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Sewing Kit Essentials

Sewing kit, photo by PH Morton

Sewing kit, photo by PH Morton

Sewing kit, photo by PH Morton

Sewing kit, photo by PH Morton

We have forgotten the art of mending through sewing.  If it is ripped, we throw.  If the seams had unravelled, we go to a professional tailor.  But why?  Sewing is the easiest to do.

Many shops providing mending and alterations are springing up left right and centre; they have cornered the market, knowing people have no desire to mend their own clothes if it can be helped. Aware of this, tailorshops sometimes charge a small fortune for their services.

Surely basic sewing was part of Home Economics (HE) lessons at school?  I used to be rather indifferent to the lessons but I found out now how relevant it is to go about your everyday life, no matter what your station in life. 🙂

It is therefore convenient and money efficient to have a sewing kit at hand, so that you can make a favourite dress, skirt or trousers last that much longer.  Darn minor wear and tear.  You could also start a new sewing project.  It could be a start of small cottage industry 😉

What should be in the sewing kit?

Sewing Kit Essentials:

Set of needles in various sizes, i.e. thickness

A pair of sharp scissors

Threads of various colours, especially white, black, beige and brown

A needle threader, even if the eyes are still sharp, a needle threader is still very useful.

A thimble – some materials are thick and hard to sew.  They can be a pain to your digits.  This is when a  thimble come into their own.

Dressmaker’s pin.  They are so useful, especially when you need to shorten a skirt, dress or a pair of jeans or trousers.

A tape measure.

Button collections


Christmas Crafting – Build a Festive Arch

As Jean mentioned in her  previous blog about festive Christmas arches that can decorate a home’s through lounge/room, below is an example of a purpose-built arch from Fenwicks, a popular department store here. They do look good and add something stylish and festival fun to a long or through room.

The cost of the one below is expensive around £180 ($294) or 12926 pesos. The white decorations costs separate too!

Fenwicks Xmas Arch
Fenwicks Christmas Arch

We decided that we would make our own Christmas arch. We bought a light weight garden rose arch for £15 ($24) or 1077 Pesos. The green metal tubular sections are easy to screw together and when completed the arch is not heavy to move into position. The arch is Size H243cm, W137cm, D38cm
It touches the ceiling in our room.

Green metal self assemlb

tubular steel green arch- self assembly

Jean and I assembled the arch in about 20 minutes, we easily maneuvered it to the location we wanted.
Then it was down to our imagination and creative thoughts on how to decorate it 🙂
We used spare decorations, baubles, lights & garland and family ‘heirloom’ decorations we have had for many years.
You may wish to be minimalist in decorating the arch, or as we like sometimes put it all up, decorate and fill everywhere 🙂

For about £25 we bought some more garlands, lights & baubles to cover the tubular frame.
Total cost together about £40 🙂
After Christmas by 12th night (6 January), we will remove the decorations & dismantle the arch, it can be stored in a small box, or partially dismantled we will put in our loft/attic for use next year.

Christmas arch partially decorated

Christmas arch partially decorated

Jean decorating the arch

Jean decorating the arch

Nearly completed

Nearly completed , add what you want  just  like a Christmas tree

Christmas Crafting: The Christmas Arch


1455862_747764555237034_625728091_n (1)

Christmas Arch @ Fenwicks
Mobile photo by Jean Morton

I first saw a Christmas arch last year in Fenwicks in  Brent Cross Shopping Centre.  I loved it then and told Peter I wanted one.  Anyway he said he’ll get me one for this year.  When we went to Brent Cross for last Thursday late night shopping at Fenwicks, which I must say was a lot of fun and everything was pretty much discounted up to 20 per cent, we saw this Christmas arch.  I love it still but not too keen with the white motiff.  I find it too stiff.  And the price is even stiffer at £179.00.  Well I thought why not make myself one which I can personalise the way I wanted.

So after thinking about it, I thought why not get a garden arch frame and some tinsels, baubles and pretty lights?

I found an arch frame from Argos catalogue selling for £14.99.  And I thought I should go to the many pound shops scattered around London.   I am sure with £15 – £20 worth of Christmas garlands and baubles I can make a pretty awesome Christmas arch, much, much cheaper than the Fenwicks one and according to my taste too.

I can’t wait to get started.  I am so looking forward to Christmas this year.  I am pretty sure it would be pretty quiet but the happiest one in years!!!

Christmas Crafting: The Christmas Arch


images (4)

coloured baubles

images (5)


images (6)

images (7)

Christmas light


Peter under the arch
mobile photo by Jean Morton

Autumn Wreath – Get Busy With Bizzy

Bizzy has given me a good idea. I think this autumn or fall wreath is fantastic. It would be lovely hanging on a mirror by the mantelpiece. You could incorporate anything lovely from the garden. I can see it now.

Thanks Bizzy for another ace advice.



Straw Hat
Plastic pumpkins
Pine Cones
Wire Ribbon

I bought the straw hat at a thrift store. The pumpkins, pine cones and leaves can be bought at any dollar store.

Hot glue them around the edge in any arrangement you want!

I had wire ribbon to make a bow to attach at the bottom.

And another piece of ribbon attached to the top on the backside to hang!

Took me about 10 minutes to make this and everyone loved it!
Join Us us here Its Fun!

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