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Xiong Dylan (Dylan Xiong)

Xiong Dylan (Dylan Xiong)

Dylan Xiong is a Chinese actor and singer.  In fact he is a member of a Taiwanese boyband called SpeXial (coined from Extra and Special).  Dylan as an actor is going up and up.  He started the year, 2018, playing the lead role in Pretty Man after a successful 2017 starring in My Mr Mermaid.

It seems we will see more of him as 2018 progresses; he is lined up for more projects.

Here is Dylan singing.


Birth Name: Xiong Ziqi

DOB: 6 June 1992 (25)

Drama & Films

(those seen by GGLife)


Kwon Sang Woo – Korean actor

Kwon Sang Woo

Kwon Sang-Woo

Kwon Sang-Woo is a South Korean actor and entrepreneur.  He is gorgeous and charming.  He made a few tear-jerker dramas opposite Choi Ji-woo.

Here is the gorgeous Kwon Sang-woo singing


DoB: 5 August 1976 (41)

Civil Status: Married to Son Tae-Young (former Miss Korea)

2 Children

Educational Background: BA in Education Hanman University


Kwon Sang-Woo Films & Dramas


Mitsuki Takahata – Japanese Actress

Mituki Takahata

Mitsuki Takahata is fast becoming one of GlobalGranary favourite actresses. She is lovely and fresh. Her acting is exemplary for still being such a young actress.

In fact, she was apparently awarded for being the Newcomer of the Year by both Elan D’or and Japan Academy Prize.

Mitsuki Takahata – Japanese Actress


DoB: 14 December 1991 (26)

Occupation:  Singer and actress

Films & Dramas:


Song Ji Hyo – Korean Actress

Song Ji Hyo is a Korean actress.  Another reliable actress, who you know will deliver the goods by starring in decently scripted dramas.

Films & Dramas (my recommendations)

  • A Frozen Flower (rather a daring role. lots of tasteful nudity) *****
  • Codename: Jackal (cute action comedy)
  • Goong, aka Princess Hours
  • Emergency Couple
  • My Wife is Having An Affair this Week

Lin Gengxin – Chinese Actor

Lin Gengxin

Lin Gengxin

I first saw in the historical drama, Princess Agents.  He was absolutely amazing in it.  He’s absolutely gorgeous as well.


Lin Gengxin is a Chinese actor.

He also known as Kenny Lin

DoB: 13 February 1988 (29)

Films & Dramas:

Princess Agents

Cheney Chen – Chinese Actor

Cheney Chen


AKA: Chen Xuedong

DOB: 28 June 1990 (27)

He is a singer as well an actor.

*Dramas & Films:

  • Tiny Times (1, 2, 3 & 4) Films
  • Love ’til The End of Summer (Rush To The Dead Summer) TV Drama
  • Mr Fashion

*The above listed dramas and films are not the artist’s complete body of work but those the GG have personally watched. – thanks

Joanne Tseng (Taiwanese Actress)

Joanne Tseng

Joanne Tseng is a Taiwanese actress and a pretty good singer.

Click here for Joanne Tseng rendition of Guess, Attention, Love OST.

She is getting a lot of exposure for being such a good young actress.

Joanne Tseng (Taiwanese Actress)


  • Born in Taiwan
  • on 17 November 1988 (29)
  • Finished Theatre & Drama degree at the National Taiwan University of Arts.
Films & Dramas:

Jo Jin Hee – Korean Actor

Ji JIn Hee

Jo Jin Hee is a Korean actor


DOB: 24 June 1971 (46)

Married to Lee Su-yon since 2004 (2 sons)

Films & Drama
  • I have a Lover
  • Dong Yi
  • One Warm Word
  • The Second Last Love
  • Misty – coming 2 Feb 2018 yay

I love this actor.  He has that old Hollywood essence a la Cary Grant.

I absolutely adored him in I have a lover.  He was cheating on his wife in the start of the drama and was truly nasty towards her.  He even so far as divorce her.  But the second part of the drama, he did everything to win her back.  “Yabo, sorry I messed up”


Yang Yang – Chinese Actor

Yang Yang

Yang Yang

Yang Yang – Chinese Actor

Yang Yang is a Chinese actor & singer.

His career went mega stratospheric that he was commemorated in an official stamp. 🙂  I can understand this as he has got a perfect profile 🙂 🙂 🙂

He was only asked to carry the Olympic torch in 2016.

Here he is singing.

Films & Tv Dramas:

  • Love 020, (he made such impression on me 🙂  )
  • Tornado Girl
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Left Ear

Kim Ha Neul – Korean Actress

Kim Ha Neul – Korean Actress

Kim Ha Neul


Kim Ha Neul


  • Kim Ha Neul is a Korean actress.
  • DoB: 21 February 1978 (39)
  • Career: modelling, actress
  • Married and currently on maternity leave.

Films & Dramas:

  • My Tutor Friend
  • A Gentleman’s Dignity
  • On The Way To The Airport
  • My Girlfriend is An Agent
  • Lovers of Six Years
  • You’re My Pet
  • Don’t Forget Me
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