Cinderella Chef (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Cinderella Chef poster

Chinese Drama 2018


  • Genre: Romance, Historical, Time-Travel, Fake Marriage, comedy, Food
  • Date Released: April 2018
  • Drama: 56 episodes


  • Zhong Dan Ni as Ye Jia Yao (Yao Yao)
  • Hsu Thassapak as Xia Chun Yu
  • Zhao Jian as Bai Chong Ye
  • Chai Ge – Boss Shen
  • Lusi Zhao as Liu Yiyi
  • Zhang Yi Cong as Ding Qi

This looks good.  I like the girl, she’s sassy and the male lead is of course has that tall sculpted gorgeousness.

Cinderella Chef (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Episode 1

Jia Yao is a chef in the modern day.  She is fed up as her skill and talent as a chef are being taken advantage of.

She had a mobile diner and one day a nerdy guy showed up asking her to cook him his last meal before he commits suicide.

She agreed and they got talking.  He said that he was aggrieved that his professor had stolen his computer that showed evidence of his work.  He had built a time machine.

He took her to his lab to show her his time machine.  It so happened that they can see from the window that it was going to eclipse.  Apparently Plaeides will cover the red moon.

With a magic triangular garnet/ruby ring pointed to the eclipse and a few manipulations of the dials to the time machine, the brilliant adorable chef is catapulted into a vortex towards the Chinese ancient time in the body of Lady Ye, who was just about to fall into a cliff.

I love this drama so much.  Finally a girl bringing everything she knows in the present to the past.  She is very unrestrained. She is feisty, and in no way innocent.  I really love her antics so much so that I have started watching unsubbed episodes and enjoying them.

There are so many time-travel dramas that once the person from the present get acclimatised to the past, they completely forget all their knowledge and know-how of the present.

Xia Chu Yu is an undercover agent for the king/emperor.  He had to infiltrate a band of bandits of Black Wind Fortress, headed by the powerful fan loving Bae Chong Ye, the legendary FuYi Master, in order to find out the truth about the rumoured plan to overthrow the king.

It so happens that the bandit had just kidnapped Lady Ye to become a wife to one of their many eligible bachelors. 🙂

Jia Yao in the body of Lady Yu, is absolutely loving it.  She is treating this experience as a holiday to Ancient China and she is a girl who believes in carpe diem! 🙂

Episode 2

This episode is hilarious.  I particularly like the scene where she was about to use a wood/stake to hurt Chu Yu but with just a quick flick on the wood, the sassy Jia Yao ended up on a tree. 🙂

I also love that she is using her chef skills.  She tried to recreate KFC and Coca Cola using ancient ingredients.

It was also fun watching her dropping English words once in a while, confusing the people with her language.

Episode 3

To assimilate more with the Black Wind Fortress, Chu Yu and Jia Yao had to enter into a fake marriage.

It was funny during their wedding night.  Jia Yao was all for it but Chu Yu was playing it really cool (cold).

It is really fun watching Jia Yao get up to many mischiefs.  I like her fashion sense.  Knee high boots with short dresses. Chu Yu kept telling her to dress better.  LOL

Episode 4

The drama is slapstick comedy but the realism behind it is well observed.

Of course if you can go back in time, you would want to covet all those precious antiques to hopefully bring back to the present time.

Jia Yao is shown missing wifi and Netflix.  She was bored.  When she was told about a market.  She was incandescent with excitement.  Yeah shopping, shopping, shopping.

Awww Chu Yu is beginning to really like Jia Yao.  Love these two.

Episode 5

Chun Yu and Boss Shen were both badly wounded by men of Lady Ye’s father, who is a magistrate.

They recovered well.

Jia Yao was having fun looking after Chun Yu and the scene was the cutest.  She said he has tall nose, bushy eyebrows and long lashes.  He doesn’t look like an ancient man.  In fact he looks like a Thai actor called Bie. 🙂  Chun Yu, who was pretending to be in a dead faint, was smiling. Awwww

Episode 6

Chun Yu saved Bai Chong Ye from death. Chong Ye was about to be bitten by a den of snakes when Chun Yu materliased to save the day.

Episode 7

It is hilarious the way JIa Yao calls Chun Yu as Donkey or Dumb Ass, a vegetarian with OCD.  LOL

They do have a great chemistry.  Chun Yu says that he will look after her but he can never love her.

Jia Yao is upset that he has a concubine.  She thought that the elegant Liu Yiyi was Donkey’s concubine.

To attract customers to her husband’s restaurant, Jia Yao became a rapper diva.

Episode 8

Jia Yao is throwing herself into making the restaurant pay for itself as she gets 30 per cent of the profits.  She started introducing set menus of chicken nuggets and coke.  Also as a side attraction, there was also the horror/haunted house.

Episode 9

Jia Yao was ‘kidnap’ by Ding Qi, a rival pirate of another clan.  The kidnapping really is not what it looks to be.  Jia Yao was more than happy to stay with Ding Qi to make Chun Yu jealous.  Unfortunately Chun Yu won’t play.  He told Ding Qi to keep her for all he cares.

Actually, Chun Yu is missing Yao Yao.  He is not been eating.

There is actually a history between Ding Qi and Yao Yao back when she was Lady Ye.  Lady Ye was so in love with Ding Qi but did not return her feelings.

There was a lovely dance of the nunchaku by Yao Yao and Ding Qi.

Ding Qi was enthralled but the lively Yao Yao that he started to really fall for her.

Episode 10

Ding Qi and Chun Yu had a duel over Yao Yao.  they were equal in skill so Yao Yao intervened and got hurt accidentally in the process.  She was made to choose and of course chose Chun Yu.

Ding Qi was really upset.

Bai Chong Ye heard that Chun Yu had been seen with Ding Qi and put Chun Yu under surveillance.

Chun Yu knew immediately that he was being followed and Yao Yao came at the right time to the rescue .

Bai Chong witnessed that Chun Yu and YaoYao were lovey dovey so he left, slightly reassured.

By the river side Yao Yao taught Chun Yu some  secret codes. 🙂

She said that if she says:

I love you, he had to say I love you too.

For ich liebe dich he had to say ich liebe dich to her.

For Oppa, Saranghaeyo, he had to say saranghaeyo back.

So cute.

He asked her what is a pandora.

She told him it is pandora bracelet that contains many charms that a man had to give a girl he loves but she would much prefer a starship!  🙂

Episode 11

It is full moon and Yao Yao prepared a goodbye meal for Chun Yu.  Chun Yu however found her bag of antiques.

She tried to grab the bag back from Chun Yu.  Seeing that the moon is at fullest, she push Chun Yu into the water.  He pretended not to be able to swim, so Yao Yao delayed her return back hom to help Chun Yu out off the water.

Unfortunately Yao Yao fell and broke her ring.

She was so upset that she cannot return home.

Episode 12

Yao Yao found out that Chun Yu is a spy.  She went to Big Brother to turn him in but she changed her mind.

Episode 13

Big Brother caught a spy and forced Chun Yu to kill the spy.  The spy helped Chun Yu to do the deed.

Episode 14

Chun Yu and Boss Chen left Black Winds, Yao Yao stowed away on the cart. There they met all sorts of baddies.  In the end Big Brother was there to save them.

Episode 15

Chun Yu was warned by his master he was spying for that it would be dangerous for Yaoyao that now Cun Yu has feelings for her. Big Brother could use her against Chun Yu if he gets caught spying.

Chun Yu gave a divorce document to Yao Yao.

He then told her that he doesn’t need her anymore. And he was in love with Liu Yiyi.

Yao Yao was so annoyed, she slapped him and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Episode 16

Yao Yao left Black Wind Fortress with Boss/Junior Chen and started her own restaurant called Yummy Yummy Cupid.

Episode 17

Yao Yao’s stepmother and stepsister were making her life and business miserable.  And then it suddenly stopped.

Yao Yao thought that Chun Yu was helping behind the scene.  She found out later that it was Ding Xi who was her kind benefactor.

Episode 18

Deputy Minister had become Yao Yao’s Godfather and betrothed her to Ding Xi.  I must admit Ding Xi is quite gorgeous with a pure heart.

Episode 19

The deputy minister had to give Yongcui Court to Yao Yao and the rights to the salt mine to Ding Xi.

Bai Chong Ye was upset about this outcome.  He started forcing Chun Yu to get back with Yao Yao and make her his wife again.

Ding Qi, however, is determined to have Yao Yao as his wife.

Episode 20

Ding Qi and Chun Yu ended up fighting inside Yongcui Court over Yao Yao.  In the end Yao Yao got hurt protecting Chun Yu.

But still, Yao Yao refused to reconcile with Chun Yu because Ding Qi made her realised that Chun Yu was treating her like an object he threw away and want it back when it suits him.

Chun Yu made a big romantic gesture in wooing Yao Yao back.  He took her on a hot air balloon ride using the wooden starship she told him about.

She had a Rose & Jack moment on the starship!

Episode 21-22

Ding Qi kidnapped Bai Chong Ye’s son as well as Yao Yao.

Chun Yu came to rescue the boy and Yao Yao and Bai Chong Ye confronted Ding Qi which ended in a mighty ramble, Ding Qi was badly hurt and his brother was killed.

Episode 56

The finale

I am afraid I can’t really give a sane synopsis to this final episode because the very kind subber who translated it in English is absolutely insane.

Yao Yao has gone back to her present time but was pining for Chun Yu so much that she went back to the past to be with him.

Translation like ‘mindfulness is the lollipop of work’ does not really make much sense.  And the piece de resistance was they were aboard the hot air balloon spacecraft on their way to the supermarket. Really!!!

I have never had so much giggles before.

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