Most Beautiful Filipinas – Past & Present

I have been told several times that Filipinas are considered the most beautiful women of Asia. They have a certain unique countenance that differs them from others in Asia.

It has probably something to do with Philippines being a melting pot of races, which produced these truly aesthetically superior beauties.

I have left the Philippines in mid-80s and have not really followed the Philippine movies, which produce new batch of fresh drop-dead gorgeous celebs in almost every waking-moment of the day.

With celebrities, we can never truly know what is inside them, how they really feel. We can never know whether they are truly good people inside and out.

Entering show-business or becoming a public figure allows one to wear a mask, leaving behind close doors one’s real self. I supposed this is the only way to keep oneself sane and to have a bit of control.

Anyway we will leave the psychology of it all and just concentrate on the physical beauty of Filipinas.


Most Beautiful Filipinas – Past & Present


My List which is a work in progress is not in any order. It includes the following (so far):



Amalia Fuentes

In her heyday Amalia was known as the most beautiful woman in Asia.  The Liz Taylor of the Philippines.

Obviously because of her beauty, she became a product endorser and she was the very first Filipina Lux soap model.

Amalia is multi-talented.  She acts, she writes scripts, she directs as well.

Sadly, life has not been always kind to her.  Her only biological daughter died recently which caused Amelia to have a very public breakdown.

Hope she finds solace somewhere!




Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos has always been a real beauty.  She’s called the Rose of Tacloban, having won a beauty pageant when much younger and an ingenue.  Imelda Marcos life story came straight from the pen of Jose Rizal.

Imelda’s grandmother was a product of a friar’s dalliance with a Filipina in a la Maria Clara story.

Despite being a Romualdez, with their perceived fabulous wealth, Imelda’s life was one of rugs to riches story.  She grew up in the garage of the big house, where the children of her father’s first marriage lived.  She knew what poverty was like.  This might have been the factor that pushed her to reach the top and stay there and amassed the fabulous wealth she now enjoys which she can only dream of as a child.

Imelda, is probably the original ‘World Class Filipina, which the Philippine media is spouting about! Imelda is now known around the world for her gargantuan collection of shoes!

KC Concepcion


  • I’ve just read somewhere that Amalia Fuentes, top above, considers KC Concepcion to have the most beautiful face in today’s crops of goddesses in Philippine showbiz.

We thought so too.

KC, despite the silver spoon in her pretty mouth, has remained down to earth.   Sharon Cuneta, her mother, brought her up well.  And I supposed it has also to do with life experiences KC has had.  Firstly being conned by an ex-boyfriend, whose alleged sexuality is questionable!  Then also the death of her maternal grandmother, whom she was very close to and lately a very surprising contretemps with her saintly mother, Sharon Cuneta.  Reading between the lines (I really hope I am misreading the lines LOL) it seems KC is a bit of a rebel and rather ungrateful to all the sacrifices her mother did on her behalf!

Sharon was also apparently concerned with how KC is clothing herself lately – very miniscule, to say the least.  I supposed she is a young lady, who has something to show.  If you’ve got it ….. flaunt it.


Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano is the new face of Philippine cinema.  She has now constantly appear on national as well as international polls of the most beautiful women in the world.








Lorna Tolentino

I remember Lorna Tolentino as a natural beauty, really beautiful face and had the most enviable body and most shapely legs in the 80s and 90s.  The mole on her upper lip became rather famous as well.

She was so popular that her name was abbreviated to just her initial LT or Lorna T..

Lorna was a beautiful child actress who grew up into a very accomplished and multi-awarded actress.







Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera is one of the most beautiful faces in today’s Philippine showbiz.  From what I saw in YouTube, Marian is charming and full of vim.  She can dance pretty well and can sing a little.  But there is something about her that is shiny and bright. She is near perfection but not quite, Marian is not confident with the English language preferred by the snobby world of Philippine showbiz. 😉 She is not a bimbo (she is in fact a BS Psychology graduate) but English does not come naturally to her.  She just had a baby and it seems motherhood had changed her.  She has become ultra conservative and a fount of information about child rearing.

Marian also has the most fabulous collection of designer bags, shoes and clothes.  Her collection is well documented via instagram, FB and twitter as well countless magazine coverage.



au Pijuan

Aurora Pijuan is the second Miss International winner from the Philippines.

Aurora, also known as Au Au married a basketball coach, Tommy Manotoc, who came from a rich and influential family.

Her public life became more controversial when her husband became her ex.

Tommy married Imee Marcos, the eldest daughter of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.

Aurora remains beautiful inside and out.  She is now busy doing charity work, mainly for the Gawad Kalinga.



Rhiann Ramos

Rhian Ramos is currently garnering credits and kudos for appearing as Jade Tanchingco in the latest GMA televison soap, The Rich Man’s Daughter, which I think is loosely based on a real-life story of the lesbian daughter, Gigi Chao, of a Chinese billionaire.  The Father offered gazillions of money as a dowry to a man that could make his daughter heterosexual again. LOL

Rhian herself is not a stranger to controversy.  While much younger, scandalous videos of her with her then boyfriend DJ Mo Twister appeared.  It was also reported that she had undergone an alleged abortion, which of course was so shocking to the Catholic country of the Philippines.

Just so glad my compatriots are so forgiving.

Kuh Ledesma



When I was growing up, I secretly wished I was Kuh Ledesma. She was the most popular chanteuse in the early 80’s. She has an exotic beauty, almost androgynous but she looked so sophisticated and so intelligent.











Lovi Poe 3Lovi Poe is the daughter of Fernando Poe, Jr from an affair.

Lovi is lovely with her morena (kayumanggi) complexion.  She is a good dancer and a very convincing actress.

I actually love her.









Angel Locsin


Angel Locsin was the most popular actress for a long time in the Philippines when she is much younger. But people, her fans, are pickle. They can’t take so much controversy from their idol, who seems to crawl out from one to the next.
Back in February 2016 in Manila, she was a regular feature of the tabloid newspaper ‘Bulgar’ after she broke up ‘again’ from her boyfriend Luis Manzano.



Dawn Zulueta









Kristine Hermosa













Pilar Pilapil











Vilma Santos










Bessie Badilla



ANNA THERESA LUY LICAROS (born August 10, 1984 in Mandaluyong City, Philippines), nicknamed Tere, is the Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2007 titleholder.











Loren Legarda

LOREN LEGARDA is a Filipina broadcasting journalist, environmentalist, and politician of Visayan ancestry, notable as the only female to top two senatorial elections (1998) and 2007).


















Maricel Soriano

(born Maria Cecilia Dador Soriano on February 25, 1965), also known as The Diamond Star, is a critically acclaimed Filipina film and television actress. She has starred in many films covering different genres including comedy, fantasy (Inday series), horror, suspense, action, romance and drama. She has appeared in hundreds of films and has scored a number of blockbuster hits.  She’s known for being feisty (Taray) in her films and real life.







Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta is a known as the MegaStar of the Philippine cinema.  She is the mother of KC Concepcion with Gabby Concepcion.

Sharon earned her Megastar title by always having a blockbustre films.










A true list of real Filipina beauties will not be complete without a mention of the tragic Stella Strada.


Lea Salonga


Lea Salonga is a kosher broadway queen and even a west end queen at one point with Miss Saigon.  I remember Lea Salonga as a child.  I used to watch her sing on television.  I was completely enchanted on how she enunciate every word of songs, thus her lips are very mobile.





Susan Roces


Gloria Romero


Zsa Zsa Padilla


Maja Salvador

Maja-Salvador2This girl has something special about her.  She has lots of sex appeal.  During a drama scene against the beauteous Angel Locsin, Maja was able to hold her own and shown!









Celeste Legaspi

Celeste Legaspi

Celeste Legaspi

During her heydey, back when she was known more as a very accomplished songstress rather than an actress, Celeste was gorgeously sophisticated.  She has grown more beautiful and had become a very accomplished actress.

One of my favourite Tagalog songs that always makes me happy is Manang Sorbitero (Mr Ice-Cream Man) was sung by Celeste.












Maricar Reyes

Maricar Reyes is not only a real beauty but brainy as well.  This stunning woman is multi-talented and multi-skilled as  an actress, and a model but also as a General Practitioner (GP).  Yes folks our Maricar is a medical doctor.  Maricar’s career and personal life were almost derailed by a salacious scandal (her sex-video with Haydon Kho, who has a penchant for recording sexual acrobatics with women which often end up on the internet, was one which got downloaded online).

However, Maricar is now married to Richard Poon and her career is still stellar.






kris-aquino-olay-mainKRIS Aquino to me is not just a pretty face (she has Belo on her cellphone, lol) but she is also beautifully honest in her opinions to the point of being tactless and sometimes even rather rude.

She wears her heart on her sleeve.  Many a time, she can be found crying on television, to let everyone know her side of the story (there had been many and I expect more to come.)  I like that! LOL

She seems to be a very good mother; a faithful sister, a good cook, fairly good actress, a generous friend by all account and a confident host on television.

Despite her many blessings, love – REAL LOVE, seems to evade this beauty.  Good wishes to her from US.



Louise De Los Reyes

louiseThis girl is a natural beauty.  She has charisma.

1 June 2015 – Something seems to be happening to Louise.  A few weeks ago, a random woman came out to claim that she was Louise’ s real mother.  She can’t show solid proof aside from having given her child, allegedly Louise, to a friend of a friend to take care of, as they can’t look after baby Louise for not lack of love but of money.

Strangely, Louise seems to encourage the woman to go on with her ‘delusion’?!!!




Charito Solis

charito solisCharito Solis was a premier actress in the Philippines.  She was consistently nominated and won countless awards in drama.  She was beautiful and feisty.

Unfortunately her stellar career was slightly dimmed by some salacious unfounded rumours.  Allegedly, the death of the popular Manila mayor, Arsenio Lacson was due to a fatal stroke from over-excitement while making love to the young and beauteous Charito in a hotel room.





Bianca Umali

Bianca Umali

She is so pretty.  She reminds me of Kendall Jenner.









    …AMALIA FUENTES: From Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!
    …Her replacement is “NOT YET” BORN!
    …She is SECOND TO NONE!

    1. I remember my mother bringing me to watch Amalia Fuentes doing a film when I was young. My mother was Amalia’s numero uno fan. LOL Anyway I think Amalia was shooting a horror film, I am not too sure. I think she played a woman called Scarlata. I am really not too sure, I was little then and it was the 70s. The first time I saw her was when she moved away from among floor length curtains in semi darkness and then suddenly the room started to lighten up. She was the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen. She was like a goddess. She was ethereal. Simply stunning.

  2. Bessie Badilla was our neighbor for many years until she moved out of the country. She is also the godmother of my youngest daughter. She remains unaffected by her wealth and beauty.

  3. Amalia is beautiful, no doubt about it, but to say that nobody can dethrone her is beyond me. My vote goes all the way to Marian dela Riva who exudes the charm and poise of the quintessential Filipina beauty. Truly a pleasant mix of the East and West.

  4. Another beautiful Filipina that I thought I should add was Gretchen Barretto. I remember her as very classically beautiful, very fresh and chic.

    So I tried to google for a photo but most look like a caricature of the old Gretchen. So I went to youtube to double check. Found the new Gretchen rather disquieting. She looks like she is not wholey organic anymore. Her face seems to me to be made of a very taut rubber and plastic.

    Why for goodness’s sake did Gretchen interfere with her perfection of beauty?!!!

  5. I have just been looking at the 99 most beautiful Filipinas using this link:

    I noticed that most of them are a carbon copy of each other, I mean they seem to share the same nose, the same chin, the same cheeks, and the eyes! Do they all go to the same beauty enhancement clinic?!!!

    Some even discovered St Tropez bronzer. They are unnaturally darker that the average kayumanggi. They look like dirty gold, I wish they realise that too much is just to much!

    I am afraid my classic beauties above still stand!!!

    Let me know your thoughts!

  6. How could you leave out Michelle Malkin? She is not only drop dead gorgeous, but also brilliant and of unimpeachable good character.

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