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Grim Reaper on the left, Goblin on the right!

ls1Goblin – Korean Supernatural Drama Review

As soon as I saw that Gong Yoo was doing another tv drama, I begun to look forward to it.

The drama he is currently starring on is called the Goblin (Dokkaebi), also known as Guardian: The Lonely and the Great God, and it started airing on 2 December 2016.

As much as I wanted to see it, I thought I should give it time for episodes to file up for an enjoyable binge watching.

But I just could not help it.  It is Gong Yoo, for goodness’ sake!  I have to see him now.  I still miss him as he turned zombie in Train To Busan (sorry, spoiler to the film).

GOBLIN turns out to be totally AWESOME, DAEBAK!

It has everything; a composite of everything good in Korean dramas.  It started with the historical genre where prior to Gong Yoo’s character turning to the Goblin, he was  unbeatable as a fighter, that he became known as the divine warrior.  The fighting scenes were reminiscent of films by Jet Li and also the legend of King Arthur (the excalibur) and ,of course, the Knights Templar.  Beautifully filmed.

Anyway, he was so good as a fighter that the King, Wang Yeo, instead of rewarding him, became envious and jealous of his popularity, much admired by the people.  The king incidentally was a puppet king, practically created by the machination of his minister or was it a eunuch called Park Joong Won..

The  minister/eunuch played mind games with the king manipulating him that there should only one divine being within the realm and that was only the king.  The immature king was only too happy  to execute Gong Yoo’s character which is actually call Kim Shin. As Kim Shin approached the grand podium where the king was taking audience, the guards where ordered to start executing  the nearest and dearest to Kim Shin, beginning with the king’s wife, who happened to be Kim Shin’s very own sister.   He had no other choice but to submit to his death.  He was stabbed by his own sword, given to him by the king, and ultimately  left to die and eaten by wild animals in a field, with the sword still firmly embedded to his chest.

Now the legend begins.  He will lived as the goblin for years to comes in search of the Goblin Bride who will be the only one to be able to pull the sword out from his body, which will turn to dust and give him eternal peace.

As a goblin, he is the guardian of souls.  He works in tandem with the amnesiac Grim Reaper, who of course harvest souls from the dieing.  Their bromance is one of the sweetest, funniest relationship ever. Just thinking about it makes me smile. 🙂  They were both old souls in young gorgeous bodies.  How they deal with modern technology was hilarious.

Anyway, one of the dieing souls was a woman who was a victim of hit and run.  She prayed with all her heart that her baby in her tummy lives.  As luck would have it, the Goblin heard her.  He did not only allow her to live but her daughter in her tummy as well.

The next scene showed the Grim Reaper looking perplexed as he surveyed the bloody snowed in road but empty of a body.

The baby grew up into a  girl able to see ghosts and spirits.  There were ghosts who continued to tell her that she was meant to be the Goblin Bride.

Korean excels from drama making because they do beautifully well rounded scripts and it seems their budget is unlimited.

Goblin is a 16-parts drama.  The first two already shown are so enticing that I can’t wait for the next episode!


Now episode 13 of the crackingly brilliant drama.  I watched it last night just before bedtime.  It was a big mistake, I am afraid because the episode was the climax of the story.  The Goblin, as foretold, splintered into blazing dust after the sword was pulled out of his chest with the help of the faint Goblin Bride, Eun Tak.  No other choice as the sword is be used to put an end to , Park  Joong Won,  who create mayhem and encourages the evil or what Sigmund Freud would call the ID of human nature.

The Grim Reaper’s back story was full of pathos.  He was of course the ` amnesiac reincarnation of king Wang Yeo, who became a broken man after the death of his queen.  He did love her truly that his guilt ate him up leading to his ‘suicide’.

Now that the Goblin has gone, what can we look forward to in the final episodes 14, 15 & 16?


The brilliant series is over.  If you have not seen it, be prepared with some tissues to wipe away those tears.

All I can say is that there is a happy ending for all.  There is also some spiritual enrichment to be had.

It is rather reassuring to know that everyone will be touched by the deity or almighty at some point.


  1. OMG, I am now waiting for the back to back double last episodes of the Goblin. I hope it has a happy ending. I shed a lot of tears in some scenes of episode 14. It was so sad.

    Eun Tak character is suffering from takotsubo syndrome that she has to take medication to cure her soul. 🙁

  2. This KDrama is proving to be such a good watch. The storyline keeps getting better and better. The only thing though is that there is only 3 weeks to go before we say a final goodbye to the the Goblin and Grim Reaper. The irony! 🙂

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