by the son of a minister.  Thank goodness Rong Le arrived just in time to stop the assault.

It was the death anniversary of Lady Yuri, Wu You’s mother.  The king went to visit the tomb and found Wu You keeping vigil.

He told the king to go away and not to be a hypocrite as he caused his mother’s death.  The king was so ambitious that he married another which broke his mother’s heart.

Prince Wu You ended up at Rong Le’s tea house.  They ended up having tea together and playing a game of chess,which was interrupted by a gang of assailants.  Prince Wu You’s bodyguard was fighting off the men in black masks.  It got too hectic that the Prince had to protect Rong Le.

During the chaos, Rong Le unconsciously touched the prince on the shoulder, which he noticed immediately and also noted that he did not find it abhorrent.

When the fight had died down with the dead assailants, the Prince help Rong Le on the shoulder for several minutes until they were interrupted by the arrival of the other princes, who commented that Wu You can now touch the ladies.

Wu You was embarrassed and left suddenly.

Rong Le also left but she was accosted by another bunch of men in black.  She was fighting them off over the bridge, beneath was a gondola with a mysterious man listening in on what was going on up above.

He immediately heard that Rong Le was being overpowered by more assailants coming in.  He flew into the bridge had help Rong Le who was injured.

Episode 5

The mysterious man who saved Rong Le was General Fu Chou, who was just returning from war and stopping the current insurgents.

He took the wounded Rong Le to his house and had a doctor see to her wounds.

The next morning, the princess left after thanking the General profusely and promising to return this favour tenfolds one day.

She was on her way to the teahouse when she was arrested for being complicit to the attack on Prince Wu You.

It was the crown prince doing.  In prison, Rong Le also met the young courtesan and the teahouse manager.  They were both arrested and beaten up.

They forced Rong Le to sign a confession and not satisfied with this the crown prince decided that Rong Le was his type and started to abuse her.

Prince Wu You came flying in and beaten the crown prince and took Rong Le in his arms.  He warned the crown prince that he will never go easy on him ever again.

Episode 6

Prince Wu You is falling for Man Yao.

He tried to see her at the tea but she was always out on business until Prince Chen cornered her and had tea with her.

He then drugged her to get her to tell her background because they find her mysterious.

As he blows the vapour from the wine towards her she became sleepy and sleepier.  She would have fallen on the ground but Prince Wu You suddenly appeared and took her away.

She then woke up in a very scenic place: on a raft by a calm lake.

When then return to the shore, they were met by soldiers fishing out bodies of people, including children.

Man Yao said don’t these dead people get justice?

Wu You replied that it is a turbulent time, there is not much justice to be had.  He then asked her what does she want him to do?

Episode 7

On their back on horseback, they met the crown prince on his carriage and were forcing them to give way to him.

Prince Wu You did not do no such thing and the carriage ended up toppling over.

Prince Wu You took Man Yao to his manor and told her to stay with him and lie low for a bit as the vengeful crown prince will surely had her arrested for toppling him over.

Man Yao told him that she did not do it but Wu You said that the crown prince was vindictive.

Prince Chen came to find Prince Wu You and asking to seek justice for the victim of pseudo-shipwreck which they both knew was all work by the crown prince.

Again, Prince Wu Yuo said that he does not do justice as he had witnessed the type of justice they use in the palace court with his mother and his teacher, Master Qin.

Prince Chen was idealistic, without getting the support from Wu You, he went to the Crown Prince alone and showed him his documented evidence.

Prince Chen was prepared to fight but was not prepared for the guard who was on the Crown Prince’s command.

Prince Chen ended up in prison for the attempted assassination of the crown prince which is punishable by death.

Now, Prince Wu You made history, for the first time, he attended morning court and was tasked to investigate the shipwreck.

Episode 8

Prince Wu You confessed to Man Yao that she resides in his heart.  He had already a bedchamber for her in his manor.

He might like her but he had not mentioned about making her his consort.  Perhaps he was thinking of making her his concubine and marry Princess Rong Le. 🙂

Rong Le found out that she has a spy in her midst. One of her most trusted maids from Western Qi had been passing secrets to her lover.

Anyway, it was the 50th birthday party of the minister of defence, who now lived at the old Qin mansion.

Man Yao as well as Prince Wu You found out that the book of Mountains and Rivers is hidden at a secret vault at the old Qin mansion.

Fortunately, Shao Ke was invited to the party to provide the music.  Man Yao tagged along and quickly found a secret door, she was trapped, with the son of the minister of defense sniggering gleefully.

Episode 9

The birthday party turned bloody. The son of the minister of defense sniggered that he has Wu You’s woman so he cut his arm off.  The minister was obviously very upset that he ordered his guard to surround the prince but General Gu was there and had pre-planned everything.  They had more soldiers.

At that precise time, the king issued a warrant of arrest for the father and son for corruption.

While in prison, the minister said that he had insurance for their safety as he had secretly made a list and a copy of it of all the monies paid to the crown prince as his share of the corruption.

But the crown prince had already hired the Creed of Vengeance, a mercenary group, to rid him of the father and son.

Wu You has fallen for Man Yao but he can’t help himself suspecting her of being part of the Creed of Vengeance.

Episode 10

Wu You suspected that Man Yao and Rong Le are one and the same but in the end Ling Yue played being the princess Rong Le very well and Wu You was satisfied.

Rong Le and her brother, the Emperor had a happy reunion.

Episode 11

Li Yitong (Chinese Actress)

Chinese Actress

Li Yitong (Chinese Actress)

Li Yitong



  • First Name: Yi Tong
  • Surname: Li
  • DoB: 6 September 1990
  • PoB: Jinan, Shandong, China
  • Height: 1.65 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Beijing Dance Academy (Chinese Folk Dance)
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actress
  • Work Period: 2015 – Present



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  • Demon Girl 1 & 2 (2016)
  • The Legend of Condor Heroes 92017)
  • Bloody Romance (2018)
  • Keep Calm And Be A Superstar (2018)
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  • Ode To Daughter of Great Tang (TBA)


Facts & Factoids:

Jing Chao (Chinese Actor)

Chinese actor

Jing Chao (Chinese Actor)

Jing Chao



  • First Name: Chao
  • Surname: Jing
  • DoB: 15 April 1986 (33)
  • PoB: Shanghai, China
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Civil Status: Married to Li Jialin (m.2014) 2 Children
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Actor
  • Work Period: 2009 – Present


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  • Death Notify: The Darker (2014)
  • Liao Zhai New Compilation (2015)
  • Chinese Paladin 5 (2016)
  • Decoded (2016)
  • Tiger Father Dog Son (2017)
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  • Medical Examiner Dr Qin: The Survivor (2018)
  • Here To Heart (2018)
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  • Princess Silver (2019)
  • The Legend of Xiao Chuo (TBA)



Shan Hou Pei (Chinese Actress)

Chinese Actress

Shan Hou Pei (Chinese Actress)

Shan Hou Pei



  • First Name: Hou Pei
  • Surname: Shan
  • DoB: 8 October 1992 (26)
  • PoB: China
  • Height: 1.67 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education:
  • Occupation: Model, Actress
  • Work Period: 2015 – Present


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