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The Liar & His Lover (Japanese Film)

The Liar & His Lover Official Poster

Genre: Music, Romance, School
Released Date: December 2013


  • Takeru Satoh as  Aki Ogasawara
  • Sakurako Ohara as Riko Koeda
  • Shohei Miura as Shun Sakaguchi
  • Masataka Kubota as Shinya Shinohara
  • Kouki Mizuta as Kaoru Ono
  • Koudai Asaka as Teppei Yazaki
  • Ryo Yoshizawa as Yuichi Kimijima
  • Yuki Morinaga as Sota Yamazaki,
  • Saki Aibu as Mari
  • Takashi Sorimachi as Soichiro Takagi,


The Liar & His Lover (Japanese Film)

I really enjoyed this film. I think I first saw it a couple of years ago.

I remember it too well how much I loved the leads, Takeru and Ohara, that is why when it was made into a drama series by South Korea, I did not bother to watch it. I thought and still think how can they better this film?!!!

The story is about a successful Japanese pop rock music composer who fell for a 16 years old high school girl.

Aki used to love music in all its form.  He loves jamming with his friends when they were in high school.  He composed their music and one day they got signed up for a recording.

Their group is called Crude Play.  But before they debut, Aki pulled out from the group having noticed that they were simply faces to mime to songs sung by others hired by their music producer as they were deemed not good enough.

He might be no longer officially a band member but Aki continued on to write one hit after another for the band and Crude Play became much sought after.

Aki’s discontent became apparent after finding out that his girlfriend, who is beautiful but an ambitious singer is also sleeping with the married music producer.

One stressful day, he was by the bridge when he met a fresh-faced teen, who he asked if she believe in love at first sight?  They were both surprised with the question at first but she said she did, looking at him.

He introduced himself to her using another name, not the famed Aki and this is the start of lies.

But this is a film, thank goodness, not 16 hours of drama so the misunderstanding is not excruciatingly prolonged.

The ending was sad at first but turned into the sweetest, most kawaii scene.

Riko……  (then kisses)


Bianca Umali (Filipina Actress)

Bianca Umali (Filipina Actress)

Bianca Umali


  • Real Name: Maria Isadora Bianca Soler Umali
  • DoB: 2 March 2000 (18)
  • Career: Model, dancer, Television host and actress
  • Height: 1.65 m (5’4″)

Films & Dramas:

  • Kambal Karibal
  • Magpakailanman: “School Bullying caught on cam”

Note:  As soon as I saw this girl in a one of tv drama, I knew she will go far.  She is very pleasing to the eye; she is naturally beautiful and she can really act.

Beck (Japanese Movie)

Beck movie poster

Genre: Music, Youth, Band, Romance

Released Date: 2010


4/5 stars


  • Hiro Mizushima as Ryusuke Minami
  • Takeru Satoh as Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka
  • Kenta Kiritani as Chiba
  • Osamu Mukai as Taira
  • Aoi Nakamura as Saku
  • Shiori Kutsuna as Maho Minami

Just watched this film and was amazing.

The cast is excellent.  You can really see and believe the guys to be rockers.


Beck (Japanese Movie)

The story is about a Japanese boy, Ryusuke, who came back to Japan from America taking with him the legendary guitar ‘Lucille’

Ryusuke is a talented guitarist.  He formed a five member band of the deep metal genre.

To start with, their group is tight but because of the stress Ryusuke was going through due to the real owner of Lucille having found him, he began to take his frustration, fear and anger to band members.

So much so that during a huge concert (think Glastonbury) which is a battle of bands, it was agreed that this may be their last and they might have to go their own separate ways.

This film is well made.

The music was hypnotic and really amazing, specially towards the end when Chiba rocked the audience with Evolution.

Really enjoyed it.  Lots of side stories.  The characters are well developed.

By the way the legend of Lucille is that it was a name given to the guitar, which was originally owned by rocker, Sonny Boy, who became infatuated with a singer in a club called Lucille.  Unfortunately Lucille was already taken being the sweetheart of a gang leader, who gun down Sonny Boy; some of the bullets got to the guitar.  It has become a legend of its own right for its bullet holes.

Ryusuke and Eddy (from another band of Dying Breed) when still young punks in New York, stumbled upon  the guitar and dog of the late Sonny Boy which were now properties of a violent gang.

Ryusuke and Eddy run off with the guitar and the dog called Beck.

Ryusuke and his four new friends named the band after the dog.

The only little problem with this film was that everytime Koyuki sings, you can’t hear it.  They muted it. The film makes you imagine that he sings like a bird or an angel?


Lost In Space (Netflix Tv Series Reboot)

Lost in Space Reboot 2018, Netflix

Genre:  Sci Fi, Family in Peril in Space

Released Date: 18 April 2018 in the UK


  • Toby Stephens as John Robinson
  • Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Don West
  • Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson
  • Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson
  •  Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson
  • Parker Posey as Dr Smith


Lost In Space (Netflix TV Series Reboot)

I am happy to see this classic TV sci fi series Lost in Space return for a deserved 21st century reboot.

I remember rushing home from secondary (high) school to watch the original series (seasons), running for 83 episodes  from 1965 to 1968.  The first series was made in black & white as colour TV was two years away. The second series introduced colour. Along with ‘Voyage to the bottom of the sea’ and ‘Dr Who’ (1963 to present)  & ‘Star Trek’ (1965 to present , were and still are my favourites  as with my friends.

Lost in Space is based on the classic 1812 novel  ‘Swiss family Robinson’, about a family ship wrecked and castaway in the East indies. The Robinson family learn  how to survive and become self reliant.

1965-1968 Family, Don West with Dr. Smith & Robot            The 1998 Movie cast

The 1965 modern sci-fi reiteration sees a family of would be forerunners of planet colonisers along with the co pilot Major West and an unwelcome stowaway, enemy agent, Dr. Zachary Smith. Smith was sent aboard to sabotage the Jupiter 2 space craft. He succeeds but gets trapped as the spacecraft is lost in space. Smith brilliantly played by Jonathon Harris  continually tries to thwart the family. In later episodes Smith becomes toned down & more comic. His bantering with the robot assistant (who becomes regarded as part of the family) is popular.  The Robot’s frequent utterances of “Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson!”  Smith gets into all sorts of escapades with aliens etc., dragging the family with him.  My male school friends & I liked Penny Robinson as she was our age.

The 1998 movie generally keeps the same characters & roles, but is  darker than the 1960s innocent TV show. Gary Oldman is excellent as Dr. Smith. technical evolution of SFX (special effects) and CGI (computer graphic imaging) add to the story.

Now the 2018 series approaches and the show’s trailer shows what looks like brilliant SFX and CGI  now de rigeur for a successful screen sci fi  creation. This time some tinkering with the characters. A mixed race daughter, a reformed rogue finding a family he never had character which replaces that of upright major Don West. Dr. Smith is now portrayed by a woman, which will be interesting as we see how the characters develop.  The popular human constructed family robot is replaced by a  mysterious  alien robot found on planet they land on.

2018 Space Family Robinson

The New Dr. Smith

 “Danger, Will Robinson!”  Alien robot – friend or foe?

My only regret is that they did not keep the original classic shape I like for the Jupiter 2 spacecraft. I am looking forward to the series.

Jupiter 2 Spacecraft

Original 1960s version

Movie version

Netflix 2018 series version

Old Boy (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Old Boy (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Old Boy Poster

Genre: Romance, Family

Released Date: 2018


  • Liu Ye as Wu Zheng (Captain)
  • Ariel Lin as Lin Xiao Ou (Teacher)
  • Hu Xian Xu as Xiao Han (Son)
  • Guo Shu Tong as Ye Zi (Boyfriend’s sister)
  • Lei Jia Yin as Shi Fei (Captain’s Best Friend)
  • Lin Peng as Lu Da Zhi (Ex-wife)
  • Tan Kevin as Captain Zheng
  • Li Zeng as Xiao Wei
  • Li Guang Jie as Xiao Yue (Captain’s Best Friend, Restauranteur)

The story is about a very handsome carefree late 30s pilot captain, who goes from fleeting relationships after another but rather a commitment probe.

He was previously married to a flight attendant but unbeknownst to him, his ex-wife was pregnant when they divorced.

16 years later, his ex-wife passed away and now faced with raising a rather spoilt but sad teenager.  Mix into the equation is the boy’s teacher, who happened to be the young woman, the pilot met in Australia and had a series of misunderstanding with.

Reason to watch this drama is Ariel Lin.  Just love her.  I have to say that she has chemistry with Liu Ye even from the first episode.  She is feisty young woman and he is very masculine gorgeous guy.  The actor, who plays the son is a perfect choice, he looks so much like Liu Ye.

This drama has a very strong cast and the mature men were so good-looking.

Episode 1

The captain was flying to Australia from China with a three days stopover.

Lin Xiao Ou is a teacher and flew to Australia from America to be with her nerdy boyfriend of many years.

The captain and the couple were going to the same resort.  And on the way, Xiao Ou and boyfriend stopped at a store.  The boyfriend got out to get provisions leaving Xiao Ou napping soundly at the backseat.

The captain also stopped at the store.  He was driving a similar car.

Xiao Ou went to use the toilet and came back to the wrong car.

The boyfriend drove away without checking his car, whether the passenger was still at the backseat.

She then harassed the captain by telling him he was a car thief.  The captain proved that he rented the car and told Xiao Ou that she was hot-tempered foul-mouthed young woman.  He then left her to hitch-hike in the middle of nowhere.

But after a couple of minutes he went back for her and returned her to her boyfriend.  At the resort, whenever they meet, disaster happened, including him falling over the swimming pool with his passport in his pocket and therefore, can’t fly back the  next day.  Disaster for a professional!

Upon his return to China, he got invited to a current girlfriend’s birthday bash.  She said that she even bought the gift he had to give to her.

At the party he duly gave her the big box of roses.  She then took out the huge diamond ring amongst the roses and put it on her finger and pretending it was a perfect fit.

The captain said that it should be a perfect fit because she bought it herself and nothing to do with him.

He went to the restaurant and met up with his ex-wife who was with a young man, who was asking for more money to buy a new guitar.

The captain had a stilted conversation with the ex-wife.

Episode 2

Xiao Ou is now in China with her best-friend who happens to be the sister of her boyfriend.  The sister asked if her brother asked her to marry.  She said that the brother had not but wanted her to move in with him to Australia.  She cannot persuade him to return to China.

Also the initiating forces for a break-up with the boyfriend has been set. 🙂  A woman at her school, where she taught had asked her for help.  The woman said that her daughter Shan Shan is going to Australia and can she asked her boyfriend to meet the daughter at the airport.  The daughter has no place to stay yet.  Hmmmmm

The ex-wife suddenly died because she had not been taking her medication.  She was writing a letter to her son that she had put away some money for his education.  But the letter and the cash card were found by the ‘father.  Who went to tell the boy that he was going away and he had to learn to fend for himself.  He was not his real father.  The boy was absolutely heartbroken. 🙁

Episode 3

Wu Zheng found out that Xiao Ou is a teacher at the Wharton International school and she was the teacher of the two kids they have befriended at the bar/restaurant.

It turned out that one of the boys, his Wu Zheng’s son after Shi Fei found out the boy’s date of birth and Wu Zheng’s divorce with ex.

Shi Fei brought the now homeless boy to Wu Zheng’s apartment.

Episode 4

Wu Zheng can’t get used to being a father of a teen-age boy so he is denying that Xiao Han is his son.  He said that even if he happens to be the father, he can’t live with him.

So Xiao Han is left living at his best friend’s house for now.

Episode 5

Poor Xiao Han was more or less told by his best friend’s mom to leave as she thought he might be influencing her son.

Xiao Han was left with not much money and had to wait on the doorstep of Wu Zheng’s apartment.

Episode 6

Xiao Han had started living with Wu Zheng, who is still very resistant to this new development.  There are cute together.  Xiao Han is Wu Zheng’s mini-me.

Episode 7




Cha Seung Won (South Korean Actor)

Cha Seung Won (South Korean Actor)


Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won is a South Korean actor, who was a much sought after model in the 90s.

These days he is much more in demand in films and television dramas.  He is actually a very good and versatile actor.  His comedic timing is exemplary.

Films and Dramas:



Taishi Nakagawa (Japanese Actor)

Taishi Nakagawa (Japanese Actor)

Taishi Nagakawa



  • DoB:  14 June 1998 (19)
  • Height: 1.78 m (5’10 1/2″)
  • Career:  Model, Host & Actor

Films & Dramas:

  • Minami kun no Koibito – My Little Lover
  • Your Lie in April
  • Kyo no Kira-kun
  • ReLife

That Man Oh Soo (Kdrama Review & Summary)

That Man Oh Soo (Kdrama Review & Summary)

That Man Oh Soo poster by OCN

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural
  • Release Date: March 2018
  • Network:  OCN


  • Lee Jong Hyun as Oh Soo
  • Kim So-Eun as Seo Yoo-ri
  • Kang Tae-oh as Kim Jin-Woo
  • Heo Jeong-Min as Oh Ga-Na
  • Park Na-Ye – Seo Soo-Jung
  • Park Geun-Hyung as Oh Man-Soo

This drama is starring Lee Jong Hyun of CNBlue, a pop rock South Korean band and the adorable Kim So-Eun.

The story is about a couple in their 20s who have different takes on love.

Episode 1

Seo Yoo-ri played by Kim So-eun had been dating her boyfriend for the last three years.  They made a pact that on their third anniversary he was going to propose to her.

Came that date, she excitedly met him in a cafe/restaurant.

That cafe restaurant is owned by Oh Soo’s family.

This restaurant is rather special.

Oh Soo is the heir to a supernatural ability of making lovers be together if were really in love or separate if not true love.  This cupid-like talent comes from the coffees with added pollens gathered from an ancient tree which grew in the courtyard of their family house.

The heirs of with the magical ability have this tree tattooed on their body.  If the succeeding heir declines to continue on running the restaurant, the tree would die together with the current heir, who was old Oh Man Soo, the grandfather.

Oh Soo is still not sure whether he wanted to run the restaurant as he is a rising star in the IT,

Anyway, he was the barrista when Yoo-ri was there during her date with her boyfriend.  They ordered their coffee.

Yoo-ri felt underwhelmed with the date as she was hoping that her boyfriend would have prepared more for the proposal.  Instead she had to remind him about the ‘day’.

The boyfriend was all apologies at first, until he had a sip of his coffee.  He then blurted out that he wanted to break up.

Yoo-ri was so upset that she went drinking.  She then try haphazardly to go home.

Oh Soo saw her in such a sorry state that he took her into the restaurant.

She mistakenly drank a cup of coffee that had the special pollens which were meant for another customer.

She then kissed Oh Soo.

Somehow she ended up in the hospital, where she met the boy, a childhood friend, who was so happy to see her and had been looking for her.

Episode 2

Oh Soo was a rising IT engineer but the grandfather said that he had to make his mind up whether to be a full time It guy or be a barista and restauranteur.

O Soo noticed that the tree-like tattoo on his chest is changing, fading.  He was on his way to Australia for a meeting when his grandfather disappeared.  He then cancelled his trip at the very last minute and stumbled towards their house but he fainted on the way.

Yoo-ri, who was on the beat, saw a man lying on the street.

Episode 3




Jang Ki-yong (South Korean Actor)

Jang Ki-yong (South Korean Actor)

Jang Ki yong, by Marie Claire Korea

Jang Ki yong is also known as Chang Ki-yong has a break through role as Nam Gil in Go Back Couple.  We hope to see him as a lead actor in new drama soon.


  • DoB: 7 August 1992 (25)
  • Career: Model & Actor
  • Height: 1.87m (6’1.5″)

Dramas & Films:

My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

My Husband Oh Jak Doo poster

Genre: Romance, Family

Date Released:  March 2018

No of Episodes: 24


  • Kim Kang-woo as Oh Jak-doo
  • Uee as Han Seung-joo
  • Jung Sang-hoon as Eric Jo
  • Han Sun-hwa as Jang Eun-jo
  • Han Sang-jin as Bang Yong-min
  • Park Jung-soo as Park Jung-ok
  • Seol Jung-hwan as Han Seung-tae
  • Park Min-ji as Kwon Se-mi
  • Jung Chan as Hong In-pyo
  • Jung Soo-young as Park Kyung-sook
  • Kim Bo-mi as Bang Jung-mi

The story is about a woman, Seung Joo, in her early 30s in South Korea, where she suffers discrimination for still being single.

It is a cute drama that does grow on you.  I have to admit that I was almost put off  continuing to watch the series because I just couldn’t stand the evil mother and dumb brother of Seung Joo.

Thank goodness,  Kim Kang Woo and Uee are so likeable that even if the story is a bit troublesome, I just had to continue on.


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