Bai Jing Ting (Chinese Actor)

Bai Jing Ting (Chinese Actor)


  • DoB: 15 October 1993 (24)
  • PoB: Huairou District, Beijing, China
  • Height: 1.83m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Capital Normal University (Music College) majoring in recording
  • Occupation: Model, Musician, Actor

Dramas & Films:


  • Plays the piano to level 10/non-professional



Qixi Festival (Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day)

Qixi Festival (Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day)

Global Granary would like to wish you all a Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!  Jiayou

Yep, me too.  I find it rather ‘strange’ to be celebrating Valentine’s Day today.  Valentine’s Day is on 14th February every year.  🙂

Today, however, is the Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival.  This festival is celebrated just like the St Valentine’s Day, where lovers go on dates, giving presents like chocolates and flowers.

The Qixi Festival originated from one of the poems from the Shijing collection of Odes and Songs dating back from 11th to 7th century BC.

The poem is a narrative of the saga of the romantic but forbidden relationship that develops between a human and a goddess.

Niulang was a poor cowherd boy, who lived with his brother and brother-in-law.  He was a male Cinderella, maltreated and abused to the point of being thrown out of the house.

Niulang then met an old man, who told him that there was a job going for a resourceful cowherd.  Niulang was so grateful to the old man, who was, in fact, a supernatural being.  He brought Niulang to the heavens to look after sick cows.

In no time, the bovines where thriving.  The old man was grateful to the young man.  He noticed thought that Niulang looks lonely.  As a reward for the hard-working man, he introduced her to a beautiful girl, who spends her day weaving.  She is a goddess incognito and her name is Zhi Nu.

It was love at first sight for both of them.

A marriage between a mortal and a deity is strictly prohibited.

But they did not care; they were in love and got married, had two kids and would have lived happily ever after if the goddess’ grandmother did not find out.

The grandmother, Wang Mu Niang Niang, thought her granddaughter was contentedly weaving infinite yarns 🙂 in a corner of the heavens; she did not know that she was playing wifey to some mortal.

She was incandescent with rage that with her hairpin she scratched a wide ribbon in the heavens separating Zhi Nu from her mortal family.

Zhin Nu and Niulang with their children cried so much that their tears flowed into the chasm between them creating a river.

It might be pity or it might be a wish for some peace and quiet from all the cryings that a great flock of magpies forms a bridge so the family can be reunited for a day.

So it was then decided that on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month each year, the magpie will help to reunite the family.  That is why today is also known as Magpie Day.






Avengers: Infinity War Review


Avengers: Infinity War Review

Avengers: Infinity War poster

  • Genre: Fantasy, Marvel Comics, Superhero, End of Days
  • Date Released: 23 April 2018
  • Based on The Avengers by Stan Lee


  • Robert Downey, Jr as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Stephen Strange
  • Don Cheadle as James Rhodes/War Machine
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider Man
  • Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Black Panther
  • Paul Bettany as Vision
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
  • Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki
  • Idris Alba as Heimdall
  • Peter Dinklage as Eitri
  • Benedict Wong as Wong
  • Pom Klementieff as Mantis
  • Karen Gillan as Nebula
  • Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer
  • Zoe Saldana as Gamora
  • Vin Diesel as Groot
  • Bradley Cooper as Rocket
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts
  • Benicio del Tora as The Collector
  • Josh Brolin as Thanos
  • Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star Lord


The story, in brief,  is that the protagonist named Thanos committed genocide on his home planet named Titan. His planet used to be a beautiful, vibrant, idyllic place for its advanced sentient beings. However, as the population grew exponentially, Titan’s resources started to dimish unable to support them anymore.  With some drastic measure, Thanos culled his ‘people’ to allow those remaining to survive.

Then he had another idea.  Why not apply depopulation by half to the entire universe.  This became Thanos’ mission – to go universal.

In order to impose his will on all the dominions of existence, he had to collect the six Infinity Stones.  He travelled far and wide across space, forcefully locating each stone and killing its guardian and taking each stone in turn.

This film is rather long, just under three hours,  but because of its fast-paced action-packed adventure and an enormous cast of top well-known actors appearing, some in cameo roles, the film went quickly. The story included the heros from Marvel comics The Avengers, Guardians of the Galax & The Black Panther aided by the new to movie characters Dr Strange and a rebooted Spiderman.

I have to say that this film should be seen more than once.  Preferably first in the cinema for big screen view and then on television.  There are so many goings-on that you might miss some of it if you blink.

There are so many beloved Marvel characters that you would not want to sideline.  I have to admit the part where Nick Fury appeared just completely slipped under my radar.

It was a very good story and the CGI is excellent.  I particularly love the panoramic cinematography of the vast African plain.

The ending though is rather surreal and sad as many of the major superheroes had vanished into dust.  I heard there is going to be another movie to continue the story.   I wonder how they are going to write the ‘gone’ characters in?

Loki is dead.  But we need Loki back!  Favourite Spider Man is also gone as well as Dr Strange.

Well, perhaps a clue to how these heroes may be resurrected is that one of the Stones Thanos captured is the Time Stone, which can manipulate time back & forward as Thanos demonstrated. The much-anticipated sequel of the movie is currently planned for 2019/2020.


Martial Universe (Chinese Drama Review)

Martial Universe (Chinese Drama Review)

Martial Universe poster

  • Genre: Martial Arts, Historical, Fantasy, Romance
  • Origin: based on a novel called Wu Dong Qian Kun by Tiancai Dudou.
  • Date Released: 2 August 2018
  • CDrama: 40 episodes (Season 1) & 20 episodes (Season 2)


  • Yang Yang as Lin Dong
  • Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
  • Wang Likun as Ling ZhingQu
  • Wu Chun as Lin Langtian


Episode 1

When the universe was begun, there was a dimensional gate separating the mortal realm from the alternate dominion.

Over time the dimension gate was opened up allowing the demonic creatures called yimo from the alternate realm to invade the mortal realm.

There was a guardian to the mortal realm and he was the Emblem Ancestor.  He used all his power the aid of the Ancestral Emblem to seal off the demonic yimos.  And to close off the dimensional gate, the price was his death.

As years passed by the demonic force of yimos was gathering strength once again.  They have been searching for the mythical ancestral emblem to unseal the dimension gate once again.

The Yuan Gate’s Three Mentors had a committee meeting with the agenda of finding the reincarnation of the Emblem Ancestor and also to find the Ancestral emblem.

While this was going on,  Lin Dong was entertaining a gambling crowd with his gladiatorial prowess.  He needed to earn money to buy medicine for his ailing father, who’s a martial art expert.

Lin Dong defeated a 20 stone man, who was dragged into the spoliarium.  This gave him confidence and accepted another challenge which would yield him four times the prize.

But his next opponent which really scared him was a ferocious looking Fire Phyton Tiger.  Despite all the odds, he was victorious.

He went home happy but shunned by his Lin clan.





Li Wenhan (Chinese Actor)

Li Wenhan (Chinese Actor)

Li Wenhan


  • Birth Name: Li Wen Han
  • Stage Name: Wenhan
  • DoB: 22 July 1994 (24)
  • PoB: Hangzhou, China
  • Height: 1.80m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Model, Actor
  • Member of UNIQ, a boy band collaboration between China and South Korea since 2014.

Films & Dramas:

Facts & Factoids:

  • Very accomplished swimmer.
  • Plays classical guitar to level 9.
  • Went to high school in America.
  • Proficient in diving.
  • Plays the piano.
  • Plays basketball.
  • Does Beatbox


Ashes of Love (Chinese Drama Review)


Ashes of Love (Chinese Drama Review)

Ashes of Love poster

  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
  • AKA: Heavy Sweetness, Ask-like Frost, a novel by Dian Xian
  • Date Released: August 2018
  • CDrama: 60 Episodes


  • Yang Zi as Jin Mi, the Frost Flower Fairy
  • Deng Lun as Xu Feng, the Fire Immortal also the Demon King
  • Luo Yunxi as Run Yo, Crown Prince, Night Immortal and ultimately the Heavenly king
  • Chen Yuqi as Liu Ying, the Demon Princess
  • Wang Yifei as Sui He, Peacock Immortal
  • Zou Tingwei as Xi Yuan, a reaper
  • Zhang Yan Yan as Zi Fen, Flower deity
  • Wang Renjun as Luo Lin, the Water Immortal
  • He Zhonghua as Heavenly Emperor, Song Wei
  • Kathy Chow as Heavenly Empress, Ruler of the Bird tribe
  • Liao Jingfei as Lord Puchu, Jin Mi’s close friend
  • Du Bella as Kuan Lu, soldier girl

Episode 1

This is a fantasy drama starting with the creation of the universe, where the marriage of ying and yang created the deities, fairies, humans and the presence of good and evil closely residing together side by side.

Zi Fen, of the Flower realm, is shown giving birth to a baby girl while on the other side of the realm, the water immortal, the father of the child is getting married to another woman, the wind immortal.

Zi Fen was weak and absolutely heartbroken by the betrayal of her lover, Luo Lin, the water immortal.  With her dying breath, Zi Fen instructed that her daughter should not be allowed out of the Flower realm.  She then produces a small flower essence globule that she instructed the other deities to feed to her newborn daughter.  The globule will ensure that her daughter will never feel betrayal from love.  The effect of the globule will be the inability for the daughter eventually named Jin Mi, to feel love or express love.

In the heavenly realm, Xu Feng was currently undergoing some sort of regeneration.  His final ascent was sabotaged by a black force from the demon realm.  This resulted in Xu Feng, in the body of a phoenix, to plunge into the flower realm, right next to where Jin Mi was sitting contemplating her current situation.  She has been an elf and had not progressed to being a fairy.  She wanted to get out of the flower realm and see more of the world outside.

Jin Mi saw the bird all charred and burnt but still alive.  She did everything to revive it.  Of course, she succeeded.

Jin Mi had been nurtured without knowing anything about the birds and bees in their euphemism sense. 🙂

When the bird turned into a man, she tried to touch it everywhere.  The scene where she thought that the bird/man needed healing because of his protuberance in his nether regions, Jin Mi thought he had a tumor that needed cauterising. Luckily Phoenix, Xu Feng became compos mentis, otherwise he would have woken a eunuch! 🙂

Episode 2

Jin Mi said to the handsome Xu Feng that since she had saved his life several times, he should return the favour and take her with him when he leaves the flower realm.

He did just that but their return to the Heaven Realm coincided with an attack by the Demon Realm.

Episode 3

Jin Mi is settling in at Xu Feng’s Qi Wu Palace.

Episode 4

Jin Mi met the rather introspective Night Immortal, Run Yo.  And she is proving popular for her artlessness and naivete.

Episode 5

This episode is strange, funny, cute with a glorious fighting scene at the end.

Jin Mi had a first kiss (on the cheek) by a woman who wanted to marry her, not knowing Jin Mi is a woman.  Apparently, she was dressed like a boy, I did not really notice it LOL.

Anyway, Jin Mi is completely clueless about love and relationship so she did not know how to turn down a proposal of marriage.  It was left to Xu Feng to reveal that she is female.

From then on she started dressing in colourful, flowy garments which brought out her beauty and delicateness, which was noticed by everyone including by Xu Feng himself.

The scene where the viewers are allowed to hear what they were each thinking was hilarious.  Xu Feng thought that Jin Mi was really into him, while Jin Mi thought he was a jerk.

One of Jin Mi’s Flower Realm compatriots finally caught up with her and convinced her to go back as the realm was in danger of being broken up.

Jin Mi was all for going back but the Moon Immortal is convincing otherwise.  He told her that Xu Feng had looked after her well and therefore, deserved a proper goodbye from her.

Their toing and froing was interrupted by the arrival of Qiong Qi who was all powerful.  He was about to take Jin Mi when Run Yo appeared.  But Qiong Qi was too strong.  Then came Xu Feng and his mini-army.  Qiong Qi easily fought off the army and even Xu Feng.

Episode 6

Xu Feng is beginning to become rather proprietorial towards Jin Min.  They shared another kiss, which Jin Min thought was a natural act of making Xu Feng take his medication.  Really!

Run Yo explained to Jin Min the nature and types of dreams including wet dreams!  Funny!

Episode 7

Xu Feng and Run Yo with Jin Mi went to the Demon Realm to capture Qiong Qi and find out how he got out from the ancient divine artifact.  There they met the Princess of Biangcheng Palace, who assured them that her family had nothing to do with Qiong Qi’s escape from the ancient divine artifact.

This episode also had many funny moments including Xun Feng’s erotic dream of Jin Min being stolen by the beast dreamer.

Episode 8

Xu Feng, Run Yo, the demon princess, and Jin Mi accomplished their mission of defeating Qiong Qi with great difficulty.  Qiong Qi can turn into a ferocious dragon at will.  They return him back into the ancient divine artifact.

While Jin Mi was alone with the artifact, she had a psychological moment with it.  She heard the voice of her dead best friend Rou Rou asking to be let out.  Of course, Jin Mi had to open the artifact and out a weaker Qiong Qi.  Luckily Xu Feng was just returning and quickly perform a damage limitation.  Once again Qiong Qi was back in his bottle after he managed to almost fatally wound Xu Feng.

The only thing that could cure Xu Feng was a night rattan flower which only grows at the Flower Realm.  Jin Mi was forced to return to the realm and begged the flower deity to give her some night rattan.

The flower deity was not sympathetic and grounded Jin Mi for having run away.  But Jin Mi can’t be thwarted, she tried to grow the flower herself.

After numerous attempts, she managed to grow the plant and had Xu Feng healed.

Episode 9

Xu Feng was heartbroken.  Despite telling the flower deities of his clear intention and that he had fallen for Jin Mi, he was turned away.

Jin Mi herself was very sad because she was so looking forward to receiving the 1000 years of magical prowess as a reward from Xu Feng.

Xu Feng later had a much bigger problem with his feelings for Jin Mi.  He ‘found’ out that they can’t morally be together as they could have the same father, the emperor.

This was not the case really as the water immortal is Jin Mi’s father.

Episode 10

Kuan Lu was being recruited by the Heavenly Empress to spy on Run Yo but it seems Kuan Lu is loyal to Run Yo.

Run Yo, being the first born is really next in line to the throne but the Heavenly Empress is doing everything for Xu Feng, who is her son/nephew, to become the crown prince.

Run Yo is also attracted to JIn Mi but also aware that he is already betrothed to yet to be conceived daughter of the water immortal and his wife, who had been trying for a baby for 4000 years. LOL  Run Yo is clueless that Jin Mi is the firstborn of the water immortal.  Jin Mi doesn’t know either that she was the daughter of the Imperial flower deity and the water immortal.

Run Yo came looking for jin Mi at the flower realm.  After having cute meteor garden moment Run Yo helped Jin Mi to escape her confinement at the Water Mirror at the Flower realm and took her to his Xuan Ji Palace.

Episode 11

To hide Jin Mi from the deities of the Flower Realm, Run Yo brought her to the human realm.

Jin Mi had a lot of adventure in the human realm when she happened to meet the wickedly naughty Lord Puchu, her friend.

Jin Mi is once again dressed as a boy and Lord Puchu taught her boy’s pursuits, how to have fun.

Apparently, it is doing all the four activities involving eating, drinking, playing and enjoying.

They had a lot to eat and drink, they went to a gambling den, where Jin Mi showed her prowess at Mahjong.   She was so good because she had been unknowingly cheating by using her magic.

The gambling den owner had to throw them out in the end.

Finally, Lord Puchu brought her to a brothel for enjoying.  Again Jin Mi was popular with the girls.  But finally, Jin Mi had had enough and run off much to the hilarity of Lord Puchu and reminded her again about the four pursuits.  He then brought her to another brothel/theatre with ladyboys as the attraction.  LOL

Jin Mi was intrigued.  She was just inspecting a server when Xu Feng suddenly appeared and then Run Yo also was there.

Xu Feng and Run Yo got drunk.

Xu Feng in an alcoholic haze almost kissed Jin Mi, who was not averse to a bit of ‘cultivation’.  Xu Feng pulled back at the last minute.  He told her that what she feels for him is mutual but the heavens will punish them if they progress their relationship.  Jin Mi does not really understand what he was talking about and promptly went to sleep.

Episode 12

It is the birthday of the Heavenly Empress. Everyone from the six realms was invited except those from the Flower Realm.

Jin Mi feeling alone and lonely, wished she has someone to distract her from her tedium.  Suddenly Lord Puchu materialised.  He said that her wishing and sighing brought him in.  He was on his way to heaven for the Empress celebration.  He invited her to go with him.  At first Jin Mi was not keen but the promise of the hundred of years peaches, which enhances magical powers convinced her to go.

During the start of celebrations, a parade of beautiful immortals was on show.  Lord Puchu started to evaluate the beauties according to his little ‘black book’, the Valuation manual of beauties.

He mentioned that all the beauties on show were nothing compared to Zi Fen.  She was the ‘it’ girl of her time, a true beauty.

The water immortal and wind immortal also attended the celebration.  Jin Mi mentioned that she feels calm looking at Water Immortal.  Puchu mentioned that she’s got a great taste as the Water Immortal was one of the most handsome men of his time.

Though Puchu seemed to care for Jin Mi a lot, he has his own hidden agenda.  He connived with the Rat Immortal to make Jin Mi the centre of attention.

Both the Water Immortal and the Emperor noticed her similarities to Zi Fen, which only annoyed the Empress.

She ordered that Jin Mi be put to death.  Immediately Xu Feng followed by Run Yo went on their knees and beg the empress to change her decision.  They would take the punishment for Jin MI.

As the atmosphere is getting heated, Puchu flew Jin Mi out of the heaven, closely followed by the immortal guards, Xu Feng and Run Yo.

Jin Mi and Puchu ended up being confronted by the Flower deities and then appeared both Xu Feng and Run Yo.  When the flower deites asked Run Yo his intention on Jin Mi, Xu Feng revealed that he knew that there can never be any ‘cultivation’ between any of them as Xu Feng, Run Yo and Jin Mi are siblings with different mothers.

I am absolutely loving this drama, though I heard it will get darker and with a possible unhappy ending.

Episode 13

The Heavenly Emperor was so taken with Jin Mi as she reminded him so much of his greatest love, Zi Fen, that he can’t help but visit Jin Mi in her dream/mirage.  There he told Jin Mi about his love of Zi Fen and how devastated he was when she passed.

Jin Mi, the ever self-serving elf, asked the emperor to give her mystical prowess, to which the emperor obliged easily.  She got an enormous 5,000 years of a superpower.  LOL  He did make her promised not to get into a relationship with either Xu Feng or Run Yo.

The emperor was not the only one to visit her.  The Water Immortal also came by.  He began to wonder whether she was his daughter as she seemed very confident with water.  She showed him her prowess of making it rain, instead of rain she produced frost.

The superpower she got from the emperor was too much for her body which made her ill.  The Water Immortal stayed and nursed her back to health.

When Jin Mi was awake, he and the flower deities told her about her background.  Her mother was Zi Fen and her father was indeed the Water Immortal.

Episode 14

This episode is about the love triangle between the heavenly Emperor, Zi Fen, and Water Immortal.

Before he became a Heavenly Emperor, he was actually the second son, not the crown prince.  At this time he was in a loving relationship with Zi Fen, the flower deity, who he first saw gliding gracefully on a bed of lotus flowers.

But he was ambitious and wanted the throne so much that he did everything he possibly could including marrying the princess of the powerful and influential Bird Realm.

He thought that he could continue his relationship with Zi Fen after his marriage and would eventually make her his official concubine.

Zi Fen, however, was not interested in married men and at the same time, she had met an even better looking man, the water immortal.

Zi Fen’s relationship with the Water Immortal was so intense that before you know it they were sleeping together.

The emperor heard about Zi Fen and the Water Immortal.  He went to Zi Fen and had his way with her, violating her, not knowing that she was already pregnant with the Water Immortal’s baby.

The emperor then abducted and imprisoned her in his palace.

To make ensure that the relationship between Zi Fen and Water Immortal is over, he decreed that Water Immortal marries the Wind Immortal, who was Zi Fen’s best friend.

The WI categorically declined the emperor’s decree and hurriedly left.

What just happened was witnessed by Zi Fen.

She was found by the jealous Heavenly Empress in the palace.  Knowing that Zi Fen is the emperor’s true love, she pushed Zi Fen to the brink until she fell in the abyss and ended up broken in the Flower Realm.

Zi Fen knew that she does not have much time to live,

The Water Immortal came to see her to ask her to marry him.

Zi Fen, feeling very ashamed of having been abused by the emperor lied to Water Immortal that she never loved him and that she had only ever loved the emperor.

The Water Immortal was so upset that he married the Wind Immortal, not knowing that Zi Fen had given birth and dying on the same time as his wedding.





The 8-Year Engagement (Japanese Movie Review)


The 8-Year Engagement (Japanese Movie Review)

8-nengoshi no Hanayome: Kiseki no Jitsuwa poster

  • Genre: Romance
  • Japanese Title: 8-nengoshi no Hanayome: Kiseki no Jitsuwa
  • Date Released:  December 2017
  • Based on a book about a real-life romance story of Hisashi Nakahara and Mai Nakahara.



I have been waiting for this film like forever.  I love both the leads.  For their young age, they have consistently showed good acting.

The story also sounded really interesting.

This is a gentle melodrama, which has a happy ending.

Hisashi is a hardworking car mechanic.  He had been suffering from stomach ache but still got roped into going to a dinner party, where single available girls were also invited.

During the dinner, Hisashi appeared sullen due to his achy tummy.  One of the girls told him off for being aloof.  The girl was Mai.

Hisashi quickly explained to Mai that he was in pain, with the stomach ache.  Mai understood and they clicked immediately.

They started dating and really get on very well.  Mai introduced him to her parents who liked him as well.

He asked Mai to marry him and she happily agreed.  They quickly book their wedding for the 17th of March which was just a few months away.

Sadly their happiness was cut short as Mai started suffering from forgetfulness and paranoia.  Hisashi brought her to the hospital while she was having her ‘turn’.

She was then diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, which is caused by a tumour growing on her ovary.

She ended up in a comatose state for a year and all this time, Hisashi remained devoted to her, visiting her in the hospital every single day.  Making vignettes of videos which he sent to her mobile for her to see when she wakes up.

Mai’s mother and father were told that Mai had to have an ovariectomy to cure her illness.  Hasashi agreed to the procedure.  He was told off my Mai’s mother, saying that he was not family and therefore doesn’t have any say.  He was also ordered to stop coming to the hospital to see Mai. They don’t want to ruin his life.  This part was so sad.  I ended up crying.  Takeru was so quietly sad at first and it was heartbreaking to watch.

Hasashi was in bits.  His life was Mai.  Against their order, he went back to see Mai again.

Mai’s mother warned him that she might be comatose forever, and asked if he was prepared for such a situation, in which he answered in the affirmative.

Mai’s mother then thank him sincerely and told him that her daughter found a good man.

Mai finally woke up after a year.

But she was different.  The doctor said that she was like an infant, she is reset to zero, born again.  She needed to be taught everything.

She started to remember everything except Hasashi.

Mai was desperate to remember Hasashi and even went on a rather dangerous mission of finding inspiration to remember.  She started complaining of pain in her head, which alarmed Hasashi.

Finally, Hasashi had to give up.  He thought he had to remove himself from Mai’s vicinity to give her some peace and quiet time.

After some more time, Mai was allowed to go home.  The first thing she found was her mobile phone.

She tried to start it, but she does not know the pass code.  She is back to her cheerful self once again.  She was in her wheelchair visiting places when she encountered the kindly wedding planner who recognised her

The wedding planner asked her if she was ready to get married.  Mai found out that Hasashi kept their booking for March 17, paying each year for it.

Mai then tried the 0317 to unlock her mobile phone and it worked.  She then found more than 500 unread messages Hasashi, which were the videos he made.  This scene was so painfully beautiful, I cried so much.

Mai went to find Hasashi (he has been gone for more than a year), who was now working on an island.

Mai confessed to him that she still cannot remember him but she wants to fall in




Deng Lun (Chinese Actor)

Deng Lun (Chinese Actor)

Deng Lun


  • DoB: 21 October 1992 (25)
  • PoB: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China
  • Height: 1.85 cm
  • Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy
  • Career: Singer, Model/Product endorser, Actor
  • Civil Status: Single

Dramas & Films:


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