Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – KDrama

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – KDrama

Do Bong Soon, 27 years old, has a super power.  She is very strong.  The source of her extraordinary strength came from her maternal side of the family.  The power is limited by righteousness. Her grandma has still got hers, her mom lost hers because she used her strength to bully people for money. Bong Soon got it in spade.  The grandmother hoped to instil to Bong Soon to use her power to do good only.

Do Bong Soon lives in Dobong-don in Dobong-gu, where a serial kidnapper is in operation.

This Korean drama is so cute, saccharine-sweet most of the time because the three leading characters are so aesthetically perfect.  There is romance overload – a love triangle, comedy as well as tense moments due a serial kidnapper on the loose.

Park Hyung Sik plays Ahn Min-hyuk, a CEO of Ainsoft, who witnessed Do Bong Soon’s (played by Park Bo-young) amazing strength first hand.  He found Bong Soon’s sassy attitude sexy and rather alluring. At that time he was being plagued by a blackmailer.  He needed a bodyguard and who better to hire than the superwoman, Bong Soon.

Bong Soon has been in love with Gook Du (played by the gorgeous, Ji Soo),  a police office in the violent crime division since they where in middle school.  Gook Du however had a girlfriend, thus treated Bong Soon like a rather annoying, scatterbrain younger sister.

As the drama progressed, Bong Soon found herself being attracted to Min-hyuk, who pursues her relentlessly.  She finally reliased that ‘crush’ has an expiry date, which was rather bad news for Gook Du, who happened to break up with his girlfriend and acknowledges that he felt more for Bong Soon more than he realised. But he was a tad too late.  He did tell her the there was always something amiss with their ‘timing’.

Just another two whole weeks for this drama.  I am missing it already.

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