Buko Juice – Young Coconut Juice – Niyog

After a hard and fast day’s sightseeing at a Tagaytay, truly hectic,  last December 2012, we stopped off to try the famous Tagaytay bulalo. I must admit that it was so good and made even better with a drink of Buko juice, the real McCoy, straight from the young coconut itself. It has no added preservatives,  or food colouring. Therefore, we were tasting the real thing, it was kosher, the genuine article.

My darling husband was a virgin buko juice drinker. I was all agog to find out from him if he found the juice much to his taste. It was an affirmative yes, he further qualified it as refreshing, smooth and most of all thirst quenching on a hot day. He said he would certainly drink buko again if he gets a chance.  His chances in London for a fresh buko juice is rather limited! 🙂

Buko Juice – Young Coconut Juice – Niyog

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