Tudor Music By David Munrow

tudor 2Tudor

Peter absolutely adores Tudor music.  I think he’s born on the wrong century.  He should have been cavorting with courtesans, hunting and riding and jousting during the Tudor period and then attending music and dance recital at night at the court of Henry VIII.

I know where to look for Peter if he finds a time machine!  😉

He remembers a certain young man, David Munrow, who put his style to bringing back Tudor music.  Unfortunately David suffered from depression and took his life fairly early on before his career could really flourished.  However, his 10 years in the music business was enough to bring Tudor music back into the 20th century.

Peter is on the hunt of David Munrow’s Henry VIII and his six wives music.  I guess Amazon.co.uk is the best place to commence looking.  What I do for my husband! 😉


I think Greensleeves, King Henry VIII own composition is beautiful. Very poingnant, it reminds me of harvest time when palays are swaying teasingly and enticing maya birds in the field. No rice field and maya birds in England so oops I won’t be able to find Peter in old Blighty whilst I am pining in Marag, Philippines! LOL I did say the tune is poignant. I supposed like great love stories, we will be forever looking for one another but never the twain shall meet as in East and West! LOL My flu has gone to my brain. LOL

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