Legend of Forget-Me-Not (flower)

In a few hours times, it would be officially spring here in the UK.

Spring to me is about blooms,forget me not flowers, buds, new growth on trees, birds tweeting, etc.

Although, there is hardly any sign of spring, we can only but hope that it will arrive soon.

To welcome spring let us talk about flowers, forget-me-not specifically.

I read a very poignant but romantic legend regarding the forget-me-nots.

The Legend of Forget-Me-Not (flower)

lady_and_knightThis was during the age of chivalry; a knight in his full armour  was about to leave for battle. He was taking a walk by the riverside with his ladylove to say his goodbyes when his lady saw and admired some pretty flowers growing by the water. Without so much ado, the knight went into the water and picked the flowers for her. Alas his full heavy armour unbalanced him and he tumbled into the deep of the river still clutching the beautiful little blue flowers. He tried to get out of the water several times but the armour was just too heavy and cumbersome. The last time he managed to surface, he threw the flowers by the feet of his lady shouting “forget me not!”  And then he was gone!

So sad!!!


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