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Tuesday’s Anagrams



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An Easy Word Game



An anagram, says the Concise Oxford Dictionary, is ‘a word or phrase formed by transposing the letters of another word or phrase’. Can you transpose these words or phrases to make new words or phrases?

Example: Rearrange the letters of the word ‘rail’ to make a dishonest person
Answer: Liar


1. Rearrange the letters of the word eat to make something to drink.

2. Rearrange brush to make a kind of bush.

3. Rearrange lemon to make something else to eat.

4. Rearrange skate to make a poet.

5. Rearrange wand to make a time of day.

6. Rearrange Alice to make another woman’s name.

7. Rearrange Dorothea to make another woman’s name.

8. Rearrange supersonic to get part of an orchestra.

9. Rearrange hormone to get the name of a bird.

10. Rearrange spectrum to make some eatables.

11. Which food might you make out of stale lamb?

12. What do you have to be if you want to listen?

13. Which word describes lithe acts?

14. Which part of a newspaper may be an adroit lie?

15. Which animal would you not touch with a bargepole?

16. In two words, where can you find a schoolmaster?

17. In two words, what is worn by a stripteaser?

18. Which London regions or suburbs are anagrams of canto, Hamlet, leaches, and poems?

19. Rearrange stealer to make a Shakespearean character.

20. Which part of the body is a ten-letter word in which the last five letters are an anagram of the first five letters?

21. Make two other words from the letters of idolatry.

22. Make three other words from the letters of the word gallery.

23. Make four other words from the letters of the word players.

24. Make four other words from the letters of inlets.

25. Make four other letters from the letters of the word maneless.

26. What quality might characterize a prime dunce?

27. Which adjective might describe a problem in Chinese?

28. In three words, what characterizes the nudist colony?

29. Which gambling event may seem like totally inane rot – especially if you lose?

30. Which German opera asserts the fact that a kinder love’s rare?

Easy Monday


Some of us do not like Mondays. Probably because it just after a weekend and also the farthest day to another weekend. LOL

So to initiate us into another week, let’s take it easy today. Let’s have an easy Monday. Our word game today is tailored to just that!

The Oxford Word Challenge


 An Easy Word Game



‘Categories’ is a game in which you try to think of words which start with a specified letter and which fit a particular category. Combinations of more than one word are acceptable (as long as they are listed in the Concise Oxford Dictionary, so clock golf would qualify as a sport beginning with the letter C.

Example: Name six animals starting with the letter A.
Answer: Aardvark, agouti, alligator, antelope, ape, armadillo.

1. Name six birds starting with the letter C. (If this is too easy, try finding 20 of them.)

2. Name six occupations or professions starting with the letter D. (If this is too easy, try finding 20.)

3. Name six trees starting with the letter S. (If this is too easy, try finding 12.)

4. Name six items of clothing (things to wear) starting with the letter G. (If this is too easy, find 15.)

5. Name six musical instruments or terms used in music, starting with the letter F. (If this is too easy, try finding 18.)

6. Name six things to eat starting with the letter H. (If this is too easy, try finding 12.)

7. Name six fish starting with the letter T.

8. Name five sports that start with the letter S.

9. Name five drinks starting with the letter T.

10. Name five composers starting with the letter V.

Tuesday Brain Teaser


 The Oxford Word Challenge Question mark image

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An Easy Word Game


An old joke tells of someone asking the assistant at a paper shop: ‘Do you keep stationery?’ and she replies: ‘No, I wriggle about a bit.’ She clearly thought he meant the word that is spelt ‘stationary’. There are many pairs of words like this, which sound the same but are spelt differently. They are called homophones or sometimes homonyms.

Identify the pairs of homophones from the following clues.

Example: One word means a place for keeping aircraft; the other word means a shaped piece of wood, metal, etc. on which you can hang clothes.
Answer: Hangar/hanger.

1. One word means simple; the other means an aircraft.

2. One word means expected; the other word means condensed vapour.

3. One word is nautical; the other is central to the body.

4. One word means connections; the other is an animal.

5. One word means an occasion; the other is a herb.

6. One word means to hit; the other is a vegetable.

7. One word means permitted; the other means audible.

8. One word is a singer; the other is a sum of money.

9. One word is an animal; the other is an undercover fighter.

10. One word means kind; the other means searched for.

11. One means excluded; the other is a poet.

12. One word is a day; the other is a sweet.

13. One word means pursued; the other means pure.

14. One word means a woolly South American animal; the other means a Buddhist monk in Tibet or Mongolia.

15. These are the names of two particular people; one is a macho man; the other is a poet.

My Word, What a Place!!!

Those who have been missing our regular brain teaser, miss no more as we have a rather challenging Monday Brain teaser on offer for your grey matter.

Scroll below and get challenged.


Anagrammed Places

The Oxford Word  Challenge Question mark image

Image of man trying to push large elephant

A Fiendishly Difficult Word Game

Anagrammed Places



Rearrange the letters of these words to make the names of countries, towns, or cities.

Example: Diagnose
Answer: San Diego.

1. Ancestral.

2. Launder.

3. Retches.

4. Blarneys.

5. Throwing.

6. Dominates.

7. Gartered.

8. Pairs.

9. Solo.

10. Stoned.

11. Ordeal.

12. Loiters.

13. Hasten.

14. Salvages.

15. Oration.

16. Erect.

17. Hordes.

18. Solemn.

19. Laity.

20. Also.

21. Chain.

22. Serial.

23. Penalties.

24. Regalia.

25. Ignorant.


Tuesday Brain Teaser

Examine each of the following and identify what each acronym, phrase or abbreviation shows.

Word Games

  1. 26 = L of the A                        Answer:  26 = Letters of the Alphabet
  2. 7 = W of the AW
  3. 1,001 = A N
  4. 12 = S of the Z
  5. 54 = C in a D (with the J’s)
  6. 9 = P in the S S (pre 2006 answer????)
  7. 88 = P K
  8. 20 = F T in the P L
  9. 32 = D F at which W F
  10. 18 = H on a G C
  11. 90 = D in a R A
  12. 100 = P for P G in M
  13. 60 = Y of a D W A
  14. 3 = B M (SHTR)
  15. 8 = P in a G
  16. 24 = H in a D
  17. 1 = W on a U
  18. 30 = D in S A J and N
  19. 57 = H V
  20. 11 = P in a F T
  21. 1,000 = W that a P is W
  22. 29 = D in F in a L Y
  23. 64 = S on a C B
  24. 40 = D and N of the G F
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