Aurora – The Polar Bear

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This Sunday, a three-tonne, double-decker sized bus mechanical polar bear named Aurora will perambulate along  the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge, finishing at the London headquarters of oil giant Shell in protest against their plans to drill in the Arctic.

Aurora, especially commissioned by Greenpeace  will be operated from inside by a team of 15 puppeteers (including artists from West End blockbuster War Horse) while a built-in sound system will create a polar soundscapes. The 41-foot-long puppet is also fully articulated. The head and jaws move, and billowing sides will give the impression of breathing.

Made of reclaimed ship parts and recycled materials, Aurora will carry in her fur the names of more than 3.5 million people who have joined the global movement to protect the Arctic from industrial exploitation. Following the beast in the parade will be hundreds of people in polar bear costumes and other Arctic garb.

The parade starts at Victoria Tower Gardens (next to Parliament) on Sunday 15 September at midday.

Let us welcome and support Aurora on that date.  Please diarise!

Source: Londonist – Article by Ruth Hargreaves


  1. The BBC reports that around 3,000 participated on the march led by Aurora yesterday.

    It was a family outing with a message to the world to stop drilling for oil and other minerals in the Arctic.

    It is not worth it as repercussion is much, much greater in terms of grave global outcome than gas and oil.

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