Freud Museum (House & Garden)

IMG_0055The Freud Museum is located at

20 Maresfield Gardens
London NW3 5SX
Tel: +44 (0)20 7435 2002
Fax: +44 (0)20 7431 5452

Entrance Fee: £7.00 per adult


Freud Museum (House & Garden)

27 August 2014

Peter and I visited the Freud museum in Finchley.  The museum used to be the house of Sigmund and his family; it was the house where he died.  I must admit it was a real revelation.  The house/museum itself was large and airy.  I particlarly love the landing, it was where Mrs Freud used to sit and do her needlework.

Sigmund’s study/consulting room was the same in every way as his consulting room in Vienna.

I love his book cases.  But what really surprised and impressed me was his huge collection of Egyptian artefacts which were/are lovingly and prominently displayed in his study.  There is something really comforting about the room. Just the right atmosphere to let the words flow and Freud would help to put you through psychoanalysis.  It could be about snakes and your libido or a fight between your Id, ego and superego. All very interesting. 🙂

The study was a long through-room. The back end was were the famous ‘couch’ was situated.  Apparently Sigmund himself used it a great deal towards the end of his life.  He would sit/lie on it to gaze at the back garden and see the roses in bloom, which were/are planted in a circular island in the middle of the garden, which he designed.

At the back of the museum overlooking the garden is a conservatory, which has been turned into a little shop where you can get presents, knick-knacks and books.

There were also rooms dedicated to the works of Sigmund Freud’s daughter, Anna Freud, who specialised in the well-being of children.

The museum is worth the visit.  There was something rather surreal about it as I have studied  Freud in a university at the other side of the world.  It was really something to actually be in his house.  Magic.

By the way, you are not allowed to take photos inside, only in the garden.

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