Kalamansi (Citrus Fruit)



I love kalamansi with a passion.  I prefer their taste to that of lemons.

When I was growing up and living in Marag, Luna, Kalinga-Apayao, we had a very tall kalamansi tree just by our house.  Sometimes when it is  windy , we can just about reach the fruits from our rear window.

When I was about 10-12 years of age, I was a bit of a tomboy.  I love climbing trees.  If a tree had branches, I was climbing it. In fact even without branches, I would climb the tree.  I climbed a few betel nut trees; betel nut trees are like coconut, only half the height.  I even tried to climb a coconut once but it was really hard plus I remember my mother telling me that if I tried climbing another coconut tree, I had to be prepared to live on top of the tree because she would smack me so hard, I would wish I stayed on top of the tree. LOL  Of course she did not mean it.

Anyway I digress. Kalamansi tree is rather tricky to climb because the branches and the twigs have these thorns which are at least an inch long.  I must say it did not deter me, the sweet and at the same time sour kalamansi tantalisingly out of reach on the top branch of our tree was too much of a challenge. I won of course.  I got the fruit and a few bruises and scratches.  To these days the effect of climbing trees, especially the  kalamansi had marked me for life.  My legs have battle scars against the kalamansi tree. LOL

Aside from eating the kalamansi as an ordinary fruit, which I would sprinkle with sea salt, they are also so yummy and the number one choice for every self-respecting Filipino to spritz on their noodles, pancit, or to most sauces.

Soy sauce with a spritz of kalamansi is a piquant dipping or marinade sauce that complements many recipes.

Fish sauce with kalamansi is perfect with blanched salad of spinach, pechay/backchoy, cabbage and even lettuce.  Try to get Kalamansi in Oriental supermarkets that stock Filipino goods.

Kalamansi juice is also better than lemon juice.  I find that after drinking a glass of ice-cold lemon juice, it has some effect on my throat.  It makes me want to cough. Kalamansi juice is more calming and heaving with vitamin C.

You will be pleasantly surprised!


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