1001: Family

Peter and I love this little drawing of our beloved Nat-nat of his ‘Family Morton’. He’s five and learning to write and read. I am so impressed with his skill and talent. I think we are going to have a boy genius here.

I saw the film, Imitation Game, which is about Alan Turing, a mathematics genius, whose war accomplishment is said to have shorten the second world war,WWII, by two years and saved 14 million people from becoming casualties of war. The young brilliant Alan Turing used to painstakingly separate his peas from his carrots which reminds me of our little Nat-nat, who is rather pernickety with his food.

He likes his food, don’t get me wrong, but he wants his dinner served according to his predilection or in a certain way. He doesn’t want things touching each other. ūüėČ He wants his peas in one corner, his chicken nuggets in another corner and his chips at another side and not to mention his tomato sauce pooled in the middle, not drizzled in the chips or chicken, otherwise he would refuse to eat. Poor Stacey, his mother, had to take all these into consideration when preparing our little angel’s din-dins

This is family.  Looking after each other, for better or for worst.  Blood is thicker than water.  Proverbs and sayings have been coined for thousands of years with regards to families.

Nathan, age 5, family Photo by PH Morton

Nathan, age 5, family
Photo by PH Morton

Mind you, family can also be a source of so much grief, a la Romeo and Juliet or the late Diana, Princess of Wales with her relations with the Windsor Family so much so that the Queen, herself, grimly admitted in November of 1994 that it was annus horribilis for her. ūüôĀ

1001: Family

You see much more of our children once they leave home.
– Lucille Ball

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