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13th Month Bonus Against Death & Starvation

The President of the Philippines has really lost it.  He just authorised the early issuance of 13th month pay bonuses to government employees and officials when dead people remained strewn on the street of Leyte because of shortage of body bags.

Does the President spend any time thinking things through?  Is common decency beyond him?

Obviously the President has not heard of recession?  But then again, Philippines do not do recession as it has millions of cash cows breaking their backs abroad to be able to  send remittances to their families back home, thereby  propping the Philippine economy.

How can this President face the kind-hearted people from around the world who have bent over backwards to donate monies, relief goods and manpower assistance to what appeared to be a cash-strapped country  which has been through the mill?  Now they will learn that this country does not know where its priority lies?  In the midst of death and destruction, literally, the President is happily authorising a 10 per cent pay bonus!

No wonder it is very hard to find someone who has a kind word for PNOY’s integrity and intentions lately.  He is like a fish out of water!

In his interview with CNN, he said that he did not realise the magnitude of disaster in Tacloban and the islands in Leyte; therefore he took it upon himself to do almost nothing and leave protocol to the dispersed officials in Leyte.  Despite the BBC, CNN, GMA News, ABS CBN broadcasting news after news on the hour every hour of  the dead, the starving, the stranded  and the displaced people in Leyte from almost day one; the President remained clueless of what was going on, he said.  I am here in London and I knew as soon as it happened.  I have never heard of Atom Araullo before but his derring-do in reporting the ferocity of the typhoon made him a hit.  Does this mean PNoy missed all these?  How bizarre?  What planet is he on?

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P16.05-B bonus ng mga kawani ng gobyerno, iniutos ni PNoy na ibigay na

November 14, 2013 12:11am

Kasunod ng malawakang pinsala na iniwan ng bagyong “Yolanda” sa ilang lugar sa Visayas region, iniutos ni Pangulong Benigno Aquino III na maagang ibigay ang year-end bonus ng mga kawani ng pamahalaan na aabot sa P16.05 bilyon.Sa isang pahayag nitong Miyerkules, sinabi ni Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, na matatanggap ng 1,209,375 kawani ng gobyerno ang balanse ng kanilang 13th month pay at cash gift na nagkakahalaga ng P5,000.Nauna nang natanggap ng mga kawani ang kalahati ng kanilang 13th month pay noong nakaraang Mayo.

Ang bonus ay para sa mga civilian at uniformed personnel sa lahat ng kagawaran at ahensiya, pati na ang mga regular co-terminus employees sa pamahalaan.

“As early as today [Wednesday] after the President authorized it. The allotments have been with the agencies and all they needed is authorization from the President which was secured today,” tugon ni Abad nang tanungin kung kailangan maibibigay ang bonus.

Sinabi ng kalihim na karaniwang sa Disyembre ibinibigay ang nabanggit na bonus.

Sa maagang pagbibigay ng bonus, umaasa si Abad na makatutulong ito lalo na sa mga napinsala ng mga kalamidad.

“With billions in damage already in view – not to mention the irretrievable loss of life in Yolanda-stricken areas – the Aquino administration is tapping all its resources to mobilize relief operations in all affected areas and communities,” ayon sa opisyal.

“But we also need to account for how Yolanda’s survivors will fare in the aftermath, or how their friends and relatives can help in the wake of such a disaster. We hope to address that with the early release of year-end bonuses for all uniformed and civilian personnel in government,” dagdag niya.

Noong 2009, sinabi ni Abad na buwan ng Setyembre nang ibinigay ang year-end bonuses sa mga kawani ng gobyerno dahil naman sa pinsalang idinulot ng bagyong “Ondoy.”

“President Aquino recognizes that with little to no resources, government employees who were affected by the super typhoon will have a very difficult time getting back to their feet,” aniya.

“We recognize, as well, that millions of public servants whose respective cities were spared by Yolanda are only too keen on giving what they can and helping those who survived such a horrific calamity,” paliwanag pa ni Abad.

Maliban sa pinsala ni “Yolanda,” ilan pa sa matinding kalamidad na tumama sa bansa ay ang Zamboanga City seige noong Setyembre, pagtama ng bagyong “Santi” sa Central Luzon nitong Oktubre, at nasundan ng lindol sa Cebu at Bohol kung saan mahigit 200 katao ang nasawi.  —FRJ, GMA News

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