Meringue, Know the Basics

Meringue, know the basics

Meringue is a taste of heaven.  Crunchy at the outside and can be meltingly soft in the inside.  To make a perfect meringue we have some top tips that can be incorporated to your meringue cooking experience. 😉

The mixing bowl should be 100 per cent totally grease-free.

The eggs should be at a room temperature. Take out the eggs at least 30 minutes from the fridge before beating the egg whites into a froth.  Ensure there is an even a smidgen or trace of yolk into the egg whites.

A tiny amount of salt dropped into the egg whites will make them easier and faster to bring to a froth and will yield a greater volume; the salt will not affect the taste.

A copper bowl is an ideal mixing bowl for meringue.  The copper has a catalytic effect which help the egg whites to fluff up.

Meringue, photo by JMorton

Meringue, photo by JMorton

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