Sue, The T-Rex


Sue, The T-Rex

Meet Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Sue, a seven tonne t-rex can be seen at the Field Museum in Chicago.  Sue is currently the largest and most complete specimen of the prehistoric predator ever found. The curator paid a record-breaking $8.4m at auction in 1997.

Dinosaur enthusiasts are revising their image of the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex after discovering that the most famous specimen on public display was felled not in mortal combat, but by an infection that causes sore throats in pigeons.

Examination of her remains found that this 65million years old t-rex had suffered and survived turbulent skirmishers that left her with 3 broken ribs, torn tendons and damaged shoulders.

But do you know how Sue died?

Well scientists reckon that Sue died of sore throat.

T-Rex Trivia:

Did you know the nearest living relative to the tyrannosaurus rex is the chicken!

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