Being Children pre-internet

I love the mini-video below. It showed the games that I remember playing as a child in the Philippines.

I especially love piko (hopscotch)

In a way I pity children of today.

Being Children pre-internet

The advent of computer and internet brought in untold usefulness to everyone of us but as they said, nothing is ever perfect. Though I can’t live without access to the internet/computer now, it does have negative impacts on some lives. Especially in the west, the computer has somehow put paid to children playing outside. Children nowadays would rather be in their pc or ipad playing games rather than in the garden or at the park playing hide and seek with their friends.

I supposed we have become too security conscious. We want our children under our radar almost 24/7 and the easiest way to ensure this is to allow them access to the computer; sitting in front of it where we know where they are.

Let us think about this, “As a child, would you rather be playing computer games or playing tugs with friends outside in the sunshine?!!!”

by lorosa Traditional Art / Paintings / People©2010-2014 lorosa

by lorosa
Traditional Art / Paintings / People©2010-2014 lorosa


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