Happy Pi Day

Source : http://byzantiumshores.blogspot.com

Source : http://byzantiumshores.blogspot.com

Peter said to me that it was Pie Day and encouraged me to blog about it. I was just too ill to jump with any form of enthusiasm to his challenge.  In my condition, being only half alive 🙁 , the last thing in my mind is thinking about food.  And enthusing about the delicacy and efficacy of apple pies, pork pies, or any other pies do not interest me in the least.

It was a few second before we both realised that we were talking in cross purposes. Peter in fact was talking about Pi (514_400x400_NoPeel), the 3.1416 Pi.  Having found this out, I still can’t understand why today is Pi Day?  It is not 2016!  Or is it?  I have been sleeping for most of the days and I might have slept for a year for all I know or even care! LOL

In my mind’s eye, I don’t understand why 3.1416 or rather 3.1415 is celebrated as Pi day afterall, Great Britain are used to dates in the order of date first, followed by the month and then the year. So today is 14 March 2015 or 14/3/2015. Another thing 3.1416 is what I have always thought as the value of Pi. It was rounded of from 3.14159265359. It cannot just be cut off as 3.1415 as the next number is 9 and this can’t just be ignored!

Anyway this is just my two cent. I do not really want to upset anyone in anyway who wants to celebrate Pi day. For me, I would probably raise a drink to Pi next year 14 March 2016!

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