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Pope Francis urges Philippine Government Leaders To End Corruption

All institutions are prone to corruption and to the vices of their members.
– Morris West (Australian Novelist 1916-1999)

Here is an interesting BBC news item, we hope the Philippine leadership take note and act upon speedily as would any upcoming Presidential hopeful in 2016!

Despite President Aquino making his own comments about the Catholic Church in the Philippines, more importantly, the  Pork Barrel PPAF, Napoles etc scandals still persist despite promises from Filipino leaders to deal with!

We hope His Holiness’s words will be heeded !

Pope Francis urges Philippine Government Leaders To End Corruption

 Pope Francis urges Philippine Government Leaders To End Corruption

Pope Francis waves to the faithful from his Popemobile as his motorcade leaves the Presidential Palace for the Manila Cathedral Friday, 16 January 2015 in Manila, Philippines.Pope Francis travelled to Manila’s Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in his ‘Popemobile’ on Friday

Pope Francis has urged Philippine leaders to end “scandalous social inequalities” and corruption during a welcome ceremony in Manila.

On the first full day of his five-day visit, he called for politicians to show commitment to the “common good”.

But President Benigno Aquino responded that many Catholic clergy had been silent about the abuses conducted under former President Gloria Arroyo.

And he said some clergymen were now too quick to criticise him.

“In contrast to their previous silence, some members of the clergy now seem to think that the way to be true to the faith means finding something to criticise,” he said.

“Even to the extent that one prelate admonished me to do something about my hair, as if it were a mortal sin.”

The pontiff arrived in the majority Catholic country on Thursday and is due to travel to the typhoon-hit city of Tacloban on Saturday.

The centre-piece of his visit is an open-air Mass in Manila on Sunday, which is expected to attract millions.

The Pope is on a six-day tour of Asia. Earlier in the week he visited Sri Lanka.

‘Voice of the poor’

Well-wishers line the streets to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis in Manila on 15 January 2015 The Pope received a rapturous reception as he arrived in Manila

Speaking at a welcome ceremony in the presidential palace, Pope Francis called for leaders “to reject every form of corruption, which diverts resources from the poor”.

He said it was a Christian duty to “break the bonds of injustice and oppression which give rise to glaring, and indeed scandalous, social inequalities”.

The Philippines, like many countries in Asia, has corruption issues.

Corruption activist group Transparency International put the Philippines at 85 in its latest Corruption Perceptions Index, level with India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Under Mr Aquino, the Philippines’ record has slowly improved.

Mr Aquino suggested the Church had not done enough to fight corruption under Mrs Arroyo, who is facing charges of plundering state funds and election fixing.

“There was a true test of faith when many members of the Church, once advocates for the poor, the marginalised, and the helpless, suddenly became silent in the face of the previous administration’s abuses, which we are still trying to rectify to this very day,” Mr Aquino said.

Filipino Catholic devotees gather outside the Manila Cathedral as they wait to celebrate a mass with Pope Francis in Manila, Philippines, 16 January 2015Many people began waiting outside the cathedral in Manila for the Mass in the early hours of Friday
Pope Francis, left, and Philippine President Benigno Aquino III stand together during the welcoming ceremony Friday, 16 January 2015 at the Presidential Palace grounds in Manila, PhilippinesPresident Benigno Aquino (R) hosted a welcome ceremony for the Pope at the presidential palace on Friday.

One Way Binay!

It appears Vice President  Binay may want a way out, with the Pork Barrel,PDAF,  Napoles scandals and typhoon Yolanda aid distribution fiasco touching and staining  the Filipino government hard, maybe he wants to take an extended trip.

As reported below he had only a one-way ticket to South Africa to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela!?
Hmmm, maybe wishful thinking for many fed up Filipinos too, hoping indeed it would be permanently one way 😉
Also allowing for his wife to attend, why are all the others also attending?
We wonder why Binay is going early – nearly a week before the funeral?
Chance for a short vacation/holiday too?
Most leaders wont attend until the day before at least?
What with all the attendants and ‘bag/luggage carriers’ going too, what is the total cost to the Filipino people?

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Vice-President Jejomar Binay prior his departure to South Africa to attend the wake of the late former President Nelson Mandela. Photo by Raoul Esperas for ABS-CBNNews.com

MANILA (UPDATED) – Vice-President Jejomar Binay on Monday departed for South Africa to attend the wake and burial of former President and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela.

Binay is President Benigno Aquino’s official representative at the state burial of Mandela, who died a few days ago.

Binay said the death of Mandela is a great loss for peace and democracy.

“President Mandela will always be remembered for his advocacy to democracy,” he said.

Binay boarded a commercial flight of Cathay Pacific Airlines, which initially refused to allow him to check in due to his failure to present a return ticket, which is a requirement for all passengers bound for another country.

Binay said because of the requirement, he instructed his staff to immediately purchase a return ticket for submission to the airline and immigration.

He was with his wife, former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay, Binan Mayor Len Alonte, Eduardo Lacson and Margarita Lacson. – report by Raoul Esperas

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