SONA 2014 – State of the Nation: Fashion & Passion

A fashionable woman is always in love—with herself.
– La Rochefoucauld

A televised State of the Nation Address by the President of the Philippines is held annually.  SONA is used by the President to address the many concerns of the people as well as a way for the PNoy to make promises which are meant to be broken, time and again.  SONA is politicking to the max!

SONA 2014 – State of the Nation: Fashion & Passion

SONA 2014 is currently being held in Manila, Philippines. The politicians are prancing like peacocks. However their otherhaves are far from looking like drab peahens. The ladies are in their elements dressed in rainbows of colours. SONA, is the time to make a fashion statement, the red carpet of ther Batasan is trod on by designer clads ladies, who have more money than good taste!!! 😉

SONA 2014 Dress Parade – The Fashion




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