Joking&Jesting: Men And Cars


After a day of shopping, three women relaxed over a free flowing bottles of vino. 🙂

They talked.  They chatted.  They prattled. They jabbered.  They gossiped.

Joking&Jesting: Men And Cars

With much giggling and more wine, the conversation turned to sex as it usually does.

The first woman purred “my husband is like a Jaguar, he is fast and powerful.”

Not to be outdone, the second woman said, “my husband is like a Rolls Royce, smooth and refined.”

1911Hartford_autoJack_coverThe third woman, blurted and confided rather painfully, “my husband is like a 1911 Ford, it needed a hand to crank it up.”

Have a lovely weekend.  SMILE!

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