Pets R not Just for X’mas

Pets R not Just for X’mas

During Christmas some of us would buy a puppy as a present for our little ones, partner, parent or friends.  It can be a good idea, especially at Christmas, when we want to spread love and see everyone happy and joyful.

70% of puppies’ major attraction is their cuteness, adorability and companionship but the 30% is something else.  You are actually have to look after your pet.  Feed them, take them for a walk, play with them train them and look after them.

They are not just toys that you can pick up and then put aside when it suits you.  They have needs which sometimes you have to put first before yours.

Puppies also chew and chew anything that they see on the floor.  It may be a book, a pillow, soft toys, the wall, the wallpaper, even furnitures, you name it, they will chew on it.

If you are not a dog lover, you may lose patience even before you take your puppy for his first visit to the vet, which again is costly.

Taking responsibility towards a pet is sometimes hard work, so much so that a few days after Christmas, many puppies/dogs are abandoned.

Many are given to dog homes.

Before buying or getting a pet, think very hard if you are apt to looking after a dog.  Because dogs are not just for Christmas, they can live for many, many, many years.

Above are photos of adorable soft toy puppies which have 100% cuteness.

Something that you can put aside, put in a drawer and forget about until you find them again.

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