5p Charge for Plastic Bags

This is just a way of penalising long suffering people.

If the Government need to charge for the bags, it is only fair that the money goes back into the pocket of the shoppers.  Reduce VAT on some items like gas, water, electric, telephone, clothes, shoes, food etc.

The Government should not always think of itself (listen, Nick Clegg).

Hello, life is really hard for the people.  5p, 10p, 20p, 30p here and there add up to sums we can’t really afford,  additional to everyday spending.

This might be a rather novel idea for you lot in Whitehall, but why not think and implement something that would actually put money in the pocket of your hard-working tax-payers.  That would be NOBLE. Go on try.




Supermarkets and other big stores in England are to introduce a 5p charge for plastic bags.

From Yahoo.com

The move is due to be announced this weekend by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow.

It will bring England into line with the rest of the UK – with charges already in place in Wales and Northern Ireland, with Scotland set to follow suit in 2014.

Lib Dem sources said the charge, intended to discourage use of the environmentally damaging bags, would come into effect in England in 2015.

However, it is not yet clear whether it will be before the general election, set for May that year, or after.

Mr Clegg was said to have had to fought hard within the coalition for the scheme – which is Lib Dem party policy – at a time when ministers are under intense pressure over rising cost of living.

But with a 76% fall in plastic bag use in Wales since the levy was introduced there in 2011, the Lib Dem leader was said to believe that it was the right thing to do.

A Lib Dem source said the charge would be “centrepiece” at the conference this weekend.

“Nick Clegg had to fight pretty hard in government to deliver this when everything is about the cost of living,” they said.

“We believe that a small charge outweighs the environmental damage caused by plastic bags.”

The charge will only apply to supermarkets and other large stores, with small corner shops excluded.

The proceeds will go to charities involved in clearing up the environmental damage caused by the bags rather than the Government or the retaillers.

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