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Olympic Games – IOC axe wrestling from 2020 Games

The International Olympic Committee has axed one of the oldest Olympic sports from the 2012 Games: wrestling.

Eurosport – 1 hour 11 minutes ago


WRESTLING Russian wrestler in the Olympic final

Eurosport – WRESTLING Russian wrestler in the Olympic final

The ancient combat sport was one of the events in the original Games in ancient Greece, and was one of the nine sports included when the Games were resurrected in 1896.

But the IOC have decided that what is now a very niche sport should no longer be in the line-up of sports when the 2020 Games are contested in Istanbul, Madrid or Tokyo.

The Games have long been limited to 26 sports in order to keep the scale of the event from running out of control.

The list of sports is reviewed after each Games, with factors such as TV ratings, ticket sales and global popularity taken into account, and the IOC’s vote came after the 2012 report recommended that wrestling should be dropped. Modern pentathlon and Taekwondo had also been thought to be at risk, but so far have survived the cull.

There is a possible way back for wrestling, however: the sport has been added to the list of hopefuls which will lobby for Olympic inclusion from 2020, alongside baseball, softball, squash, karate, sport climbing, wakeboarding, wushu and roller sports.

The IOC will vote on which new sport to include at a meeting in Buenos Aires in September.

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