Amish Way of Life


Speaking for God is the greatest sin according to the Amish!
– from the episode of Bones

Amish Way of Life

I quite like how the Amish live.  I like their simple life, being self reliant and literally making their own food by planting and then harvesting it.

I also quite like their regimental life that regirously follows sets of laws and rules.

There have been some negative press for the Amish lately because of curiousity from the outside world. There are some reality shows that supposed to show how Amish lives.  Some scenes are quite hilariously fantastical as you can see that scenes are obviously made up.  You come away after watching it being none the wiser as you know the shows were scripted.

Amish Proverbs:

amish-clipart-amish_man_&_woman_1A good husband is like the right horse, it works hard and eats a lot.” –Amish Proverb

Distance sometimes can bring you closer. –  Amish proverb


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