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My Dear Loser Series: Happy Ever After (Thai Drama Review)

Happy Ever After poster

Happy Ever After is just one of a series of dramas centering on losers, who prosper and attain their dreams.

I think there were already two previous dramas from this series but as Push Putto and Esther are my favourite, then of course I had to watch this first.

Genre: Romance, School

Released Date: 2017

No of Episodes: 12

From: My Dear Loser Series: Happy Ever After




My Dear Loser Series: Happy Ever After (Thai Drama Review)

The story is about a couple who are still in love with one another after 10 years of togetherness but due to failure to communicate their wants and expectations, they begin to feel awkward with one another.

They came from different backgrounds.  Korya is a little princess, very confident from a rich family.

Ton is a bit of a dork, obsessed in following hair trends.  (This makes for very funny scenes)  He is very sentimental but rather slow.

I love this drama because it does not take itself seriously.  There are plenty of pastiche scene that would make you laugh out loud. And it does not adhere to political correctness.

In fact I was grinning from ear to ear throughout the first episode.  Push Putto is very likeable as Ton. Very handsome to look at but absolutely clueless and rather tactless.  With his veneer teeth, extremely white and even, he just makes you smile.

Esther is also brilliant.  A very versatile actress.  One minute she is making you laugh, the next she is wringing your emotions.

Korya (Koya)’s family does not approve of Ton.  They did everything to  prevent their daughter to have anything more to do with Ton.

But as Korya said, Love conquers all, so she decided to live with Ton despite her parents warning.

Ten years on and Korya, the heavier for it, is not as happy as she should be with Ton and he in her.

There was a scene where Ton and his friends attended their 2004 Mass Comm alumni reunion.  Korya attended too.

One of their alumni friends told her that she looks lovely despite being pregnant.  Ton was the first one to laugh.  He said that Korya is not pregnant but fat.

Korya was upset with Ton insensitivity and so were their closed friends, both male and female.


Don’t forget to smile.  When you smile beautiful, men will come to you like flies.

But I am human not a poop.



Ariel Lin (Taiwanese Actress)

Ariel is one of most favourite actresses.  She is so versatile and looks so much younger than her age.


  • Pinyin Name: Lín Yīchén
  • DOB: 29 October 1982 (35)
  • Height: 1.6 m
  • Civil Status:  Married to businessman, Charles Lin
  • Educational Background: BA in Korean and Literature and MA in Acting (for Screen)
  • Occupation: Singer and Actress


Ariel Lin (Taiwanese Actress)

*Dramas & Films:








***Please note that the listed dramas and films above are not the complete body of work by the actor.  They are just those seen by The GG Team.

Esther Supreeleela (Thai Actress)

Esther Supreeleela (Instagram 16/09/17)

Esther Supreeeleela is a Thai actress, who is perfect for light-hearted modern young romance comedy.


  • DoB: 18 May 1994 (23)
  • Ethnicity: Thai Malaysian
  • Height: 1.67 m
  • Civil Status: Single (in a relationship with Ken Phupoom Phongpanu)

Esther Supreeleela (Thai Actress)

Dramas & Films:***




***Please note that the listed dramas and films above are not the complete body of work by the actor.  They are just those seen by The GG Team.

My Tutor Friend (Classic KDrama Review)

My Tutor Friend poster

My Tutor Friend (Classic KDrama Review)

This film is a classic.

Genre:  Romance, School

Released Date: February 2003




This film is a laugh out loud drama with stellar cast (see above).

Though it was released in 2003, it has easily stood the test of time.

15 years had hardly touched the above thee actors.  They look the same, they have hardly aged.  The only change is in their popularity.  They are more famous and proven their acting prowess.


Anyway the story is about Suwan (kim Ha Nuel) having been forced by her mother to tutor Kim Ji Hoon, the son of her mother’s affluent friend.

Suwan was very reluctant at first as she had had it with tutoring hormonal and temperamental boys but her mother reminded her that she needed the money more than ever as her father was currently in between jobs.

Suwan was right to be wary of Kim Ji Hoon.  He just came back from studying abroad. He was spoilt and pugnacious.  He was a very good fighter, an able pugilist, that Jong Soo, the leader of a high school gang hated him so much.   Gong Woo was hilarious as Lee Jong Soo.

Though he was in his final year in high school, Ji Hoon had been at it for the last three years.  And at 21 he was as old as Suwan who was in her second year in college.

Suwan tried her very best to tutor him but he was not receptive.  During their tutoring time, he would  often escape through his bedroom window to engage with more fights or go on dates.

Suwan would be there in his room waiting for him, sometime forced to cover for him.

He noticed how dependable she was that he started to look at her differently.

Unfortunately for him she had a crush on someone else.

But being a film, it can’t be too complicated so in the end Suwan lost out to God as her crush opted to become a priest.

In the end Jong Soo and Suwan fell for each other.  So cute.  Jong Soo turned out to be a rather jealous boyfriend.

This film is an undemanding movie.  The characters are lovable, even the baddies are tolerable.

I highly recommend it.

Puttichai Kasetsin (Push Putto) – Thai Actor

Puttichai Kasetsin (Push Putto) – Thai Actor

This gorgeous Thai actor is known in several names. He is sometimes called DJ Push, being a DJ, he is also called Push Putto.

But as Shakespeare said:

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

(Yep, he is my favourite Thai actor) 🙂


  • DoB: 3 July 1986 (31)
  • Occupation: DJ, Television Host, Singer, Model, Actor
  • Educational Background: Majored in Communication Arts at Rajabhat Suan Dusit University
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Height:  1.85 m

Dramas & Films:



My Amazing Boyfriend (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

My Amazing Boyfriend poster

My Amazing Boyfriend Season 1


Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Alien
Date Released: April 2016


  • Kim Tae Hwan as Xue Lingqiao
  • Janice Wu as Tian Jingzhi
  • Shen Mengchen as Zhang Xuanxuan
  • Fu Jia as Li Yanzhi
  • Xu Ke as Ye Chen
  • Li Xinliang as Hong Shiguang
  • Lily Tien as Tian Jingzhi’s mother

My Amazing Boyfriend (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

I heard that season two for My Amazing Boyfriend is going to be shown soon.
I remember of thoroughly enjoying the first season but I have to rewatch this again just to capture the ‘kilig’ factor of it. It was really so kawaii that I had  binge-watched the whole 28 episodes in no time at all.

What is it all about?

It is a love story between a celebrity girl who accidentally woke up a dormant alien.

She had no choice but to share her beautiful airy house with him.

In return he protected her.

There was a rather sad ending or rather a hanging ending as the alien went away in the end, thus a need for a season two for a proper closure.

Shall We Live Together (KDrama Review & Summary)

Shall We Live Together poster

Shall We Live Together is also known as Marry Me Now?

Genre: Romance, Family, Melodrama
Date Released: March 2018

Shown Saturdays & Sundays

No of Episodes: 50


  • Han Ji Hye as Park Yoo Ha
  • Lee Sang Woo as Jung Eun Tae
  • Park Sun Young as Park Sun Ha




Shall We Live Together (KDrama Review & Summary)

There are two episodes so far that have been released. The story is not really clear yet how it is going to go.

So far Park Yoo Ha (played by Han Ji Hye) is married to a chaebol.  Being from a lowly family she has to abide to the dictum of her in-laws including almost disowning her own family.

But when her own daughter became a part of the parcel, she finally had had enough.  She told her husband that she wanted divorce.

She had no choice as she will not allow her four year old daughter to be taken abroad, away from her, even for education.

Jung Eun Tae is a well respected doctor who had been out of the country volunteering his services to the poor and needy of the world.

Eun Tae and Yoo Ha first met in the hospital.  He noticed already her enviable pair of legs as a work of art (Lee Sang Woo should know as he is married in real life with a woman with really beautiful shapely legs)

Eun Tae treated Yoo Ha’s inflamed sole, but she vanished before he can find out who she was.

Last scene was Yoo Ha going back to her father’s house with her little daughter and declaring that she was to divorce her husband.

The Liar & His Lover (Japanese Film)

The Liar & His Lover Official Poster

Genre: Music, Romance, School
Released Date: December 2013


  • Takeru Satoh as  Aki Ogasawara
  • Sakurako Ohara as Riko Koeda
  • Shohei Miura as Shun Sakaguchi
  • Masataka Kubota as Shinya Shinohara
  • Kouki Mizuta as Kaoru Ono
  • Koudai Asaka as Teppei Yazaki
  • Ryo Yoshizawa as Yuichi Kimijima
  • Yuki Morinaga as Sota Yamazaki,
  • Saki Aibu as Mari
  • Takashi Sorimachi as Soichiro Takagi,


The Liar & His Lover (Japanese Film)

I really enjoyed this film. I think I first saw it a couple of years ago.

I remember it too well how much I loved the leads, Takeru and Ohara, that is why when it was made into a drama series by South Korea, I did not bother to watch it. I thought and still think how can they better this film?!!!

The story is about a successful Japanese pop rock music composer who fell for a 16 years old high school girl.

Aki used to love music in all its form.  He loves jamming with his friends when they were in high school.  He composed their music and one day they got signed up for a recording.

Their group is called Crude Play.  But before they debut, Aki pulled out from the group having noticed that they were simply faces to mime to songs sung by others hired by their music producer as they were deemed not good enough.

He might be no longer officially a band member but Aki continued on to write one hit after another for the band and Crude Play became much sought after.

Aki’s discontent became apparent after finding out that his girlfriend, who is beautiful but an ambitious singer is also sleeping with the married music producer.

One stressful day, he was by the bridge when he met a fresh-faced teen, who he asked if she believe in love at first sight?  They were both surprised with the question at first but she said she did, looking at him.

He introduced himself to her using another name, not the famed Aki and this is the start of lies.

But this is a film, thank goodness, not 16 hours of drama so the misunderstanding is not excruciatingly prolonged.

The ending was sad at first but turned into the sweetest, most kawaii scene.

Riko……  (then kisses)


Bianca Umali (Filipina Actress)

Bianca Umali (Filipina Actress)

Bianca Umali


  • Real Name: Maria Isadora Bianca Soler Umali
  • DoB: 2 March 2000 (18)
  • Career: Model, dancer, Television host and actress
  • Height: 1.65 m (5’4″)
  • Showbiz loveteam: with Miguel Tanfelix

Films & Dramas:

  • Kambal Karibal
  • Magpakailanman: “School Bullying caught on cam”

Note:  As soon as I saw this girl in a one of tv drama, I knew she will go far.  She is very pleasing to the eye; she is naturally beautiful and she can really act.



***Please note that the listed dramas and films above are not the complete body of work by the actor.  They are just those seen by The GG Team.

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