Peter Higgs and Francois Englert win Nobel physics prize

There you go Peter, your namesake has finally been awarded the Nobel Physics prize for the Higgs Boson.

My Peter has been asking me why Peter Higgs has not been Nobel prized yet. They’ve found the particle, what else would they want?!!! LOL He asked me this question almost every other day. We do talk a lot about science! 😉

Anyway, one scientist – a really great one, will probably feel a little bit miffed with the Nobel Prize received by Peter Higgs. Yes I am talking about you, Stephen Hawking, you said they’ll never find this God Particle! Not to worry, Stephen, your non-faith does not diminish your genius. After all didn’t good old Albert Einstein also said that Quantum Mechanics was a mumbo jumbo?!!!



Peter Higgs and Francois Englert win Nobel physics prize for Higgs boson research

By Tuesday 8 Oct 2013 12:27 pm

Higgs wins Nobel prize for 'God particle'
British physicist Peter Higgs, creator of the Higgs boson, has won the Nobel prize in physics (Picture: EPA)

Professor Peter Higgs has been awarded the Nobel prize in physics for predicting the existence of the Higgs boson or ‘God particle’.

The British scientist shared the award with Belgium’s Francois Englert for their theoretical work about the particle that is fundamental to explaining why elementary matter has mass.

‘I am overwhelmed to receive this award and thank the Royal Swedish Academy,’ said Prof Higgs said in a statement released by the University of Edinburgh.

‘I would also like to congratulate all those who have contributed to the discovery of this new particle and to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their support.

‘I hope this recognition of fundamental science will help raise awareness of the value of blue-sky research.’

epa03901813 (FILES) Belgian physicist Francois Englert (L) and British physicist Peter Higgs (R), answer journalist's question about the scientific seminar to deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Meyrin near Geneva, Switzerland, 04 July 2012. The two scientists have won the Nobel prize in physics for their work on the theory of the Higgs boson, it was announced 08 October 2013. Peter Higgs, from the UK, and Francois Englert from Belgium, shared the prize. EPA/MARTIAL TREZZINI
Belgian physicist Francois Englert (L) and British physicist Peter Higgs (R) shared the Nobel prize (Picture: EPA)

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in a statement: ‘The awarded theory is a central part of the Standard Model of particle physics that describes how the world is constructed.

‘According to the Standard Model, everything, from flowers and people to stars and planets, consists of just a few building blocks: matter particles.’

The two scientists had been favourites to share the $1.25million (£780,000) prize after the elementary particle’s existence was confirmed at the European nuclear research facility in Geneva, Switzerland, last year.

(FILES) -- A file photo taken on July 19, 2013 shows a worker riding his bicycle in a tunnel of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) Large Hadron Collider (LHC), during maintenance works in Meyrin, near Geneva. Francois Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain won the Nobel Physics Prize on October 8, 2013 for the discovery of the "God particle", the Higgs Boson that explains why mass exists, the jury said. AFP PHOTO / FABRICE COFFRINIFABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images


The existence of the ‘God particle’ was confirmed in Geneva last year (Picture: AFP / Geyyy)

Prime minister David Cameron tweeted saying: ‘Congratulations to Britain’s Professor Peter Higgs, who is sharing this year’s #NobelPrize for Physics.’

Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond also congratulated Prof Higgs.

He said: ‘Today, the Higgs boson, which carries his name, is a scientific discovery which is renowned the world over.

‘This richly deserved honour not only highlights the quality of research carried out in Scotland, but also how science inspires us to look for answers to fundamental questions about life and the universe.’

Scientists had searched for the elusive ‘God particle’ for decades when its existence was finally confirmed.

Nobel prizes tend to go to ideas that stand the test of time and last year’s breakthrough was too recent to be considered for the 2012 award.

Englert and Higgs both theorised about the existence of the particle in the 1960s although Englert was reportedly first.



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