Best Korean Drama Original Soundtracks

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What makes a KDrama special?  In my opinion the choice of soundtrack is very important.  Heartstrings, a Park Shin Hye  & Jung Yong Hwa drama is memorable to me because of the songs.  Step step by Suran also made Jealousy Incarnate that extra special!

Here are my collection of original (official) soundtrack of Korean dramas that I have watched. Many of them 🙂  so again this list is a work in progress.

Best Korean Drama Original Soundtracks

You’ve Fallen For Me – Jung Yong Hwa, from drama Heartstrings

Because I Miss You – Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue, from drama Heartstings

Stay With Me – corroboration of Chanyeol & Punch, from drama Goblin

Run to You – Lasse Lindh, from drama Angel Eyes

Step Step – Suran, from drama Jealousy Incarnate

Beautiful Sad – Han Soo Ji, from drama Angel Eyes

Million Roses – Comeback Madonna, from drama I am Legend

Beautiful – Crush, from drama Goblin

Ailee – I Will Go To You Like The First Snow, from drama Goblin

I Miss You – Soyou, from drama Goblin

Hallucination – Jang Jae In ft NaShow, from dram Kill Me, Heal Me

Hush – Lasse Lindh, from drama Goblin

That Man – Hyun Bin & That Woman – Baek Ji Young, from Secret Garden

Fool – Kim Jong Kook, from The Man Living at our House (aka Sweet Stranger and Me)

Angel Eyes – Han Soo Ji – from Angel Eyes

Thumping – Kim Min Seung, from She Was Pretty

Thump Thump – SunnyHill, The Greatest Love OST

You Don’t Know Me, Soyou & Brother Su, from She Was Pretty

Years – Ryu, from I have a Lover

Don’t Forget Me, Huh Gak, from The Greatest Love

I Choose to Love You, from The Rascal Son, sung by Seo in-Guk and Park Hye Soo from Introverted Boss but the original was from the Korean singing Superstar, Hyorin

Heartbeat, Suran, from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Three Things I Have Left –  Baek Ah Yeon – (Angel Eyes OST)

Mamamoo – Double Trouble Couple, from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Now & Forever – Jo Jung Hee, I Need Romance 3

Lee Hyori – Don’t Cry, I Need Romance 3

 Love Story, Park Min Ha, I Need Romance 3 :Hyerim, Miho, Ahn Soo Bin Version

My Heart, Kim Hyung Joong, Father is Strange

Confession, Choi Nakta, Go Back Couple

G.NA – Will You Kiss Me (Playful Kiss OST)

 jang geun suk- happy moments_ A.N.JELL: You’re Beautiful.mp4

Painful Love by Lee Seung Chul, Misty

Someday by Lee Seung Chul, Misty

Don’t Cry by Klang, Misty

Adult by Sondia, My Mister

Dear Moon by 제휘 (Je Hwi) , My Mister

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