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Marriage & Friendship

Marrying your best friend eliminates the risk of divorce by over 70%, and this marriage is more likely to last a lifetime.

Marriage & Friendship

The above statistic/psychobabble was from Facebook. 🙂

Apparently if you are too scared to get married because you are too afraid to end up in a divorce, messy or otherwise, marrying a best-friend or friend has a guaranteed probability of successful marriage by 70 per cent.

I supposed a friend, is someone who understands and accepts you for who and what you are.  He/she knew your quirks and idiosyncrasies from way back as friends.  Shared secrets, shared hopes and dreams are pretty powerful force that binds you together.  Someone, who would cover your back no matter what is something that you would yearn in times of great need.  Being married to one is being so lucky!

In an interview of Blake Lively, this is what she had to say about her husband, Ryan Reynolds:

He is my friend first.  I think that’s the secret to happiness.

Sleep Stats

zombie-silhouetteSome lucky ones can nod off anywhere as soon as they close they eyes.  Some need help to go to sleep, resorting to pills, listening to soothing music, having a warm bath, spritzing lavander scent on their bedsheets, bedroom, some resort to hynotherapy, some need drink of warm milk, alcohol….

Sleep or lack of it, tells on our body and our health.  A study has found that lack of sleep or poor sleeping pattern can eventually lead to a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes.  Not too mention, poor concentration as well.

We are therefore rather fascinated with everything to do with sleep.  Here are some statistics to dream about 😉

Sleep Stats

According to a recent survey: –

86% of Brits said that they feel more relax when their bedroom has a fresh, pleasant scent.

64% of Brits agree that lavender scent is very calming.

42% of those surveyed agree that they get a good night sleep at night.

7hours and 20 minutes, an average amount of sleep needed to function best.

43% want a hot drink before bedtime.

30% of Brits sleep naked.

15 days worth of sleep is lost every year because of fretting and worrying according to a study conducted by Leeds University.


Did you know?

On average, we sleep off 30 per cent of our entire life.

Get a good zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Harry Potter Wind His Wands On Top of the Children’s Book List

imagesThe Harry Potter series of books are top of the children’s book list and I am in no doubt that it is the top list of some of adult readers too.

Whenever the a new book of Harry Potter comes out, you can see mostly adult commuters on buses, trains, tube and even as passengers in cars deep in their noses in the new Harry Potter blockbuster.

Peter, the hubby, positively revel on the stories. He can finish a few inches in thickness of the Harry Potter within a few days.

I do love the Harry Potter books as well but have not really finished any. It is so descriptive that I get waylaid by imagination and go off somewhere else.

But it is in my bucket list of books to read one day soon when I am retired from the daily grind of being a working girl (not as adventurous as the street-walker, I am afraid!LOL)


16 January 2014 Last updated at 07:38

JK Rowling and films dominate children’s book list

By Angela Harrison Education correspondent, BBC News

Boy reading
Are children tempted by films to read harder books?

Harry Potter author JK Rowling tops a new list of children’s favourite books which is dominated by titles that have been made into films.

Six of the author’s books about wizardry feature in a list compiled by online education company Renaissance Learning.

The Potter series has a reading age of 11-12, but is popular among children as young as six.

Other books on the list were similarly advanced.

The study looked at the reading habits of more than 400,000 children in 2,000 primary and secondary schools in the UK, with children being asked to vote for their favourites.

The top books across all age groups were, in joint first place: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

Fourth place was shared by Inheritance (Christopher Paolini) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Branded productsEight books shared sixth place:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling
  • The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien
  • The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Renaissance Learning calculates an estimated “reading age” for the Harry Potter books, launched in 1997, as being between 11 and 12 years old, based on the complexity of words and language and sentence length.

But a breakdown of the lists suggests the books are very popular with younger readers.

“Start Quote

Films certainly do give a book added value for children”

End Quote Prof Keith Topping Dundee University

One of the Harry Potter titles is in second place on the most popular book list among pupils in Year 2 (six and seven-year-olds) and three are in the top five books picked by children in Year 3.

The Hunger Games and Catching Fire – which were both made into successful films – have an estimated reading age 11, but appear popular with children from the age of nine or 10.

Renaissance Learning says the fact that children are reading books which are quite challenging for their age group suggests films, computer games and branded products linked with books might be boosting literacy.

It is not thought the final study, when it is published later this year, will show a causal link however.

Prof Keith Topping from Dundee University, who carried out the research for the company, looked at what children of different ages were reading and how much they understood about those books.

He said: “It is wonderful what reading highly motivating books does for children.

“For the Years 1-5, children are reading favourite books at far above their chronological ability, but still maintaining a high rate of success.”

He said it was not just that films might attract children to reading books – a child might also be drawn to seeing a film if they had liked a book.

Added value”The Hobbit was high on the lists before the first film came out,” he said.

“However, since the first film came out, The Hobbit has risen up the lists and become even more popular. So films certainly do give a book added value for children.”

Last year the Booktrust charity asked people of all ages to vote for the book they thought all children should read before the age of 14 from a list of 100.

JK Rowling also topped that poll, followed by The Hunger Games and many others which had also been turned into films, including novels by Roald Dahl, Tolkien, CS Lewis and Philip Pullman.

Viv Bird, the chief executive of Booktrust, said: “We’re not surprised to see another list topped by Harry Potter. It’s been several years since the last film was released, and many of these children weren’t born 16 years ago when the first Potter title was published, yet it truly endures as a modern classic.

“The common fear among parents and teachers is that books have to compete with the rest of the entertainment industry for children’s attention, but we are seeing more and more of this trend for films sending young people back to books.

“It can be a reciprocal relationship and actually help turn reluctant readers around, which can only be a good thing.”

Passion and Fashion of Kim Kardashian

images (1)

How can a beautiful girl like her be the object of so many nasty comments?!!!  Probably because her life is an open book  as shown to us all the ups and downs in  gory details  “Living with the Kardashian”.

I like Kim.  She seems to me to have worked her socks off to get where she is now.

Kim has worn some of the most flattering clothes as well as the most ridiculous ones, most women would not be seen dead in.

She has also been photographed in her birthday suit to try to ‘break’ the internet.   She must have succeeded as she was the talk of the town for ages.  Well if you got it why not flaunt it!

At least we can thank Kim for making it ok to be amply endowed in front and at the back.


Passion and Fashion of Kim Kardashian


Update: 4 Dec 2014


kimyeDid you know?

This photo of Kim and Kanye West wedding kiss has gathered quite a record.  It was liked by more than 2.4million, making it the most liked photo in the history on Instagram.

Dr Who 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, Goggle Doole created the cutest cartoons and animations of the Doctors. So cute.

dr who
Dr Who was officially acknowledged by the Guinness World Record for the largest ever simulcast of a tv drama. This record was for the 50th anniversary special which was broadcast simultaneously to 94 countries, spanning 6 continents.

Not only that, Dr Who also hold the record for the most successful Science Fiction series!

Well Done Dr!



Chinese Ming Bowl Auctioned at $18M

Rare Ming bowl sells for $18m at auction

The above Ming ceramic bowl was auctioned in Hong Kong’s Sotheby’s. It created a bidding frenzy. It eventually sold for $18m (£11.2m).

I bet you wanted to know, as I, why a little porcelain bowl can cost so much?

Apparently this particular piece is rather rare and has the history of having been a royal ware used by a 15th century king.

This Ming bowl created a record of being the second most expensive piece of Ming porcelain ever auctioned.

Coke Deposed!

The long reign of Coca Cola as top brand is over.  Our favourite soft drink has been dethroned by Apple.  Apple is now the must have brand.  We hanker for the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, etc. – all products of Apple.

Apple is closely fallowed by Google.  In this cyberworld we used Google as the number one search engine, so much so that google is now a verb, an action word meaning search.

Despite Coke having climbed down to third place, it is still undeniably our favourite drink.  It is still the Real Thing!



Apple named top global brand in new ranking

Coca-Cola has been ousted – with Google claiming second spot

Sky NewsBy (c) Sky News 2013 | Sky News – 15 hours ago

Yahoo Finance UK/AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko –

Apple has ousted Coca-Cola as the world’s leading global brand – with Google claiming second spot.

After 13 years as the undisputed number one, the fizzy drinks firm has been relegated to third place in this year’s Interbrand list.

Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s global chief executive officer, said: “Every so often, a company changes our lives – not just with its products, but with its ethos.

“This is why, following Coca-Cola’s 13-year run at the top of Best Global Brands, Apple now ranks number one.

“(CEO) Tim Cook has assembled a solid leadership team and has kept Steve Jobs’ vision intact – a vision that has allowed Apple to deliver on its promise of innovation time and time again.”

Apple has appeared on Interbrand’s 100 Best Global Brands list since it was first published in 2000.

That year Apple ranked 36 and had a brand value of $6.6bn (£4.07bn). It now has a brand value of $98.3bn (£60.7bn) – almost 15 times the 2000 figure.

Interband said Apple’s meteoric rise in brand value can be attributed to “the way it has created a seamless omnichannel experience for customers”.

It added: “By keeping consumers at the centre of everything it does, Apple is able to anticipate what they want next and break new ground in terms of both design and performance.

“With 72 million Macs in use and record-breaking sales of both the iPhone and iPad, Apple has made history by unseating Coca-Cola and becoming Interbrand’s most valuable global brand of 2013.”

This year, the total value of all 100 Best Global Brands has been put at $1.5trn (£0.92trn) – an 8.4% increase on 2012.

When determining the top 100 brands, Interbrand says it examined three key aspects:

  •   The financial performance of the branded products or service
  • The role the brand plays in influencing consumer choice
  •   The strength the brand has to command a premium price, or secure earnings for the company

As well as Apple and Google, this year’s big climbers are Facebook (52, +43%), Prada (72, +30%) and Amazon (19, +27%).

The top 10 brands are:

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Coca-Cola
4. IBM
5. Microsoft
6. GE
7. McDonald’s
8. Samsung
9. Intel
10 Toyota

Congratulations, Julia Plecher

Bravo Julia. I salute you. I know how it feels to run on high heels. I do it all the time, crossing a busy dual carriageway, or running for the bus. It makes you heart race, beat like a drum and pump like a steam engine. LOL  The adrenalin is working overdrive and your brain is in constant worry that you might break a leg in the middle of the motorway. Ouchhh!!! Or much worst break a heel.

You are a hero, Julia. Your Guiness record is for women who have to walk and run errands on high heels.

18 years old, Julia Plecher of Ruchersdorf, Germany ran 100 metres in 14.531 seconds which earned her a world record as well as the Guiness world record.

To understand the record, let’s compare Julia’s record to Usain Bolt. Usain world record is 9.8 seconds.


Julia has this to advise to ladies and some men who wear high heels.

“You need shoes which ideally are closed in the front because you run on the front part of the foot. You have to be careful not to slip out. I think sandals would not be too appropriate.”

The 18-year-old Julia Plecher with start number 88 wins on Saturday in Berlin, the "Stiletto Run" Glamour magazine


The winner Plecher (right) secured a voucher worth 10 000 euros. Photo: AP

Julia Plecher at the finish line after 14.2 seconds.

 The 100 participants came from all over Germany in order to run 100 meters on high heels and the stilettos had to be at least three inches high and up to 1.5 cm wide.

Alien Abduction in America

I am not talking about illegal immigrants taking American hostage.

images (1)It is far more terrifying, this aliens come farther afield from an upward direction, light-years away.

This is not the twilight zone, apparently 1 in 500 Americans claim that they had been abducted in a very “in your face” close encounter of the third kind.

Grey_AliensMind you the survey was done in 1998. Who knows what the figure is now? Maybe those who took the original survey have disappeared 😉

Apparently abductees have reported that prior to being ‘taken’ they experience the following:

  1. Waking paralysed and sensing a presence in the room.  (Apparently nothing to do with being inebriated and waking up in someone else’s room. LOL)
  2. Missing time. (Still not inebriated. LOL)
  3. feeling of flying. (still not very drunk and falling down the stairs)
  4. Seeing balls of lights (not due to hang-over?)
  5. Anomalous scars.  (not remembering falling down the stairs whilst inebriated. LOL)

Again, survey says that only about 2 per cent of abductees experience all of the above at the same time.

Betty & Barney Hill

Betty & Barney Hill

The most famous alien abductees were Betty and Barney Hill.  Their experience was  strange but compelling because during Betty’s hypnotherapy session, she was able to describe and draw a detailed map of Zeta Reticuli star system.  What was amazing was that it was six years before astronomers discovered it.


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