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Lato Salad, Green Caviar

Lato, photo by PH Morton

Lato Salad, Green Caviar

This seaweed is called Lato in the Philippines.  It  has a scientific name of Caulerpa lentillifera. 

It is also known as green caviar for obvious reason that they look like fish roes.  Latos are also popular in Malaysia and Okinawa, where they are called  umi-budō, which means sea grapes.

This is a real gourmet treat; for the newbies, it might takes a little getting used to.  It is because of the soft, succulent popping bulb which is salty and has the smell of the sea.  Don’t get me wrong, it is truly delicious.

Lato seaweed  is flavoursome as a side to some  fried pork or fish with steamed rice for lunch!

To make Lato Salad is easy and quick; the recipe follows below:



A big bunch of Lato seaweeds

2 big tomatoes

3 small onions (Shallots)

Method of Preparation:

  • Carefully clean the lato of sand, grits and other debris from the sea. 
  • Cut the tomatoes in bite size wedges 
  • Do the same with the shallots. 
  • Toss the tomatoes and shallots with the lato. 
  • No need to season as the lato is naturally salty 😉 
  • Enjoy the freshness of this salad.

Happy eating this salad that taste of the freshness of the sea.

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