Joe Chen – Taiwanese Actress

Chinese Actress

Joe Chen – Taiwanese Actress

Joe Chen

(Queen of Idol Dramas)


  • First Name: Chiao-en (Qiao En)
  • Surname: Chen
  • Anglicised Name: Joe Chen
  • DoB: 4 April 1979 (40)
  • PoB: Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Height: 1.64 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Occupation: Model, Host, Singer, Actress
  • Work Period: 2001 – Present

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Facts & Factoids:


Joe Chen is a Taiwanese actress who has managed to break through the mainstream Chinese dramas.

I am rather partial to Joe Chen.  She is a good actress but not the greatest.  But she has tonnes of charisma and the cutest toothy smile.  Watching her dramas and movies is like watching Doris Day’s old films.

Joe Chen is popular among her male leading men.  She is considered as a bit of a lucky charm,  a talisman.  Apparently, the male leads on her dramas become big stars after with her.

Joe Chen also goes by the name Chen Qiao En.

What is happening to this gorgeous actress?  I love her so much.  Early in the new year (2018) she was apparently arrested due to DUI of alcohol and jumping red lights.

She was given a 60-hour community service.

There are also reports that she is hard to handle.  She has been allegedly smoking and drinking.

I hope whatever is upsetting her will get sorted soon.



15 May 2018 Update

Queen Dugu starring Joe Chen as the queen opposite Chen Qiao is coming soon,  Can’t wait.  I miss Joe Chen so much.

Not only that, there is another new drama called New Horizon and it would be a love triangle between Zheng Kai and Zhu Zixiao.


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