Rikuoh (Japanese Drama) Review

Rikuoh poster


  • Genre:  Family, Business, drama
  • Date Released: October 2017
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  • Koji Yakusho as Koichi Miyazawa
  • Kento Yamazaki as Daichi Miyazawa
  • Rhyoma Takeuchi as Hiroto Mogi

Yes another Kento Yamazaki drama and Rhyoma Takeuchi as well.

Watch this space.  This will be a weekend viewing!


It started pretty interesting. Koichi Miyazawa is a fourth generation owner of a tabi shoes manufacturing company, which has a 100 years history.

The company used to have billions of yens in revenue and employed 200.  But now there were only 20 people using antiquated machineries, which breakdown all the time.

Their bank balance was not very healthy.  Their bank manager advised Koichi to restructure the company by laying off some of the staff.

But everyone was an integral part of the company.

Their first bank manager was friendly and suggested that perhaps aside from the tabi, they should create another product to save the company.


St Catherine of Alexandria

Bernardino Luini - Saint Catherine

NT; (c) Stourhead; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


St Catherine of Alexandria

Feast Day:

  • 25 November 
  • 24 November with the Orthodox Churches of Russian origin

Apparently Catherine was a Alexandrian princess who was both beautiful and intelligent.  She was a noted scholar.

She turned to Christianity at the age of 14.  But by 18 she was martyred.

Legend has it that St Catherine paid heavily for her belief in Christianity.  Many forms of tortures and humiliations were use on the virgin Catherine to make her recant her faith in Jesus.

She was imprisoned.

She was scrubbed, using abrasive materials, until her whole body was sore and bleeding.

She was starved.

And finally she put her on a breaking wheel.

An angel came from heaven above and destroyed the wheel.

However  St Catherine’s tormentors were not defeated.  They used a sword to  behead her; instead of blood, milk spurted from her body.


Legend of Yun Xi (Chinese Drama Review)

Legend of Yun Xi poster



  • Ju Jing Yi as Han Yun Xi
  • Zhang Zhe Han as Long Fei Ye
  • Yalkun Merxat as Gu Xi Xhao
  • Lin Si Yi as Ouyang Ning Jing
  • Li Rui Chao as Gu Bei Yue
  • Xu Jia Qi as Chu Ching Ge
  • Zhao Yi Xin as Chu Xi Feng
  • Lu Xing Yu as Han Cong’an
  • Hu Bing as Tian Hui Di
  • Shao Xuecong as Baili Mingxiang
  • Li Yaoquan as Poison Master


Legend of Yun Xi (Chinese Drama Review)


Episode 1- 8

Han Yun Xi is a very talented doctor. She is very skilled in Chinese medicine.

She inherited this aptitude from her father, who is an imperial doctor.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi does not have a loving relationship with her father.

After her mother’s gone her father remarried and had another daughter with his new wife.

The father ignored her most of her life and allowed his new family to maltreat her.

He was embarrassed of Yun Xi because she grew up with an unsightly facial skin disease.  It became well known in the land that the imperial doctor’s first daughter was ugly with sore/boil on her face.

Despite her facial affliction, Yun Xi is a feisty, cheerful and a go-getter kind of girl.

When her step-sister fights with her, she fights back.  She was no downtrodden Cinderella.  She blamed her father for her situation with his new family for not doing anything to prevent their cruelty towards her.

Anyway during that time, the land was divided into three kingdoms:  Tian Ning, Western Zhou and Northern Li.

Yun Xi and her family are from the Tian Ning kingdom.

The emperor of Tian Ning is very cunning and crafty.    He noted that Long Fei Ye, Duke of Qin, was doing very well with the military.  FeiYe’s popularity is growing.

Instead of rewarding Fei Ye for his bravery and being an excellent general, the emperor deviously devised a way to pull Fei Ye down a peg or two.  He decreed that Feiye should get married and to add insult to injury the emperor chose a wife for him as well.  He decreed that the new Duchess of Qin will be the infamous ‘ugly’ daughter of the imperial doctor.

Yun Xi is not really ugly.  She just had a minor skin blemish that can be easily overlooked.  (But then again, during those times, the royals were expected to have perfect skin with no visible scars)  And this was the case when she came upon  Gu QiShao while she was foraging for medicinal herbs in the mountains.  He noticed her skin but he did not find it abhorrent.  What he saw was a girl with a lovely personality.  He quite like her.

Anyway Yun Xi was informed that she will be married to the Duke.  Her father told her that she did not have to.  He can refuse the order.

To his surprise Yun Xi was all for it.  He continuously begged his daughter not to go through with the wedding.

Yun Xi told her father that she can’t live another minute with him and his new family.  She put up with a lot of things from them and that had to stop.  Marrying the Duke is  her way out.

Her father was actually nervous for her but it was just  too late for their father-daughter relationship, which had broken down a long time ago. 🙂

On her way to the palace for her wedding, due to stress, she had a nose bleed.  Blood dripped onto her jade bracelet.  The bracelet was magical.

She then had an out of body experience and ended up in another dimension, where there is a library of books  encased in bubbles, floating.  The first book was how to cure the carbuncle in her face.

There was also a book, a legendary book written by the Poison Master.  This book shows how poison can be used to cure ailments.

Miraculously she was cured of her skin blemish and was radiant and beautiful when she got to the palace.  But she was told that the Duke was indisposed and she had to return another day.

Yun Xi got out of her jiao (sedan chair) and refused to go saying that her marriage was an edict from the emperor.  They can’t go against his decree.  Whether the Duke is ill or not she’s married to him.

By episode 8, the romance between Yun Xi and the Duke is heating up.

Episode 9-10

The duke knew that Yun Xi had been tasked by the Empress Dowager to spy on him.

Yun Xi doesn’t have much choice because apparently her mother is not dead and the Empress Dowager knows where the mother is.  Yun Xi is desperate to find her mother.

The duke is somewhat reassured that Yun Xi is not seriously spying on him because the missive she sends the Empress D are all made up and innocuous.  It made him giggle reading them.

Episode 11

From Episode 10, the duke caught the courtesan, Yu Ze, who had poisoned soldiers and ministers with fatal bee stings.

They put Yu Ze under heavy guard in a dungeon but she seemed to have been poisoned.

It took Yun Xi to determine what kind of poison she took or given to her.  Apparently is was a very rare rice poison.

BTW Yu Ze works for Gu Xi Xhao, who had been looking for her to rescue.

Episode 12 – 16

I absolutely adore this drama.  It is about 45 minutes each episode but it’s so watchable it feels shorter.

I like the love triangle developing between the the Duke, Yun Xi and Xi Xhao.

To add to this love triangle is the Duke’s childhood’s sweetheart, who came to stay at the palace much to the jealousy of Yun Xi, who went to Xi Xhao’s herb mountain for some comfort and friendly relaxation. And to ask for forgiveness for blowing him out of their date.

Poor Xi Xhao waited all day and most of the evening at the noodle shop for her.  He had such cute adorable scenes in the noodle shop.  His character is so good.  One minute a romantic man in love, the next a lethal strategies and spy.

After months of being married, Yun Xi finally went to visit her family without the Duke.

Her family was excited at first thinking that the Duke would be coming, but started bullying Yun Xi when they found out she was alone.

They were in the middle of being nasty towards Yun Xi when the Duke came riding down.

He told them off severely and would have put them to death (as being disrespectful to elders and those in the royal family is punishable by death) if Yun Xi did not intervene.

Her father tried to make amends with her but so far he was very clumsy and saying all the wrong words.  He said that he was cold and strict with her because this would make his concubine and younger daughter to be less evil towards her.  ehhh?

The Duke noticed the large painting in Yun Xi’s old bedroom.  He was so humbled as he realised that the woman in the portrait was the one who gave her life for him.  She protected him to the end.

The Duke is actually the crown prince of Qin Xi, a fallen dynasty as his family were hunted down and killed.

The Duke promised Yun Xi to build a medical hall for her but since the coming of his beautiful young cousin, Yun Xi feld sidelined.

Yap love this drama.  Can’t wait for the next episode, where naughty Yun Xin offered to cook for Xi Xhao.

Episode 17

The Duke, as promised, is organising the medical hall but Yun Xi was nowhere to be found.  He found out that she was visiting Xi Xhao.

She came back later very drunk.  She then told the young cousin to stay away from the Duke because he was hers.  She then flew into the duke’s arms and told him she wanted to make a baby with him.  So cute.

Yun Xi slept at the Duke manor.  Her maids transferred all their belongings to this manor.  The duke did not complain, so Yun Xi was very happy.

The Princess of Wei, the newest concubine of the king has been poisoned and Yun Xi had been summoned to enter the palace.

Yun Xi was rather upset because she has a date with the Duke to see the Lantern Festival.

Episode 18

The Duke did not show up at the lantern festival where Yun Xi waited for him for a long time.

The Duke seemed to be ailing and in constant company of his childhood sweetheart.  He also told YunXi to move out of his manor.

The duke seemed to be metamorphosing into something else.  He is the Poison Zombie! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 19

Yun Xi is trying to counter-cure the poisoned blood from Mingxiang being given to the Duke.  But there is more to this as apparently the blood really cures the Duke.

Yun Xi unknowingly became an accomplish to Chu Qingge, the Princess of Wei, who was spying for Gu Xi Xhao.

Gu warned her not to get close to chu Qingge as Yun Xi might get caught up with all the intrigues with the other consorts in the palace.  He really cares for Yun Xi.

Episode 20

Yun Xi is banished into the woodshed because she innocently gave the Duke an antidote for the beauty poison, he was being given by MIngxiang to cure his poison gu which turns him into a poison zombie.  (Seriously, I giggle typing this!)

This was the day that the poison master is transferred to a different location.  The Duke and his men were just in time to hijack the proceeding and kidnap the poison master.

It was not an easy mission and the Duke and his men barely got away with their task.  Excessive martial arts turned the poison gu afflicted Duke into a poison zombie with red eyes and platinum blonde hair, who was all powerful.  Because of the duke persona as the poison zombie, he defeated the Emperor’s army and got away with the abduction of the poison master.

But after he had calm down and went back to his normal self, he became very week but still had to go back to the palace to pretend that he never left at all.

The emperor learnt of the unsuccessful mission he tasked his second son.  He suspected thee Duke as the one being behind the abduction of the poison master.  He tested him of his martial art prowess which as nerve racking as he might turned into a poison zombie once again.

Thankfully it ended well and then he was escorted by Yun Xi back to the manor.

Mingxiang had gone to the Imperial Grand concubine, the adopted mother of the duke, to complain about Yun Xi.  The mother ordered the Yunxi be confined in the wood shed.

Episode 21-22

There is a tantalising clue that the poison master may have a closer tie to Yun Xi as first thought.

Yun Xi noticed that the mad man poison master shares the same abhorrence of carrots and parsley.  He may be her real father.

Once again the Duke shaved Yun xi from another disastrous event.  Yun Xi was just about to be divorced from the Duke by the Imperial Grand concubine when the duke intervened saying that Yun Xi is a double agent really working for him.

The Duke also got jealous of the close friendship between Un Xi and Gu Qishaoi.  He kissed Yun ?Xi and told her that she is grounded and can’t get out of the manor without his permission.  She has been trying to find antidote to his poison gu.

Ito Kentaro (Japanese Actor)

Ito Kentaro @21st

Ito Kentaro (Japanese Actor)


  • Given Name: Ito Kentaro (He used to be known simply as Kentaro until his 21st birthday when he decided to change it to his full name)
  • DoB: 30 June 1997 (21)
  • PoB: Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Civil Status: Single

Films & Dramas

Kakugo wa Iika Soko no Joshi (Japanese Drama) Review & Summary

Kakugo wa Iika Soko no Joshi poster

Are You Ready? Hey You Girl! (2018)


  • Genre: Romance, School, Flower Boy, Teacher Crush, Shoujo Manga
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • Dorama: X Episodes


  • Nakagawa Taishi as Furuya Towa
  • Ito Kentaro as Niimi Ritso
  • Kai Shouma as Sawada Ichiya
  • Wakabayashi Jiei as Kuze Ryosei
  • Karata Erika as Misono Miwa
  • Teppei Koike as Takatsugo Masaki
  • Yosuke Sugino as Toma Naito
  • Yuri Tsunematsu as Kosame Asakura

Kakugo wa Iika Soko no Joshi

This drama is based on a shoujo Manga of 2014, written by Shiiba Nana

Furuya Towa is a handsome 15 year old boy.  Despite being surrounded by adoring girls, he had never had a girlfriend himself.

With the encouragement and instigation of his core friends he confessed to Misono Miwa, a beautiful school mate.  To his surprise Misono turned him down.

Surprisingly Towa, despite being turned down, Misono woke up his hunter instinct!  He really wanted her.

Apparently this is also condensed in a film version.

Episode 1

This drama started and ended in such a kawaii way.

23.09 minutes of utter cuteness.

Towa has always been the centre of attention.  Girls throw themselves at him.   His three friends, Ritso, Ichiya and Ryosei help him get away from the girls in a very good-natured sort of way.

In the same school, there was another good looking guy called Toma (it is Natsume of Good Morning Call 2).  He was a bit put out that despite his good looks, Towa is the one the girls congregate to.

So he thought, being good looking is not enough to become more popular than Towa.  He needed to be more, be cool.

So Toma started posing like he was in deep thought. 🙂  He did look so cool and gorgeous.  He also started drinking coffee – black!  Cool 🙂

This change was noticed by the girls.  Before you know it half of the girls in school started following him.  Naughtily Toma started secretly chatting up three girls at the same time.  In effect he had three girlfriends.,

Towa on the other hand was not bothered with the dwindling numbers of his schoolgirl fans.

Asakura is the female equivalent of Toma and Towa.  She is actually Towa’s cousin who just came back from abroad.

Asakura was surrounded by boys when Towa called her.  Ritso was entranced.

Towa was coming home from mingling with his friends one night, when he witnessed Toma being slapped by each of his girlfriends.  It seems they found out they were being three-timed.

Towa went to console Toma.  They got talking about being popular.  Toma confessed that he’s not used to being not the centre of attention.  Apparently during elementary school, he was the most popular.

Towa said that Toma was really a good man.  They had such a lovely bromance.,  Towa said that he is handsome but Toma is too and he has such a lovely skin and his fingers are long and dainty.  Toma jokingly asked Towa if he was confessing to him.  Awww

Ritso again lost in Jack N poy so he had to empty the thrash.  While doing his chores, some dirt got into his face, suddenly a handkerchief was scrubbing his face.  He was excited to note that the owner of the handkerchief was Asakura.

Can’t wait for the next episode.

Episode 2

It looks so cute.  There seemed to be a guest character as a focal of the story every episode.  First episode was Toma (Yosuke Sugino).

This time round was a boy called Souta Majima, who was copying everything Towa does. It didn’t bother Towa but the legion of girls who are into Towa were unimpressed and rather annoyed.

There was a lone girl, Tamako, who seemed to stand up for the Majima.  She was rather plain with buckteeth, huge black glasses and pigtails.

She confessed to Majima but she qualified it by saying that she was not good enough for him.

Majima said, “Yeah!  You are too ugly”

Apparently Majima did not really mean to say it, it just that Tamako said “I am not good enough for you”, which is apparently the number one break-up line by girls, according to internet research!  The truth of the matter was that Majima has a crush on Tamako.  He finds her plainness absolutely enchanting.

He went to Towa to ask advice about how to get Tamako back after telling her she’s ugly.

Tamako and Majima had a meeting at the school canteen and before you know it they were saying iskedes to one another. Lovey dovey! 🙂

Meanwhile Ritso is falling deeper and deeper for Asakura.  She’s a very lively girl and very friendly.

He got to accidentally hug her at the restaurant.  He saved her from tripping on a chair.  His discomfiture was felt by his three friends, who teased him so much.

In this episode, a new teacher was also introduced.  He’s Mr Masaki, the best looking teacher in their school.


Vin Zhang (Chinese Actor)

Zhang Vin

Vin Zhang


  • Given Name: Zhang Bin Bin
  • DOB: 19 January 1993 (25)
  • PoB: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy
  • Career: Model, Singer, Actor

Vin Zhang is a very charismatic actor, hence, he makes such an impact in dramas that he was in including Love O20 and Pretty Li Hui Shen.

Vin Zhang (Chinese Actor)

Dramas & Films:



Maja Salvador (Filipina Actress)

Maja Salvador


  • Full Name: Maja Ross Andres Salvador
  • DoB: 5 October 1988 (29)
  • PoB: Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines
  • Height: 1.54 m
  • Civil Status: Single (part of Philippines’ showbiz Salvador clan)
  • Career: Singer, Dancer (known as the Dance Princess), Model, Host, Actress

Maja Salvador exudes sexiness and charisma.  She is a very good actress who has gained plenty of acting awards.

Maja Salvador (Filipina Actress)

Dramas & Films:

My Story For You (Chinese Drama Review)

My Story For You poster


  • Genre: Romance, Autobiographical, Family, Rags to Riches
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • CDrama: 48 Episodes


  • Luo Jin as Zhang Changgong
  • Zheng Shuang as Li Muzi
  • Pen Hanchen as Han Dong (Best Friend)
  • Zhang Yishang as Zhang YaoYao (sister)
  • Wong Gongliang as Li Ningfeng (policeman)
  • Yang Jingcheng as Wei Xiaoshan (Best-Friend)
  • Li Yiyi as Xiao Ayi (Ex-Gf)
  • Qin Yiming as Liu Mingtao

This story is about the struggle of a high school graduate with a vocational in IT and his ultimate success both in Love and work.

I must say Luo Jin had been so busy these last few months.  This is his third in just a few months.


My Story For You (Chinese Drama Review)

Episode 1 – 6

This was in 1998, time leading to the  computer boom.

Chang Gong finished high school and then studied IT.  Due to not having a college degree, he can’t find gainful employment.  But he created a very popular chatroom where he met young people including Li Muzi.

It was agreed that their core group within the chatroom should meet and greet in person.  Chang Gong described himself as 1.6 m in height while Li Muzi said she was 200 kg in weight.

Of course it was the opposite,  Chang Gong was tall and handsome while Li Muzi was slim and gorgeous.

They were attracted to one another immediately.  Their romance is fairly sedate at the moment as Chang Gong had finally found himself a job, though it did not start well.  On his first day he was investigated by the police for a missing digital camera.

His friends, Han Dong and Mingtao, helped him get the real culprit by using Han Dong expensive mobile phone (think vintage phone) as the bait.  Thank goodness the real thief was rather greedy.  He was caught in the act trying to take the phone from the cupboard.

Han Dong is an heir of a large corporation.  But he was a hot-head and a trouble-maker.

He had a fisticuffs with one of his professors which lead to his expulsion from the univesity.  His father told him to come home but he refused.  He declared that he will not come home without building his own company.  His father washed his hand off him for now and told him he can do whatever he like but he was not getting a penny.

Han Dong is renting a room from Chang Gong parents.  He started selling dvds, cds, cassettes tapes, etc on a bicycle cart which proved popular.  At this time he is getting closer to the daughter of the professor, who he had the fight with.   The woman has a young child already.

This turn of events did not go well with Zhang Yao Yao, the sister of Chang Gong, who has a massive crush on Han Dong. She was so jealous.

Yao Yao was a nurse but secretly resigned from her nursing job to become a call centre handler, which pays more.  Yao Yao seems to attract troubles, through no fault of her own and she always ends up in the police station.  The chief was Li Ningfeng, who has taken a particular interest to Yao Yao’s family.

Wei Shaoshan, who lives with his mother in another room rented from Chang Gong’s parents (?)  has a rich and rather opinionated girlfriend.  The girlfriend was about to fly to the states for further study.  This only made Shaoshan realised how different their status in life.

Chang Gong is doing really well at his job.  He was given more responsibility managing a website of a television station.

Now, the contract for the television is up for renewal.  Chang Gong’s boss, who gave him his big break and believed in him,  told him that he has a couple of choices: stay as a permanent employee of the television station managing their website or go with the CEO’s company and be rewarded for his effort.  The company is going to float their stocks and shares with NASDAQ.

Here he had to make a choice.

Episode 7

Chenggong decided to leave the tv station to work with his IT boss.

He had also met Muzi’s family who were military men.

Chenggong, Han Dong and Ziaxhiosan had decided to bail out Chenggong ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend who borrowed the life savings of the granmother.  The boyfriend then spent the money on a great rich scheme which was buying and selling anti-millennium bug for the coming 2000.  Unfortunately he can’t sell the CDs and lost every thing of the 50K.

Episode 8

It’s year 2000

YaoYao spent New Year’s eve tagging along with the policeman in his rounds.

Yang Mi (Chinese Actress)

杨幂高清壁纸 Yang MI

Yang Mi


  • DoB: 12 September 1986 (31)
  • PoB: Xuanwu District, Beijing, China
  • Height: 1.68 m
  • Civil Status: Married to Hawick Lau (1 child)
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Career: Singer, Model, Actress, Producer, Entrepreneur

Yang Mi is a very popular, much sought after, Chinese actress, who has starred in several blockbustre television dramas and film.

Dramas & Films:

Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are full of goodness.  They contain a lot of folate and indoles, which are bioflavanoids and nitrogen compound. Indoles are supposed to reduce the risk of cancer.

Brussels sprout is cabbage lookalike in miniature. And like cabbage, brussels sprout can cause flatulence.

Choose small green ones and they can be store in the fridge in a paper bag.  Keep them unwashed to prevent them going yellow and tasting bitter and soggy when cooked.

And they got their name from Brussels in Belgium.

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