Terius Behind Me (Kdrama Review & Summary)


Terius Behind Me (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Terius Behind Me poster

  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Release Date: 27 September 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: XX Episodes


  • So Ji Sub as Kim Bon
  • Jung In Sun as Go Ae Rin
  • Son Ho-Jun as Jin Young-Tae
  • Im Se-Mi as Yoo Ji-Yeon


I am so looking forward to this drama.  The premise is so interesting with So Ji Sub in the lead who will play as a NIS agent, who will help his neighbour find the truth about the disappearance of her husband.

Can’t wait



Nai Leh Saneha (Thai Drama Review)


Nai Leh Saneha (Thai Drama Review)

Nai Leh Saneha poster


  • AKA: New Body, Same Heart
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Revenge
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Lakorn: 16 Episodes


  • Tui Teerapat Satjakul as Kawin
  • View Wannarot Sontichai as Naluntha
  • Jieb Sopitnapa Chumpanee as Pattinee
  • Tu Pobtorn Sunthornyarnkit as Pheesama

Episode 1

Kawin is married to Pattinee.  They are for the most part a happily married couple.  But Kawin has a history of womanising and Pattinee has a pathological fear of being two-timed due to her father leaving them for another woman.

Everythime Pat sees Kawin with a woman, she would fly off the handle.

Unfortunately, Pat’s PA has a hidden grudge against her and often incite Pat into a jealous rage.

A friend had advised Pat to seek some help from the Buddha temple, where she passed by another woman who was also looking for some peace and comfort.  For some reason, their spirits seemed to be connected.

They both got an identical fortune card which says that they had to die to live.

Naluntha is a naive woman, who is married to a man who was two-timing her.  He was after her fortune.

The PA arranged for Pat to catch Kawin in flagrante delicto with her friend.  (Kawin was innocent but he does make it easy for Pat to catch him as he was just too accommodating with women).

Pat was absolutely devastated by this time and drove off her car.  While this was going on, Naluntha received a package containing her husband’s Calvin Kein.  She also found out from the mistress where they are at that moment.

The thing with Naluntha is that she is not very well.  she has a very weak heart and waiting for a transplant.  She went to where her husband was supposed to be and found him in bed with a woman.

She collapsed at the same time as Pat is crashing her car into a truck.

Episode 2

Both Pat and Naluntha were brought to the same hospital where there seemed to be only one doctor/surgeon.  And that doctor was Naluntha’s father.

Pat and Naluntha were both gravely ill, the doctor had to make a choice who to see to.  Pat has a more serious case as she has had a brain hemorrhage and would likely to die soon.

The doctor stabilised Naluntha and had the heart of the newly dead Pat transplanted to her.  It was a success.


Kids on the Slope (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)


Kids on the Slope (Japanese Movie Review & Summary)

Kids on the slope poster

  • Genre: Music, Friendship, Youth, Family, Romance, Bromance, Live Action
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Origin: Japan, based on Manga, Sakamichi no Apollon


  • Yuri Chinen as Kaoru Nishimi
  • Nana Komatsu as Ritsuko Mukae
  • Taishi Nakagawa as Sentaro Kawabuchi
  • Dean Fujioka as Junichi Katsuragi
  • Erina Mano as Yurika Fukahori


Synopsis & Review

I just watched this film and found it really interesting with lovely jazz music.  This film is a live-action film of a manga.

The three main actors, Komatsu, Chinen and Nakagawa gave a charismatic performance.

The story is being told by Kaoru Nishimi, who is now a doctor.

It all began in 1966.  He just transferred to a new school.  During the first day, a classmate was tasked to show him around and it was Ritsu.  He found her very pretty the first time he saw her but he started feeling claustrophobic and he needed a breath of fresh air.

He climbed into the rooftop but notice some hindrance to the entrance.  It was the prone body of Sentaro.

Kaoru was entranced at the handsome, rather battered face of Sentaro, a half-caste – half American, half Japanese boy with blond hair and very fair skin.

The first moment they met, they have clicked and became friends.

Sentaro took him to a music store, who Kaoru was excited to know was owned by Ritsu’s father.

The father had told them that they have someone special waiting in the studio below.  Sentaro was really excited as it was Jun, his idol, a student at Tokyo University who is proficient with the trumpet playing jazz music.

Jun on the trumpet and Sentaro playing the drums,  started to have a session.  Kaoru couldn’t help himself and started to play the piano as well.

The music bonded them all together including the sweet Ritsu.

After a church service, the three friends found themselves at the beach, where they saw a girl being harassed by boys.

Sentaro had just to rescue the girl as that is how he was.

When he saw the girl up close, he fell madly in love.  For days he was almost senseless in wonder.

They again met the girl in a club, where Kaoru noticed that she seemed familiar with Jun.

Anyway, Sentaro started being friendly with the girl, which Kaoru observed was making Ritsu rather upset.  She likes Sentaro herself even back from they were children.

One day while they were meeting for another session in the music room, Sentaro brought with him the girl, Yuri, which made everyone uneasy.  Ritsu couldn’t take it and run off, followed closely by Kaoru.

He found her crying.  He kissed her as he just couldn’t help himself.  Ritsu was so surprised she pushed him away and run off.

Poor Kaoru was also being made to feel unwanted at his current lodging with his auntie and family, who tells him to think about what he wants to do in university as they will be paying for his course as well as his lodging in Tokyo and would be a pretty penny.

He was so stressed that he went to Sentaro’s house.  He heard the happy commotion inside the house and a smiling Sentaro answered the door.

Karoru remarked that he envies Sentaro’s life.  He wishes he has somewhere to really belong to as well.

Sentaro took him aside and told him that his life is far from perfect.  He then recounted that he was ‘born’ in the Catholic church or at least his birth mother left him in the church steps when he was a baby.

He was later adopted by a childless couple but before long they had their own children and more or less does not have time for him.

He was also bullied by other children because he was different with his light coloured hair and half American features.  He did not know where he belongs.

Meanwhile Jun was packing his things when Yuri appeared.  She said that she was ready to go anywhere with him.

At that moment, Sentaro was on his way to Jun’s house.  He couldn’t believe it when he found Jun and Yuri all packed and going away together.

He was absolutely gutted.  He took out his frustration by fighting his schoolmates.

Kaoru stopped him.  He was asked by Sentaro if he knew about Jun and Yuri.  Kaoru was forced to admit to it.  Sentaro was now also upset with Kaoru for betraying their friendship.

The friendship was now fragmented.

Kaoru was playing cans in wires telephone with a girl in the neighbourhood.  The girl asked for advice about a boy who was always nasty to her and made her cry.

He said that he also made a girl he loves cry.  And then the voice at the other end was Ritsu.  She said that she was just surprised that is all.  It was her first kiss.  So they made up, friends again.

A singing concert at school mend their three friends fractured friendship.

They decided to take part in a church concert.  Sentaro and Ritsu are both religious and all excited about the event.  They decided to fetch Kaoru in their motorbike.

Ritsu confessed to Sentaro that her heart goes faster when she is with Kaoru… and then their motorbike was crashing into a car.

Ritsu was in a coma and Kaoru found Sentaro battered in a pew inside the church.  Sentaro was asking God why was he born?  Why does he bring misfortune to the people he knew.  He said that he should be taken rather than Ritsu.

Finally Kaoru was able to convince Sentaro to return to the hospital where Ritsu has woken up.  She said that she dreamt that she was with Sentaro who told her to get out of the dark.

When Kaoru went out to get Sentaro, he was no longer there but left his rosary by the door.

10 years later -1976?

Kaoru is a doctor in Tokyo.  One day two familiar faces came to see him.  Jun and a pregnant Yuri.  Yuri showed him a photo of a wedding of a friend.

Kaoru travelled back to the village and found that Ritsu is now a teacher.  He showed her the photo.  Now we see the photo.  Sentaro is now a priest.

Both Kaoru and Ritsu agreed to find Sentaro.

They found him easy enough because he was playing the piano for the children at the church.

He looks happy and at peace.  He asked Kaoru and Ritsu if they were there to get married.

It feels like all the years that had passed had vanished.

They ended up playing the piano and the drum.

It was quite a heartwarming film.  Loved it.





Lin Yun (Chinese Actress)


Lin Yun (Chinese Actress)

Lin Yun


  • Birth Name: Fei Xia
  • AKA: Jelly Lin
  • DoB: 16 April 1996 (22)
  • PoB: Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Height: 1.69 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education:  Beijing College
  • Occupation: Model, Actress


Dramas & Films:

Goodnight (Chinese Film Review)


Goodnight (Chinese Film Review)

Goodnight poster

  • Genre:  Hotel Management, Job, Family, Relationship, Romance
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Origin: China



  • Dennis Oh as Nie Xuan
  • Jing Tang as XiaoXiao


This is a pretty straight-forward film with a very simplistic ending for everyone.

Once upon a time in the life of XiaoXiao, back when she was little, she had a pet cat who was really a genie/fairy.

The cat announced to young XiaoXiao that he was leaving and as a goodbye gift, he would grant a wish she makes.

XiaoXiao easily said that she wanted to have more time and doesn’t want to sleep.  She wants to study and have some play-time afterwards and do other things as well.  For this young girl, there is not much time during the day!

The cat asked her if she wishes it forever.  The girl readily confirmed that it was.

From then own, the girl grew up insomniac, which affected her life, love life and job prospects.  She can’t keep the latter two.

As a result, she concentrated on acquiring more qualifications than what she needed.

She was in between love and work when she finally found the perfect job.  Become a hotel tester/reviewer.

She was very good at the job, she had all the time at night to review hotels.  She became known as Queen Untouchable amongst her peers.

A TASS group of luxury hotels was owned by Nie family, and there was currently a battle of supremacy between brothers to inherit the hotel chain.

The eldest was Nie Xuan, who was cold and exacting; he was made that way by his domineering father,  who sets him tasks, made him follow every rule strictly.

It was a different story for his other son, who was indulged and adored.  The younger son was therefore very affectionate towards his father but totally conniving and spoilt.  He wanted to manage the hotel himself, though he lacks commitment and diligence.

He instigated that a hotel reviewer visits their flagship hotel, which is managed competently by Nie Xuan, who was expecting that FORBES would include them to the list of best luxury hotels in the world.  A bad review would mean disqualification, which the younger brother was hoping and this would make their father hand the position of CEO to him in a plate.

The reviewer was XiaoXiao, who quickly found herself having so much in common with Nie Xuan, for a starter as both insomniacs.  They also both love their jobs and the hotel business.

Hotel Guide from a professional hotel tester:

  • A bellhop should notice a guest arrival within 3 seconds and give a welcoming smile.
  • In the reception area, no matter how busy they are they should give a warm eye contact with new visitors.
  • You should be able to haggle for a discount or some other deals.  (I have never thought of this especially in 5* hotels LOL)
  • Testing the automatic curtain management.
  • The hot water must reach the temperature within 15 seconds.
  • The height of the switches must be 1 metre.
  • Not a single hair must be on the carpet.
  • The security peephole must be 1.2 metres high.
  • The toilet must be 45 cm high
  • In the restaurant, you should be noticed within 3 seconds
  • The final test was how efficient the hotel cleaners.  You can be as messy as you like and expect that everything would be tidied after you.  (I would like to see that)


There are also side stories like a pop star/singer-songwriter called Lucas, who was so taciturn as his composing mojo had left him.

There was also a couple who have not had proper relationships for ages.  When the husband tried it with the wife, she laughed at him dismissively.  This made him call a young girlfriend to book herself into the same hotel as well.

When he got to her room, she breaks up with him because she finally realised that he was just too old for her.

The girl then tried to leave the hotel, only to run to her father, who was currently a fugitive from his debtors.

Nie Xuan was a victim of his brother’s sabotage.

Nie Xuan was told that the younger brother is now set to inherit from their father.  Nie Xuan had had enough and quit. XiaoXiao was there and she showed him that there is more to life than working all the time. She encourages him to relax.

Within a couple of days, his father was calling him back to return and will give him another chance.  He did some reorganisation and fired YangYa, his dad’s PA who was helping his younger brother to sabotage his work.

Toward the end of the film, he led XiaoXiao to a beautifully decorated room with guests wishing them a good engagement celebration.

The next day Nie Xuan found the red shoes with the ring he gave to  XiaoXiao in her vacated hotel room.

XiaoXiao then shown doing her job once again in another luxurious hotel somewhere in the world.

When she opened the paper, there was a photo of a pair of red shoes and she gave an enigmatic smile.

The End



Three Heroes & Five Gallants (Drama Review)


Three Heroes & Five Gallants (Drama Review)

Three heroes and five gallants poster

  • Genre: Historical, Action, Martial Arts, Romance
  • Release Date: 2016
  • CDrama: 44 episodes
  • Origin: China, based on 19th centuryoral tale of heroism by Shi Yukun


  • Chen Xiao as Bai Yutang/Sleek Rat
  • Yan Yikuan as Zhan Zhao/ Imperial Cat
  • Zheng Shuang as Ding Yuehua
  • Liang Guanhua as Bao Zheng/the Judge
  • Liu Dekai as Emperor Renzong of Song
  • Ma Shuliang as Pang Ji
  • Xie Ning as Xu Qing/Mountain Rat
  • Rao Xiaozhi as Pang Yu
  • Li Xinyu as Consort Pang
  • He Yu as Lu Fang/Sky Rat
  • Wang Daqi as Han Zhang/Earth Rat
  • Wang Maolei as Jiang Ping/River Rat
  • Han Zhengguo as Gongsun Ce
  • Wu Jing as Sha Qiukui
  • Zhang Zhixi as Jin Yalan
  • Zhang Na as Ji Saihua

The drama started with the judge Bao Zheng being ambushed by a band of bandits.  The judge is an upright man who lives by wisdom and fairness.

He was saved by his bodyguard an ace swordsman Zhan Zhao.  Zhan Zhao was able to apprehend the bandits and its infamous leader.

His daring-do was heard by the King and invited him and Judge Bao to attend the palace.

Zhan Zhao was asked to demonstrate his martial art prowess, which impressed the king.  Zhan Zhao was so agile climbing and sliding along the walls that the favourite consort said that he was like a cat.

The King immediately promoted him as the Imperial Cat, the fourth knight, defender of the kingdom.

Zhan Zhao was rather unhappy with the turn of event.  He does not want to be known as the imperial cat because he belongs to a brotherhood of martial artists and swordsmen where there are five heroic members who called themselves as rats.  There were famous for their Robin Hood-like gallantry and charity.  They take from the rich to give to the poor.

Being an Imperial Cat would send a wrong message to the Rats.

The King on the otherhand would be insulted if Zhan Zhao would turn down the honour of being the Imperial Cat.  So Zhan Zhao devised a method to get himself expelled from the role.

One of the Rat brothers was Sleek Rat.  He is handsome, domineering and opinionated but he has a righteous heart.

He wanted to marry Ding Yuehwa.  And to be able to marry her, he must challenge her into a swordfight and win.  Apparently, Yuehua is a master swordswoman, better than most men.

But Sleek Rat or Bai Yutang was a little too late because of Zhan Zhao had won Yuehua’s hand in marriage.  He defeated her unlike all the men who had tried before him.

Anyway the rest of the episodes tells the different adventures of Zhan Zhao and the Rats and also Yuehwa who had to pretend to be a young man.  There was also YaLan who became the love interest for Bai Yutang.

I am a bit disappointed with the ending because Zhan Zhao and YueHua did not get together but it was understood that maybe one day they would.




Bleach (Japanese Movie Review)


Bleach (Japanese Movie Review)

Bleach poster

  • Genre: School, Youth, Fantasy, Mystery, Martial Arts, Supernatural, Manga
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Origin: Japan, Based on a manga, created by Tite Kubo


  • Sota Fukushi as Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Hana Sugisaki as Rukia Kuchiki
  • Miyavi as Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Erina Mano as Orihime Inoue
  • Yosuke Eguchi as Isshin Kurosaki (Father)
  • Masami Nagasawa  as Masaki Kurosaki (Mother)
  • Ryo Yoshizawa as Uryu Ishida
  • Taichi Saotome as Renji Abarai
  • Yu Koyanagi as Yasutoro ‘Chad’ Sado
  • Seiichi Tanabe as Kisuke Urahara (ex grim reaper)

Review & Synopsis

This film is loosely based on a manga.  Loosely I say because having read the summary of the manga version online, it seems some of the character’s schoolmates have their own superpower, which is not really tackled in the film.

Anyway, the film revolved around a young highschooler named Ichigo Kurosaki.  From an early age, he can see ghosts and sort of help them.

This special power is known by his father, Isshin, who is super handsome and fit, and by his two young sisters, Karin and Yuzu.  They live in Karakura Town.

After another day of saving another soul, he was in his bedroom when he noticed a girl in Shogun outfit.  They were both surprised to see each other.

The girl was a grim reaper and before they can properly introduce themselves to each other, they heard a great commotion downstairs.

A hollow has snatched Yuzu.

They followed the hollow, which is a gargantuan ape-like creature with super vigour and agility.  They are of course invisible to those without sixth sense.

It took all Rukia’s, ( the soul reaper) skill and power to fight and yet she can’t completely vanquish the hollow.

The injured Rukia told Ichigo that she needs him to help her by making him a substitute reaper, otherwise the hollow will devour both of their souls.

Though he was reluctant, Ichigo allowed the blade of Zanpakuto to pierce him in the middle of his chest.  Rukia’s every ounce of power flowed into him.

Apparently, Ichigo is really special because he has a high spiritual pressure, which made the new Zanpakuto almost double in size.

Ichigo metamorphoses into a gorgeous samurai warrior in the style of manga. 🙂 He has orange hair and brown eyes.

Before long, the hollow was defeated by this new gorgeous fighting machine.

Ichigo woke up the next day confused as everything seems to be normal and yet not quite right.  Yuzu, his young sister, cannot remember being kidnapped by the hollow.

He was still contemplating what had happened when he was in school.  A cute girl, Orihime has a crush on him and he might have liked her too but he was distracted by a new student, who was none other than Rukia.

Rukia, having lost all her power to Ichigo has to stay by his side and assume a human body.

Rukia explained to him that there are two kinds of souls.  The first one is the whole or normal ones, the human called ghosts.  The second type is the hollows.  The hollows are soul eater, they especially like feeding on souls of those who died with a grudge to bear.

Rukia told Ichigo that she needed to train him to defeat the hollows. now that he is a soul agent.

She then told him that there are two main duties fo a soul reaper.  First is to guide the soul of the newly dead to the soul society to undergo a ritual called a burial.  The second duty is to destroy every hollow with the Zanpahuto. (sword)

What Rukia did not tell Ichigo was that aside from hollows, a small band of remaining Quincy is after the soul reapers. The Quincy are humans, who have the ability to detect the whereabouts of hollows but more some reason, their tribes were annihilated by the soul reapers.  Probably because the Quincy has the power to manipulate the soul energy of both the Reaper and Hallows.

There was a boy in his class, Uryu, who happens to be a Quincy.  He knows that Ichigo is now a reaper because he can feel his strong spiritual pressure and he also knows that Rukia is a soul reaper.

Rukia is warned by Kisuke, an ex-grim reaper, that she is being hunted by her brother Byakuya and Renji.

Rukia knows that this is likely to happen as she has lost her power to a human.  This means as per  Soul reaper code her extermination and Ichigo is just a matter of time.

She made a deal with her brother, telling him that she can defeat the hollow they have been hunting for the last 54 years, the Grand Fisher.  And Ichigo can vanquish the hollow.

Byakuya and Renzi gave them some time to do their mission.

Rukia trained Ichigo extensively in martial arts.

Then came the death anniversary of Ichigo’s mother.

His family went to the cemetery but on the way, his two sisters got waylaid by a little girl, the same little girl who killed his mother.

When Rukia and Ichigo got to them, the hollow, the Grand Fisher, had the sisters in his clutches.

Rukia turned Ichigo into a fighting machine.  It is sort of edifying to note that the hurricanes and tornados may be the work of the invisible hollows! Hmmm

Anyway, they chased the Grand Fisher everywhere in the town and created chaos everywhere including in the coffee shop where Ichigo’s schoolmates were gathering.  Chad, who has super strength like the Haulk was tasked by Ichigo to look after their schoolmates.  Uryu was also there.

After a prolonged battle between Ichigo and Grand Fisher and with a little help from Uryu, the hollow was finally defeated.

A budding bromance between Ichigo and Uryu was cut short by Renzi.  He stabbed Uryu, then started fighting Ichigo.

It was a real test for ichigo but he managed to injure Renzi pretty badly in the end.  But then Byakuya was also after him and his sister, who refuses to harm Ichigo.

Ichigo was no match for Byakuya.  Several times he was left prone to the ground and yet he would get up again and again until Rukia cannot take it anymore and pretended that she holds Ichigo in contempt.

Byakuya then stopped his assault on Ichigo because his sister had managed to retrieved her power back from Ichigo and she went with her brother and Renzi.

Ichigo was left thinking that once again, his life was saved by another.

He woke up at home after a very long sleep as if everything that happened was just another figment of his imagination.

He went to school and everyone was accounted for except for Rukia but Uryu was there.

I really enjoyed this film.  It has a good story and the action is hyped and fast.  I totally recommend this film which can be seen on Netflix!

The actors are gorgeous.  Sota is super handsome and Hana has that seriousness about her that is rather affecting.









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