Types of Wine Glasses



Types of Wine Glasses

Different types of glasses for different types of wines or liqueur.

White wine glasses should only be filled up to a third of its capacity.  This will allow the aroma to concentrate upon the rim of the glass.  The aroma says a lot about a wine :0

Coloured wine glasses can be beautiful but would distort the true colour, which forms an important character of the wine.




Wine glasses by JMorton


I had a rummage into our wine glass cabinet and found these wine glasses.  From left to right are suitable glasses for: Port, sherry, white wine, the pink one standing tall from slightly behind is for champagne, the one beside the champagne glass is for red wine, the one in front of the pink glass in for brandy and the last one of course in for my favourite tipple, cocktail.

Did you know?

To make wine glasses sparkle at their best, they should be rinsed in cold water with a dash of vinegar.

You must hold your wine glass by the stem.  Otherwise your body temperature from your hand will warm up your chilled white wine, champagne or cocktail.

Wine is sunlight, held together by water.



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