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All Tied Up

Isn’t it most annoying that wearing a tie becomes impossibly complicated when you are going to be late for work?  Even more stressful is when you can’t find a tie to match your shirt; when you find one, your digits are all thumbs.

My husband says that most people at his work do not wear ties anymore.  The ties are often relegated to the trousers’ pocket waiting to be worn when they have more time puzzling the art of tieing but most of the times, ties remain forlorn in the cocoon of sweaty pockets.

Gone were the days when you have to be suited and booted to be personable enough to hold an office job.

All Tied Up

Below is a pictorial illustration of the most popular ways of knotting one’s tie in few simple steps:



No reason anymore not to smarten oneself up.  Wear that tie!

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