Maestro! (Japanese Film Review)

Maestro! (live-action) Japanese Movie 2015

Maestro! (Japanese Film Review)

I have just finished watching this film and it is now 2;15 Saturday early morning.

I really enjoyed this film for so many reasons.  The music was sublime.  The acting by all the cast is really good, the story, which is apparently based on the manga is well told.

I think watching this at night is the best time.  It is quiet and the music is all embracing.

Tori Matsuzaka is a very able actor.  He easily breathe life to his character.  You can see gamut of emotion in his face and I must say that he is gorgeous.  The way he walks in his skinny jeans is entrancing.

Miwa, who played the lead girl, Amane, is not the typical kawaii Japanese heroine.  She is actually rather plain and yet she is adorable.  She brought out vulnerability to her role.  I heard she is a fine musician in real life. Miwa is actually the singer responsible for one my favourite songs Hikare E ost for the very enjoyable Satomi Ishiraha and Shun Oguri’s Rich Man, Poor Woman.

Tendo or Tenth is an eccentric conductor, the maestro.  He was played by a great actor, Toshiyuki Nishida.

The story is that there was once a popular orchestra in Japan but due to recession, it was disbanded.  The most able musicians were recruited by musical companies around the world.  Some have also retired and some lost interest.

One day the remaining members received a call from a young girl informing them that the band was to reform.  They met up in an abandoned factory.

To their horror their conductor was an unkempt old guy who looked more like a vagrant.  But even during their first rehearsal they noted that he was quite good.

They were also surprised to find an amateur in their group.  It was a young girl who plays the flute and quite skillful and talented but still only an amateur.  This was another cause for concern.

The story tells about the egos, the bickering, the jealousies, the rumour mongering within the group and how they overcome their differences and create good sublime music.

A delightful film.  I love that the music was played lengthily rather than a little except.

I totally recommend this film as one to watch.

Did you know?

Brass instruments such as the trombone, trumpet, oboe, etc should always be played because if left alone for a long period of time, the atoms in them will start to crystallize resulting in reduced amplification. 🙂  You learn something everyday! 🙂


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