Okra (Ladies’ Fingers)

Okra, Photo by PH Morton

Okra (Ladies’ Fingers)

Okra belongs to the mallow family. It is  also called ladies’ fingers, bhindi, bamia, ochro or gumbo in other languages.

I love okra. It is a very versatile vegetable. It can be cooked in many different ways.

It can be steamed or boiled lightly then eaten with chopped tomatoes and shallots with bagoong (fermented fish or shrimps) or patis (fish sauce). It can also be grilled or thrown into the barbecue. And of course you can make many recipes using okra, like in the famous Ilocano dishes like pinakbet and dinengdeng.

The way to tell if an okra is fresh and not too mature,  is to gently bend the thinner end bit,  if it breaks easily then, it is just perfect. To prepare it, it has to be topped and tailed first and then cut whichever suits your fancy!

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