A Love So Beautiful – The Novel

A Love So Beautiful – The Novel

If you have watched the drama, A Love So Beautiful, and understandably can’t get over it and is suffering from withdrawal symptoms like myself, then as a panacea you can read the novel which has been graciously translated into English by a group of young women, headed by Dolly.

The original book called To: Our Pure Little Beauty was written by Zhao Gan Gan.  I am not sure how many chapters but there are now 43 chapters translated through the site below.  Just click to bring you right into the Table of Contents.


The novel is not the same as the tv drama.  Only bits and pieces are familiar in both.  All the same reading the translations will give you more of an insight into Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen.  Though the novel is earthier than the sanitised tv drama, you can still picture them together as you read.  Jiang Chen was very physical.  If left to him Xiao Xi won’t get out of bed!  LOL

That scene after Lu Yang Karaoke Farewell to Singlehood, where Jiang Chen gave Xiao Xi a lift to get home, and then lit by his car headlights, Jiang Chen (he was so gorgeous) sauntered towards Xiao Xi to give her lost house-keys, well, according to the novel, they shared a really long passionate kiss.  Xiao Xi even said that she might have swallowed an equivalent of half a can of coke of Jiang Chen’s saliva.  LOL  Awww

In the novel, they broke up because of Jiang Chen’s mother’s interference.  Xiao Xi was not good enough for her son. Jiang Chen’s dad is also alive and kicking.

Bu Song was gorgeous and if he had confessed to Xiao Xi in high school, they would have ended up as boyfriend & girlfriend.  (It wouldn’t be A Love So Beautiful 🙂 LOL)  Instead they remained as the bestest of friends much to the jealousy of Jiang Chen.

I can’t wait for more new chapters.



  1. Will he have a character development in the novel? I noticed that he is still a bit cold towards Xiao Xi (I’m already at chapter 30).

    1. I have to say that I do not speak nor read Chinese. Sadly. But having read the novel using google translate, which is so hilarious, I learned that Jiang Cheng stood by Xiao Xi when his parents wanted him to be closer and perhaps marry Li Wei. Jiang Chen chose to move in with Xiao Xi in her apartment and returned his flat and car to his parents that they bought him. He might appear cold but he was faithful to Xiao Xi. Even when he had a sightseeing with his parents and Li Wei, he was always on the phone to Xiao Xi. Cute

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