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Money Plant

Money Plant

Money Plant, Photo by JMorton

Peter and I got these money plants at Ikea in Wembley late last year.  I have had money plants in the past but they tend to die after a while. Perhaps because If I don’t forget to water them, I used to over-water them thinking it would save me watering them again for a couple of months!  🙁 🙁  What can I say? I was busy then, I worked full time and run a house.

Now that I am retired, I have all the time in the world.

Hopefully, the money plant becomes true to its name and bring me, or rather us, a lot of money. Why is it called a money plant? To hazard a guess, I think it has something to do with the shape of the leaves. Circular like coins. Chinese Fung Shui seems to advice that round and circular things attract wealth. Well true or not, these money plants are so pretty in our window sill.

Money plant is also known as a jade plant but its scientific name is crassula ovata. It is also called friendship tree and lucky plant. It belongs to the succulent family and makes a perfect houseplant.  Apparently this plant originated in South Africa and the Mozambique.

Apparently with proper care, the money plant can have a very long life.  It needs a little water in the summer and even less on colder season.

I saw a mature money plants whilst in the Philippines a couple of months ago.  The plant was really pretty, with thickened branches and jade green fat leaves.  It reminded me of a bonsai,  very structured.


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