Kim Seul-gi (South Korean Actress)

South Korean Actress

Kim Seul-gi (South Korean Actress)

Kim Seul-gi (South Korean Actress)


  • First Name: Seul-gi
  • Surname: Kim
  • DoB: 10 October 1991 (28)
  • Occupation: Comedian & drama actress.
  • Talent:  Singing and ballet
  • Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts, Drama

Dramas & Films:

  • Discovery of Love
  • Oh My Ghost
  • Second to Last Love
  • Splash Splash Love
  • Queen of the Ring
  • Gift (2019)

Just a thought!

There should be a moonlight Drawn by Clouds with Kim Seul Gi as the eunuch (as a continuation of Episode 18 of the drama) with Kang Ha Nuel as the King.  Awww It would be great!


Before a kissing scene, Seul-gi would chew mints.

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