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Mind Your P’s & Q’s

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Take this quiz and see how well you’ve been minding your P’s & Q’s. A good vocabulary increases your chances for success. Click the radio button next to what you think is the correct definition. Click the ‘Get Score’ button below to reveal the answers and see how you did.

1. Pique
a. Pleasantly pungent or tart in taste.
b. A tightly woven fabric with raised patterns.
c. A feeling of wounded pride.
d. A breed of small dogs.

2. Pulque
a. An alcoholic beverage brewed from cacti.
b. Celestial sources emitting intense bursts of radio waves.
c. Undigested material regurgitated by snakes, owls, etc.
d. Mayan city noted for fabulous architecture.

a. To confuse or trouble with uncertainty or doubt.
b. A payment or profit received in addition to a regular wage.
c. Discriminate on the basis of race, religion, etc.
d. An area thought to be suitable for a mine or oil well.

4. Plaque
a. A small pin or brooch worn as an ornament.
b. A film of bacteria found on the gums.
c. Plaster consisting of gypsum and horse hair.
d. The breast plate of a knight’s armor.

5. Physique
a. The arrangement of leaves on a stem.
b. One who specializes in physiotherapy.
c. A tonic that increases energy and strength.
d. The configuration of a human body.

6. Picaresque
a. Describing artwork influenced by Picasso.
b. Of little value or importance; paltry.
c. Strikingly expressive or vivid.
d. Of or involving clever rogues or adventurers.

7. Quetzal
a. A basic unit of currency in Bolivia.
b. An ancient cereal grass once grown by the Hopi.
c. Central American bird with brilliant plumage.
d. A plumed serpent god of the Aztecs.

8. Querulous
a. Asking a lot of questions; curious.
b. Given to complaining; peevish.
c. Deviating from the expected or normal.
d. Boastful or bragging.

9. Quahog
a. Captain Ahab’s ship in “Moby Dick”.
b. A large Atlantic clam.
c. A small peccary related to the warthog.
d. A valuable timber tree found in the rain forest.

10. Quandary
a. An open pit where stone is cut and polished.
b. A four-sided geometric shape.
c. A state of uncertainty or perplexity.
d. A publication issued four times a year.




Answer Key (Give yourself 10 per cent for each correct answer):
1. c
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. d
6. d
7. c
8. b
9. b
10. c

Your Ranking:
0%: Let me introduce you to Mr. Webster.
10-30%: Your dictionary is dusty.
40-60%: You read more than the daily news.
70-90%: An aspiring wordsmith!
100%: How many lexicons do you own?

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