Royal Highness (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Cdrama 2018

Royal Highness (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama, Romance, Friendship, Rags to Riches
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: China; Based on a novel by Yue Guan called Return to the Ming Dynasty To Be A Royal Highness
  • Cdrama: 40 Episodes


  • Jiang Jin Fu as Yang Ling
  • Crystal Yuan as Han You Niang
  • Zhang Zi Fan as Wu Han Chao
  • Liu Rui Lin as Zhu Houzhao / Zhengde Emperor
  • Ada Liu as Cheng Qi Yun / Dai Lou’er
  • Wang Zi Xuan as Ma Lian’er

Episode 1

Han You Niang was in the middle of marrying the corpse of Yang Ling when his relatives barged in.

They tried to stop the wedding because they thought she was after Yang Ling’s properties.

Han You Niang said that was far from the truth.  She had been in love with You Niang since she was seven years old.

To prove that she was true to Yang Ling, she went to his coffin and opened it to enter it and die with him.

But the opened coffin presented an undead Yang Ling.  He was not dead but he had a sort of selective memory loss.

You Niang took care of him because he was really weakened.  He had some sort of heart disease and may be living on borrowed time.  Yang Ling had asked the doctor not to tell You Niang so not to worry her.

You Niang really took charge of their situation.  She even sold her wedding dress so she could buy nutritious food for Yang Ling.

Yang Ling was a renowned scholar and he was immediately recruited by the magistrate to become his assistant when he showed his prowess with questioning and investigation.

Episode 2

Dada, the Tartars sent 50,000 soldiers to invade JiMing Yi county, which was grossly undefended.  It had only a 1000 fighter.

Yang Ling took the lead in trying to stabilised Ji MIng Yi while awaiting reinforcement from the palace.

Episode 3

It was a bloody massacre.  Mayor Ma died trying to ensure that the gate of Ji Ming remained firmly closed.

But before dying, Mayor Ma made Yang Ling promised that he will look after his children especially his daughter, Ma Lanier, who likes him.

The reinforcement arrived and the Tartars pulled back.  But there were wily.  They tried different tactics to get to JiMing.

Fortunately, Yang Ling thought that it was suspicious that the Tartar would give up so easily so he devised a plan to sent cavalry to different directions to confuse the Tartars.

But in the end, Yang Ling ended up by the cliff with Ma Lanier.  They chose to jump rather than be arrested by tortured by the tartar.

The cliff was so deep that everyone assumed that he died.

His ‘wife’ You Niang was beside herself with grief but refused to believe that he was dead.

He was of course not dead because he was free-falling with Ma Lanier in his arms he even kissed her.  Beast!!!

Ma Lanier would not let him forget what happened.  She ventured the idea that he should marry her when they get back.

Yang Ling said that he was already married to You Niang.

Ma Lanier asked why he was devoted to You Niang.

He was that he could not say for certain that You Niang was beautiful or the most beautiful woman in the world because he had not seen all the women in the world.  (he was being pedantic but still a beast)

Anyway, Ma Lanier offered herself to him to be his concubine.

Episode 4

No more sub!  I am sobbing!

Anyway, Yang Ling and Ma Lanier where surrounded by raving wolves.  Ma Lanier took the opportunity to snog Yang Ling before they die.  Yang Ling was rather complacent with the kiss.  But a couple of brothers saved them.

They became a talk of the town.  Ma Lanier’s reputation was on the line so her brother was marrying her off to an official.

Yang Ling made some excuse to You Niang to leave to go to the wedding.

Episode 5

Yang Ling stopped Ma Lanier’s wedding and promised to marry her himself.

This was heard by You Niang who packed her bags and left.

Yang Ling was devastated by You Niang

Spring Flower Autumn Moon (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019 

Spring Flower Autumn Moon (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Aka: Love Better Than Immortality

Spring Flower Autumn Moon poster

  • Genre: Time Travel, Romance, Love Triangle, Historical Costume Drama Fiction
  • Release Date: 5 July 2019
  • Origin:  China; Adapted from a novel
  • Cdrama: XX Episodes



This drama is a return of Li Hongyi and Zhao Lu Si as leads together after their recently finished Prodigy Healer.

Spring Flower Autumn Moon is apparently a story about a girl from the future who time-travel to a fantasy world of semi-Ancient China.

Chun Hua met two gorgeous guys who are the opposite of each other.  One is gentle and kind and the other is arrogant and aggressive.

Who would she choose?  Doesn’t drama romance always favour the devil may care guy?!!!

We will see.

Episode 1

it was the year 2169, humans have become immortals.  The price to pay for immortality was the absence of real love.  They can, of course, simulate a pseudo form of love through a 3d VR headset but some wanted to feel the all-consuming love affair.  One of these was Chun Hua,

Our heroine questioned the point of being immortal without feeling what real love was all about.

She was informed that she can experience real love but she would lose her immortality.

Chun Hua did not think twice, she was willing to accept any consequence.  The monitor was still telling her what to expect in the new life she was going to lead but she was much too excited to listen to the rest of the small print of the real love contract.  She remembered though that the monitor had advised that the first person she sees will be her Mr Rght.  What she did not hear was that….. (yap I did not hear it either LOL)

She was lying down inside a coffin-like compartment and when she woke up, the first person she saw was Xiao Bai in ancient Chinese historical garb.

Actually what she does not remember was that the real person she saw was the headshot of long flowing hair of the departing Qiu Yue.

Xiao Bai was far from friendly.  He had his sword against her neck and was getting irate when Chun Hua did not show any fear but rather she looked like she was excited and falling in love.  🙂

Xiao Bai became more suspicious of her when they found the healer collapsed on the floor and pointing to Chun Hua.

The villa they were currently at was the house of the healer, who Xiao Bai had came to seek for the longevity nut that would cure his ailing father, who was the master of the martial artists.

Apparently, the longevity nut is much sought after as it can bring the dead and weak to good health.

Xiao Bai can see that Chun Hua had a memory loss.  He took her back with him back to his father’s manor.

He treated her indifferently but she was much to cute and irreverent that he was forced to pay attention.

As it is, he asked one of his lady guards to take charge of Chun Hua.

The lady guard took Chun Hua with her to the mountains to gather some herbs.

Chun Hua, however, made all protestation that she can’t go on and that she was so tired.  She promised to stay put where she was.

Left alone, Chun Hua wandered off and came upon a very scenic scene where a young man was resting on a hammock made of a single strand of rope.

She was so fascinated that it was too late to notice that a snake had started wrapping itself on her.

Her scream was heard by the man on the hammock and got to her and helped her with the snake, which he turned into a twig.

He asked her what was his prize for saving her life?  Will she marry him?

I have to admit that Li Hongyi was so sexily gorgeous as a seducing male lead.

Episode 2

Chun Hua realised that the sexy guy was Qi Yue her brother. He was the master of the evil sect of the evil religion.

He gave her a mission to find the mental cultivation method.  He warned her not to let XiaoBai find out her identity.  He then vanished into thin air.

She was still talking when her ladyguard found her.

To get Chunhua out of mischief, the ladyguard tasked her to collect firewood, cut them in manageable strips and file them neatly against the kitchen wall.

Chunhua used QiaoBai to cut the firewood by telling him that he should practice his sword skills more.

QiaoBai was rather grateful to Chunhua for patiently waiting, watching and helping him to enhance his sword skill.

Chunhua had just got home when someone abducted her.

She then woke of in her brother’s manor.

Quiyue told her that she had to find the mental cultivation method but never to use the honeytrap for whatever reason.

Qiuyue wanted to know who she found more handsome? Him or QiaoBai?

Chunhua said that she cannot compare them.

Qiuyue had told her that if she cannot do her mission then she doesn’t have to go back to Fengming Manor.

Chunhua was tempted but she thought that XiaoBai is her Mr Right so she had to get him.

Chunhua wasn’t really Qiuyue’s sister.  In fact, he does not really know who she was.  She might be the missing Hua Xiaolei,

Back with QiaoBai, he found Chunhua rather upset.  He also found out that she had used him and his Fengming sword,which he said was so valuable that it was known around the world, to cut firewoods.

He was scandalised.

But one thing, she does not have to do menial work of cutting firwoods anymore.

A new face came to the scene.  He was Qin Liu Feng.

Another Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Another Me (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Another Me poster

  • Genre: Friendship, Rivalry, Love Triangle, Youth
  • Release Date: 22 July 2019
  • Origin: China, Drama remake of the film, SoulMate
  • Cdrama: 53 Episodes


This drama is a remake of the film Soul Mate where both Sandra Ma as Qi Yue and Zhou Dongyu as An Sheng tied for the Best Actress award.

Chen Du Ling and Shen Yue have big boots to fill.

Looking forward to this drama and to the return of Shen Yue to television drama.


Naphat Siangsomboon (Thai Actor)

Thai Actor

Naphat Siangsomboon (Thai Actor)

Nine Naphat


  • First Name: Naphat
  • Surname: Siangsomboon
  • Stage Name: Nine, Naphat, Nine Naphat Siangsomboon
  • DoB: 5 May 1996 (23)
  • PoB: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Civil Status: Single; Mother: Pimpaka Siangsomboon was second runner up Miss Thailand World 1988, she is also now an actress
  • Education: Mahidol University International College
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Work Period: 2015 – Present

Dramas & Films:

Zhang Jia Ni (Chinese Actress)

Chinese Actress

Zhang Jia Ni (Chinese Actress)

Zhang Jiani @ Anthegenol brand event


  • First Name: Jia Ni
  • Surname:Zhang
  • Anglicised Name: Jenny Zhang
  • DoB: 22 June 1987 (32)
  • PoB: Chengdu, China
  • Height: 1.64 m
  • Civil Status: Married to a non-celebrity; 2 children
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Occupation: Model, Singer,  Actress
  • Work Period: 2006 – Present


Dramas & Films: