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The Blind Beggar Pub

The Blind Beggar Pub


he Blind Beggar Pub Whitechapel London E1

The Blind Beggar Pub Whitechapel London E1

The Blind Beggar Pub is a famous East End Pub in Whitechapel, East London. Sadly many pubs are closing in London and England because of taxes and the fact that most people now prefer tp buy cheaper

Sadly many pubs are closing in London and England because of taxes and the fact that most people now prefer to buy cheaper alcoholic drinks in supermarkets and cut-price shops to drink at home. These closed pubs end up being demolished or converted by property developers into apartments and flats. Such is the building boom in London that  houses & former commercial property are now being turned into apartments to make a quick profit on sale or rental. We have lost three local pubs each over 100 years old to such in the last few years.

These closed pubs end up being demolished or converted by property developers into apartments and flats. Such is the building boom in London that  houses & former commercial property are now being turned into apartments to make a quick profit on sale or rental. We have lost three local pubs, each over 100 years old, to such in the last few years.

Numerous history and convivial social meeting places are now disappearing from the London landscape and culture.

The Blind Beggar was built in 1894 on the site of an Inn dating from 1654.

Notable events in its history include where William Booth preached his first open air  sermon then forming a Mission that led to the founding of The Salvation Army.

The first modern Brown Ale ( my first beer when a teenager) was brewed and sold in the pub which was then part of Manns brewery.

The pub’s name is linked to a popular legend concerning a local connection with a knight, who was the son of the famous Simon de Montfort , an Earl, who rebelled against King Henry III in the 13th century.

His son Henry de Montfort,  lived in a grand manor house in the area. One story  of the legend  is that de Montfort was wounded and blinded at the Battle of Evesham and was left wandering and with no memory.  He became  a beggar. He was found by a nobleman’s daughter, who married him. Their child, Besse, could not find a husband as her father had no status, as he was the blind beggar of Bethnal Green. At that time, a woman needed a sizeable dowry to be able to marry a suitable husband.  Marriage was a way of bringing wealth and prestige to a union of families.high-classNoblemen,

Noblemen, merchants, and  knights courted her but when they found out that there was no dowry they all left, except for a lone Knight, who was not concerned about a dowry and loved Besse as she was; as herself.

This union was blessed when Besse’s father revealed that far from being the poor beggar, he was a rich nobleman and so rewarded the Knight.  As Shakespeare would have said: “All’s well that ends well” 🙂

Now, what captured my imagination to the Blind Beggar many years ago, is my interest in major historical crime cases of London.

In March 1966, a murder took place in the Blind Beggar, which later became part of London crime legend.

Ronnie Kray, the twin brother of Reggie, the notorious, infamous and any other ..’ous’!  Kray Twins  walked into the pub and calmly took out a pistol and shot and killed another criminal, George Cornell, in front of a few witnesses.

The Kray Twins

The Kray Twins (Reggie & Ronnie (front)

Ronnie Kray had a long-standing score to settle with Cornell, who was apparently as ruthless as the Krays, but who was nowhere in their league.

Such was Krays power & influence in the 1960s London’s criminal underworld, many involved  kept quiet about the Twins activities for years before they were arrested and sentenced to 25-30 years in prison.

There have been many books about the Krays & by the Krays too, which are interesting to read, if one is interested in major crimes.

Two movies have been made about the Krays too.

They are truly legends in the criminal history of London.

It appears from current on-line reviews  that the Blind Beggar today is a shadow of its former standing as a popular east end pub.

I hope the pub remains as a pub for many years to come as London cannot keep affording to lose such culturally important pubs.

Dark Side of Cyberworld

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Baby monitor is a device that is a godsend especially for new parents, who after a long day need to chill for a bit and have a downtime somewhere where they can be alone with their thoughts.

A baby monitor can allow you that break. This little device is very reassuring as it permits one to know how the baby is doing, even when one is in another room, downstairs or upstairs. Its twin monitor can he handheld and therefore portable. You can bring it with you anywhere and everywhere in the house including during a loo break. They are really parents’ best friend, or so I thought, until I saw a new crime drama called CSI: Cyber a few weeks ago.

The first episode of the show was about a family whose new baby was abducted, taken from the crib late one night. The parents heard some noises from the house, they immediately rushed into their baby’s room only to find that the crib was empty, weirdly, they heard a faint bidding voices still coming out from their baby monitor.

It turned out their baby monitor has been hijacked. Cyberscums have been conducting bidding wars from all over the world. The babies who were popular with bidders were targeted for kidnapping and  then sold.

I thought this scenario was rather farfetched but it turned out a version of it is actually happening now. Not the kidnapping, as far as I am aware but voyeurism is.  They are watching you where there is a baby monitor.  Below is a link for further information regarding the above.

Apparently even the UK has been attacked, videos of offices, houses, baby nurseries, gyms, etc had been downloaded into Russian websites. Apparently, the Russian websites downloaded the materials to find out how easy it was to do.  They found out it was a doddle.

Their advice was to ensure that as soon as you activate and connect a baby monitor into wifi/internet,  change the default password! (And not to 1234 either!) LOL

Take care of your precious bundle.

Janet Napoles Sentenced to 20 -40 Years


Janet Napoles Sentenced to 20 -40 Years

Janet Napoles has been found guilty beyond reasonable doubt.  She was sentenced with the penalty of reclusion perpetua (permanent imprisonment) which means she will serve 20 to 40 years at the Women’s Correctional  Jail in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

But wait, Janet is not being permanently incarcerated for the pork barrel scam.  Her sentence was for the  serious illegal detention of her nephew and employee, Benhur Luy.  She kept Luy a prisoner, under lock and key, for three months at her condominium unit, because she suspected that he was defrauding her of her fraudulently transacted pork barrel.  😉

It was when Luy was rescued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on 22 March 2013, that all hell broke loose as far as the scamming scandal of the pork barrel was concerned.  Luy spilled the beans of what was truly going on which resulted in some arrests and prison detentions of three of the most influential senators in the Philippine politics.  They are the old man, Juan Ponce Enrile, sexy (I don’t see it) Jinggoy Estrada and handsome (not bad, 🙂 I suppose) Bongbong Revilla.

I hope that this is only the start for Janet Napoles to atone for her many and expensive crimes.

I also hope that this is not a way of sweeping under the carpet, the other more serious matters of the P10billion (£151,716,105.30 British Pound Sterling or $224,997,200.00 US Dollar)pork barrel scam.  I fervently hope that there are no people working behind the scene, active in their machination in ensuring that the pork barrel scam is buried and forgotten and all the people involved will live happily ever after in their heavenly mansions.


Policing and Toilets in Boris’ London!

Policing in Barnet is atrociously inadequate!

I knew it.  I was not just imagining things!  There are no patrolling police in Barnet anymore (and it there are, they are the invisible kind!)

BECAUSE, they are otherwise engaged elsewhere!!!


Boris Johnson

I think, it is time for Boris to step down!  We need police not another celebration in the city, which we from the suburb do not really get to see, feel, enjoy.  I feel that Boris’ London is mainly in Westminster and surroundings and yet we pay for the upkeep of the whole of London.

Come to think of it, it is most unfair for Londoners to pay £0.50p to use toilets in the city.  I was bursting when we where at the Tower Hill and all the toilets charged £0.50 per go.  Don’t we pay enough in council tax to be able to wee freely in the city? 🙁

Using the toilet is a necessity and charging for it is an abomination to rights and health of human beings! 😉

Boris, know and sort your priorities!

Below is an article regarding police absence in Barnet which prove my observation which I previously blogged!!!



Labour election hopeful raps “fewer police on Barnet’s streets.”

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Andrew Dismore

Andrew Dismore

BOBBIES were taken off their regular
neighbourhood beat in Barnet to help
with policing elsewhere on more than
2,000 shifts between April and September,
reducing their visibility on the streets
of the borough, it has been claimed.

The details were revealed in a written
answer from mayor Boris Johnson,
who is responsible for police to the
London Assembly.

Assembly member Andrew Dismore,
who is Labour’s prospective parliamentary
candidate for Hendon, said he was
concerned that at least 22 police officers
were missing at least one shift a week
from their normal duties in Barnet.

According to the London mayor,
police carried out 2,254 shifts outside
Barnet on 114 different occasions. Mr
Johnson’s reply also said that police
could be “abstracted”, used to offer
“aid” within their borough for duties
such as sporting and cultural events and
policing operations.

They could also be used for policing
large-scale demonstrations, festivities
and one-off events.

Mr Dismore said: “This means that on
average Barnet has lost no fewer than 87
officer shifts per month, or 22 officers
missing at least one shift per week from
their normal work.”

He said that Barnet had lost 50 police
officers since May 2010, when there
were 595 officers, with a drop of 91
police and community support officers,
down from 177 to 86.

He said: “The Met needs to look at
its policy of abstraction in boroughs
which are overcommitted and not
have abstractions. Instead of being visible on the beat, the eyes and ears of the Met, providing reassurance and deterrence, officers are in cars, running
around to meet demanding schedules,
trying to plug gaps.

“With so few officers on the beat, no
wonder residents are always complaining
to me that they don’t see officers on
the beat anymore.”

Chief Inspector Dave Lobb said officers
had been involved in the inquiry
into the murder of Alice Gross in west
London and in policing the Notting Hill
Carnival every year.

He added that every borough provided
officers for London-wide operations
and allowance is made for that.

However, he said, police were always
pushing for more numbers.

All content © of North London Press unless stated otherwise.


Where are the Police?

British policeHave you noticed?

I have not seen a policeman patrolling lately!

Where are the Police?

Usually you see them walking about everywhere but I have not seen any police officer anywhere?  Where are they?  This is rather disturbing for me because apparently our road is the most burgled in Barnet, well next to Golders Green.

The absence of police presence (lol) has not something to do with digital policing, has it?  Are we policed through Big Brother? 🙂

Or more confusing, have the police developed a form of Minority Report kind of policing?  They know that a crime will occur before it actually happens?!!!

Sounds stupid, I know!  But it makes me wonder! hahaha

Last  September of this year, we received a letter from the police from Colindale station asking for help as witness to a burglary that apparently will occur on our road on 27 September 2014.    The letter was dated a week before the burglary. IT HAD NOT HAPPENED YET!

I assumed this was a typo error regarding dating the letter but what if it was not?  What if the Met Police employs psychics instead of real police? hehehe  Great conspiracy, huh! LMAO!

Afterall they are selling and closing police stations.  Even the Iconic New Scotland Yard building is for sale.

Probably they don’t need the buildings because police are becoming irrelevant in favour of psychics and the likely installation of a tower system over London powered with super computers, which utilise predictive softwares.  Very high tech!  So crime will not now happen because it can be prevented!  Brilliant!

Update on the sale of the New Scotland Yard.  Apparently there are hundreds of bidders to the building.  I wonder what would become of the building?  It could become a casino, a brothel, a harem, a Russian Mafia HQ, a Triad HQ, anything really!  It is up to the successful buyer’s prerogative!

Good isn’t it? 🙁  What would Sir Robert Peel say about that?  I bet he is turning on his grave!

Rogues Gallery: PDAF Plunder Mugshots

Mugshots of Alleged PDAF Plunderers

At long last heads have started to roll and about time too.  It has been a very slow process.  Criminality and corruption are so entwined and intertwined in the Philippine Government that untwining these would take some time.

Janet Lim Napoles, the madam of the PDAF plunder, is no longer the lone person to be arrested for criminality against the Pork Barrel scandal.

She has been joined by Bong Revilla, her Pogi, who surrendered himself a few days ago.

Jinggoy Estrada, Janet Napoles’s Sexy, has also surrendered himself but was for a moment  almost free to “walk” after Government lawyers bungled the case raised against him.

There are plenty more to come including Tanda Enrile and of course people who are under PNoy’s own party list and cronies.  This would be a test for PNoy’s much talked about Daang Matuwid (Straight Path) away from corruption.

Who will join these three?  Who else have taken advantage of the P10 Billion Pork Barrel?  Where are Janet Napoles’s children?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

PDAF – The Rogues Gallery


Janet Lim - Napoles

Janet Lim – Napoles PDAF – Facilitator

Bong Revilla

Bong Revilla Napoles’ Pogi


Jinggoy Estrada

Jinggoy Estrada Napoles’ Sexy


Juan Ponce Enrile Napoles' Tanda

Juan Ponce Enrile
Napoles’ Tanda

enrile & reyesenrile-and-gigi-reyes-1


Jo Christine Napoles Still pending arrest


James Christopher Lim Napoles Still Pending arrest


Fernando Ramirez Pending Arrest


silhouette mugshot

Renato Soson Ornopia Pending Arrest


Aileen Palama Pending Arrest

silhouette mugshot

Amparo Fernando Pending Arrest


silhouette mugshot

Dorilyn Agbay Fabian Pending Arrest


Jesus Bergola Castillo Pending arrest

Jo Christine & James Napoles in Pork Barrel Fraud?

Butsoy & Neneng Napoles

Butsoy & Neneng Napoles

Jo Christine & James Napoles Accomplices in Pork Barrel Fraud?

 At last, the long arm of the law is finally waving its weak limbs about. I thought for a moment it was ailing with paralysis.

Allegedly James Christoper “Butsoy” Napoles and Jo Christine “Neneng” Napoles have been implicated with the Pork Barrel scandal right up to their greedy little necks and they are about to be issued warrants of arrest and to answer for their part in the wanton thievery and plunder of the monies belonging to the Philippine nation.

It is alleged that Neneng and Butsoy were willing participants in siphoning off aid funds meant for the cash-strapped farmers of Malampaya, a farming community which was a victim of one typhoon disaster after another and another….

The Government did put aside and eventually approved and released the monies amounting to P900,000,000. Not a cent went to the deserving and destitute farmers.  Instead, the cash was shared between fake Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and corrupt Government officials and workers via Janet Lim-Napoles machinations through the JLN (hmm what do the initials stand for;)) group of fake companies. Check out the JLN website. Maybe the company should be renamed JGMMS – ‘Just Give Me Money, Suckers’ 🙂

Neneng and Butsoy were not only busy falsifying documents and forging signatures on cheques, they were also officially employed as Vice President for admin and finance and Vice President for operations at JLN office at Discovery Centre in Pasig City.

Neneng and Butsoy should be charged with treason, plunder, forgery, etc for their role of being accessories, collaborators and co-conspirators to the crime and should be arrested and jailed with immediate effect.

Hmm maybe we world-weary and fed up Filipinos will see these two elevated to high office as seems to happens to those who can be ‘creative’ with accounting of public allocated funds ;).


Filipinos never learn! 🙁

Janet Lim-Napoles Sex Scandal :)


The Napoles Alleged Sex Scandal

Nakaririmarim!!! 🙁

The  Janet Lim-Napoles scandal is turning into a conspiracy of the murkiest kind.

Her sorry saga is now one of  the most epic of proportions.

What is happening to her could not be the truth as it beggars belief  that Janet would really do something so detrimental to her own health; surely Janet will not be capable of effecting something so heinous against her own body.

Well the rumour/story goes like this.  Janet was admitted to the hospital to undergo a tandem of hysterectomy and bilateral salpingostomy, which means surgically removing her entire uterus, both her ovaries as well as her fallopian tubes.

Apparently Janet has been suffering from severe adnomyosis of the uterus.  There were multiple growths of tumours in her uterus, hindering the normal passage of blood to cavities, thus created a pool of blood in the myometrium. These had resulted in Janet to suffer from heavy bleeding for over a year now.

The operation went well, in fact it was described as rather an uneventful two hours.

But it has now turned out that Janet had to stay longer at the hospital because she was still bleeding copiously.

The doctors cannot really see any reason why she continues to bleed. Without her uterus, her fallopian tubes, her ovaries, and the tumours, she should not be bleeding.

Instead of going back to jail and be ready to face the trials and tribulations she knowingly and purposely brought unto herself, Janet has been given a few more weeks free pass out of jail and to remain in the hospital.

Janet Lim-Napoles Sex Scandal 🙂

Now the real question that has been puzzling the mind of the people was something of a rather salacious kind.  Apparently Janet’s bleeding was due to a conjugal intercourse  right after her hysterectomy.  She was so horny she jumped her husband.   Was Janet horny? Or was it the mister?  Was Mr Napoles thoughtless enough to  let his baser instinct to take over him and be carnal and sexual with his barely recovered from operation missus?!!!

Was Janet really gagging for it, like a cat in heat? I would think that sex is the last thing on your mind after being gutted like a fish, sad to say.  Maybe she purposely made herself bleed so she can stay longer in the hospital?!!!  Was she cynical enough or desperate to engage in this kind of deadly shenanigan?

I supposed there is 10billion reasons to.


108 Alleged Pork Barrel Criminals by Napoles

Janet Napoles has finally named names of alleged master criminals working within the bowels of the Government.  All of these alleged money tricksters are already well healed in their own rights.


108 solons in ‘Napolist’
Abad gave me ideas to set up NGOs – Napoles

by Hannah L. Torregoza & Mario B. Casayuran
May 26, 2014

Manila, Philippines — Suspected pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles has implicated 108 former and incumbent senators and congressmen in the misuse of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in her expanded affidavit submitted yesterday to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

In the same affidavit, Napoles said that it was Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, then a congressman representing the lone district of Batanes, who told her in 2000 about a P10-million project. Abad even showed Napoles the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO), explaining what it was for. Abad, she said, gave her ideas on how to set up non-government organizations (NGOs).

The 20 senators listed in Napoles’ affidavit submitted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Sen. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III are:

1. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

2. Sen. Jinggoy Estrada

3. Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr.

4. Sen. Gregorio Honasan II

5. Sen. Manuel “Lito” Lapid

6. Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

7. Sen. Loren Legarda

8. Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III

9. Sen. Vicente Sotto III

10. Sen. Cynthia Villar

11. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

12. Sen. Francis Escudero

13. Ex-Sen. Rodolfo Biazon (now Muntinlupa congressman)

14. Ex-Sen. Robert Barbers

15. Ex-Sen. Loi Estrada

16. Ex-Sen. Robert Jaworski

17. Ex-Sen. Ramon Magsaysay

18. Ex-Sen. Tessie Aquino Oreta

19. Ex-Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr.

20. Ex-Sen. Manuel Villar

Also listed were 88 former and incumbent congressmen. They are:

1. Abad, Florencio

2. Agarao, Benjamin

3. Albano, Rodolfo

4. Amatong, Prospero

5. Angara-Castillo, Bellaflor

6. Arroyo, Iggy

7. Arroyo,Mickey

8. Bagatsing, Amado

9. Banaag, Leovigildo

10. Baterina, Salacnib

11. Beratio, Napoleon

12. Biazon, Ruffy

13. Cagas, Marc Douglas

14. Chavez, Leonila

15. Chiongbian, Erwin

16. Chipeco, Joaquin

17. Cuenco, Antonio

18. Dangwa, Samuel

19. Estrella, Conrad III

20. Estrella, Reymund

21. Fabian, Erico

22. Falcon, Jesnar

23. Falcon, Peter

24. Flores, Florencio

25. Fuentebella, Arnulfo

26. Gullas, Gerald

27. Joaquin, Uliran

28. Jaraula, Constantino

29. Lagdameo, Antonio Jr.

30. Seachon, Lanete Rizalina

31. Lanete, Scott Davies

32. Labanan, Marcelino

33. Macarambon, Benasing Jr.

34. Madamba, Sunny Rose

35. Malanyaon, Corazon

36. Malapitan, Oscar

37. Martinez, Clavel

38. Mercado, Roger

39. Miraflores, Florencio

40. Miranda, Anthony

41. Montejo, Neil Benedict

42. Nieva, Ernesto “Banzai”

43. Olano, Arrel

44. Ortega, Manuel

45. Ortega, Victor

46. Pablo, Ernesto

47. Padilla, Carlos

48. Pangandaman, Hussein

49. Pangandaman, Nasser

50. Pichay, Prospero

51. Pinggoy, Arthur

52. Plaza, Rodolfo

53. Ramiro, Herminia

54. Real, Isidro

55. Remulla, Gilbert

56. Rodriguez, Maximo

57. Rodriguez, Oca

58. Romualdo, Jurdin Jesus

59. Rodriguez, Rufus

60. Romualdo, Pedro

61. Sandoval, Ricky

62. Sandoval, Joseph

63. Solis, Jose

64. Suplico, Rolex

65. Tulangan, Generoso

66. Umali, Alfonso “Boy”

67. Umali, Aurelo “Oyi”

68. Umali, Reynaldo

69. Ungab, Isidro

70. Unico, Renato

71. Valdez, Edgar

72. Valencia, Rodolfo

73. Veloso, Eduardo

74. Yumul Hermida, Georgilu

75. Zamora, Manuel

76. Alvarado, Wilhemino

77. Cortuna, Juliega

78. Daza, Nanette Costelo

79. Echeverri, Recom

80. Lapuz, Jesli

81. Monfort, Narciso

82. Nantes, Rafael

83. Nograles, Prospero

84. Pablo, Ernesto

85. Plaza, Maria Valentina

86. Roman, Antonio

87. San Luis, Rodolfo

88. Zialcita, Eduardo.

Of the 20 former and incumbent senators, Enrile, Estrada, and Revilla are already facing plunder complaints before the Office of the Ombudsman.

The agents

Enrile’s agents are Gigi Reyes, Ruby Tuason, Freddie Villamor, Butch Tuason.

Jinggoy’s agent was Ruby Tuason, while Richard Cambe acted as Revilla’s agent.

According to Napoles, certain “Bernard and Rose Palacio” acted as agents for Biazon and Barbers, respectively.

The affidavit also stated that certain “Lyn,” Matt Ranillo, Butch Tuazon, Tet De Joya, and Pauline Labayen acted as agents for Ex-Sen. Loi, wife of former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, while a certain “Atty. Danny” acted as agent for Honasan.

Jaworski’s agents, according to Napoles’ affidavit, were his son Dudut (prior to his election as Pasig congressman) and Tet De Joya.

A certain Zenaida Ducut acted as Lapid’s agent, while a certain Catherine Mae “Maam Maya” Canlas Santos acted as agent for Marcos and Legarda.

In Magsaysay’s case, Napoles said that certain Patricia “Gay” Agana Tan, Bibing Agana Villacorta, and Atty. Yacky Agana were his agents.

Listed as Oreta’s agent was a certain Carlos “Caloy” Reyes, while a certain Mon Arcenas acted as agent of the elder Pimentel. On the younger Pimentel’s case, his estranged wife Jewel and Luis “Louie” Cruz acted as his agents.

Napoles named Jennifer “Jen” Corpuz as Sotto’s agent, while she identified Jun Adriano and Arman Padilla as the agents of the Villar couple.

Campaign contributor

Napoles also admitted providing campaign funds for former senator Villar through Adriano, as well as Cayetano and Escudero.

“Nagbigay ako ng pera para sa kampanya ni Senador Alan Peter Cayetano noong last election (2010). Nagkita kami sa Slice restaurant sa Bonifacio Global City. Personal kong inabot sa kanya ang pera,” Napoles stated in page 28 of her affidavit.

She also said she got to meet congressman Ompong Plaza who introduced her to Escudero who ran in the 2010 senatorial elections.

Before the elections, Napoles said she met Escudero in a private function at a Chinese restaurant in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel and was convinced to provide financial support for his presidential bid. Escudero would later back out from his presidential bid.

Napoles said her next meeting with Escudero, already a senator, was at the Taste of LA in Quezon City. She said they discussed possible projects and gave sizeable funds again to Escudero only to learn later that no project pushed through.

Not the mastermind

In the same affidavit, Napoles reiterated her innocence in the pork barrel fund scam and her decision “to tell the whole truth.”

“I am not the most guilty and not the mastermind of the alleged P10-billion pork barrel fund scam nor of the Malampaya fund scam,” Napoles said.

“I categorically and strongly deny that I am the mastermind of the alleged Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel and Malampaya fund scams as well as other projects that used government funds of which I have personal knowledge of,” she also said.

Napoles also said that though the Commission on Audit (COA) report identifies at least 82 NGOs with questionable transactions, she clarified that she is not involved nor familiar with all these NGOs.

“I am absolutely sure that even before I entered into the business of transacting through NGOs or foundations, there were already existing foundations transacting with the government,” she said.

As a businesswoman, Napoles said she just wanted to expand her business as well as the distribution of her products having been a manufacturer of liquid foliar fertilizers.

But in 2000, Napoles said she was introduced to Abad by Manuel Jarmin at a Japanese restaurant at EDSA Shangri-La. It was during the meeting that Abad told Napoles about the P10-million project.

Napoles also said that she was presenting her affidavit to support her request for the exclusion of her children James Christopher and Jo Christine from prosecution, saying they had “no knowledge, participation, and involvement” in the case.

“I am executing this affidavit to shed light on the facts and circumstances surrounding the PDAF and Malampaya fund scams involved in the cases pending before this honorable office and to support my request to be utilized as state witness and to be granted immunity from criminal prosecution in accordance with Section 17 or Republic Act 6770,” Napoles stated in the conclusion of her affidavit.

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