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Here to Heart (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


The story is about a young couple who separated due to a family tragedy.  Despite the time that had elapsed they can’t forget one another.

The hurt was too deep though to just sweep it under the carpet.  Therefore a little sweet revenge is on the card.  (Lovely!) 🙂

This should be an exceptional drama as it stars two popular Chinese actors in Zhang Han and Janine Chang.  These two are getting better looking as they mature.

This drama is like a long CF (commercial) for Nivea.  It takes the center stage! 🙂  And it worked too because I wanted to top up my Nivea products after seeing how Wen Nuan and Wen Rou have such lovely skin. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 1

Wen Nuan seemed to have run away to London seven years ago and had been working with Nivea.

Then three months later, she is back in China and working for Qian Yu Technologies, whose CEO is none other than her ex-boyfriend CEO Zhan.

CEO Zhan missed her so much and his thoughts can be heard that in all the years she was always been the only one in his heart.

But you would think they get back together immediately.  No!  CEO Zhan is playing it really cool.  He was, in fact, frosty towards Wen Nuan.

Anyway, Wen Nuan has a boyfriend already who is the CEO of a rival firm, Dai Zhong.  He is the playboy, Zhu Lin Lu.

Episode 2

CEO Zhan had just promoted his PA and of course, this created a vacancy.  Despite Wen Nuan having only worked at the Qian Yu Technologies for a very short time, she got promoted to the PA position for the CEO.

The first time they came face to face, they stared at one another for at least a couple of minutes.  They were longing for each other but both don’t know what to do.

CEO Zhan wanted the  Alpha Project,  which he would be in direct competition with Zhu Lin Lu for the bidding.

Wen Nuan offered to not be involved with the project in order not to create any suspicion of any kind, CEO Zhan declined, saying she works for him now and expect only loyalty from her.

It looks like Wen Rou, Wen Nuan’s sister was in love with CEO Zhan as well.  She confessed to him seven years ago and was turned down as he was already going out with Wen Nuan.  Wen Rou was so upset she slit her wrist.

Episode 4

The management of Alpha Project has invited both Dong Zhon and Qian Yu to London to propose their bids.

Episode 5

Dong Zhon won the bid.

After a brief euphoria, Zhu Lin Lu, CEO of Dong Zhon, found out that an integral part of the Alpha project, Professor Wang, had left the project.  This changed the nature of the Alpha project, which Dong Zhon is now saddled with.

Wen Nuan and CEO Zhan spent part of their time in England visiting some of London attractions.  We can see the Shard, Thames river, the City Hall, London Bridge, etc.

They ended up at the London Eye where they shared a kiss.

Episode 6

Back to China, back to reality and back to being frosty with one another again, especially when a selfie of Lin Lu and Wen Nuan was posted on social media.  CEO Zhan was not happy with it.

As a punishment, he is working Wen Nuan like a horse.  She doesn’t get time off work anymore even during weekends.

Episode 16

This is an excruciating episode.  CEO Zhan is playing mind games with the vulnerable Wen Nuan.  He is blowing hot and cold.

Wen Nuan overheard Yi Xin in conversation with CEO Zhan that she was in cahoot with one of Qian Yu’s employees to frame Wen Nuan.  CEO Zhan said he knew!  And told her that he will not take any action and just to forget all about it and not to tell anyone.

Wen Nuan was upset and thought that  CEO Zhan must like Yi Xin very much.

CEO Zhan had a business appointment in a Karaoke bar where he dragged Wen Nuan to.  Wen Nuan was almost sexually harassed by the other CEO in front of CEO Zhan, who did not really do anything to help.

Wen Nuan and CEO Zhan ended up doing a duet of “Without You’ and had a fleeting kiss afterwards.

CEO Zhan received a call from Yi Xin and he up and left Wen Nuan in the bar.

Episode 17

This episode has a cute ending. It is Wen Rou’s birthday and her young employee surprised her with a mini rock concert.  Awww Their budding love story is cute.

Episode 23

Wen Nuan had resigned from her job at Qian Yu as she can’t stomach being the tool to ‘steal’ the clients of Dai Zhong.

Episode 24

CEO Zhan won’t approve of Wen Nuan’s resignation, thus, won’t allow HR to select another PA.

Yi Xin is using her dying father to her advantage.  Even to the point of asking CEO Zhan to make her an honest woman so her father can die in peace.

CEO Zhan said that he had to let her down this time as she well know that there is only Wen Nuan in his heart all these years.

Also Wen Rou part confessed the reason why Wen Nuan broke up with him.  It was because of her when she drunkenly confessed to CEO Zhan seven years ago.  She did not tell him though the ‘real’ reason why Wen Nuan was really upset.  It has something to do with Wen Rou’s attempted suicide because of her unrequited love with CEO Zhan.

Episode 27

Finally, the wait is over, for now!  They have reconciled and now live together in their dream house.  I have to admit that I was starting to lose patience with their protracted will they, won’t they romance.

I have to say that I have never seen both leads cry so much.  Every time they had a heart to heart, they both would cry and yet at the end, they are back to square one of misunderstanding one another because of things left unsaid.

In this episode, they were so sweet.   Finally, they opened up.  seriously they could have easily done this about 12 episodes ago! 🙂

However, we can’t get comfortable yet.  There are more hurdles to clear.  A major one is CEO Zhan’s mother, who dislikes Wen Nuan for leaving and making her son desolate seven years ago.  She was pro-Yixin.  This was on the trailer for the next episodes.

Episode 30

Back to being excruciatingly painful once again.

These two lovebirds truly love each other but forces surrounding them are not ready to give them a break.  For one, CEO Zhan’s mother is against the relationship.  There is a mystery there somewhere.  The mother is saying that Wen Nuan is to blame for the demise of her husband, CEO Zhan’s father.

There was also that issue about Professor Wang, ex-employee of Alpha.  Dai Zhong had started their litigation against Qian Yu Tech involving Prof Wang, a major mover and shaker of Alpha.

CEO Zhan was forced to go to London without saying anything to Wen Nuan.  He was so busy that he had not the time to answer or call her back.

But surprise surprise, Yuxin was pictured having a convivial lunch date with CEO Zhan which was televised on Chinese tv much to the sadness of Wen Nuan.

There was also that notion that Wen Nuan was the one who tipped off Zhu Lin Lu regarding the Prof Wang case.  Of course, she is not guilty, but there is a misunderstanding brewing between the lovers.

Episode 31-34

Wen Nuan is one pool of utter sadness.  She was asked to see CEO Zhan’s mother, who told her that she was not good enough for her son.  Wen Nuan has only brought her son grief and misfortune as well as being the author of the death of CEO Zhan’s father and Wen Nuan’s own father because of her immature behaviour.  She should leave  CEO Zhan and never show her face again.

During the diatribe of CEO Zhan’s mother, Wen Nuan had an attack.  She started to remember bits and piece of what happened in the past.  Mrs Zhan had a bit of a fright with what was happening with Wen Nuan.

Her sister took her back home.  Wen Nuan then packs her bag and left for London again.  She just saw CEO Zhan hurrying towards the airport looking for her.

CEO Zhan left a negotiation that could make or break Qian Yu (Shallow Cosmos) to look for Wen Nuan.

In the end, CEO Zhan’s company, Shallow Cosmos, is in a deep financial problem.

Many major employees are leaving because of the rumour that it was going down.

Guan Ti, one of the original trio of Shallow Cosmos, who was in charge of Research got so annoyed that his pet project of  Robotic Girlfriend is being sidelined in favour of a project headed by Professor Wang, who was recruited by Shallow Cosmos.

In his annoyance, he had a meeting with the competition in view of a transfer.  He then gave his resignation to CEO Zhan, who was still adamant that Prof Wang’s project is still the one to save their company.

Wen Nuan had undergone hypnosis to finally remember everything of the past.  Again she is more certain that she’s not good enough for CEO Zhan.

CEO Zhan was cornered by his mother to make a decision about a marriage to Yixin.  But he said he doesn’t have any intention of getting together with YiXin.

Yixin said she had waited seven years, she is preferred to wait until she becomes a family.  But Pan Wei Ning is working really hard to gain her affection and it seems he might be making a little progress.

Wen Rou, together with her young boyfriend cum assistant, and Li Lu has discovered that monies are being taken out from the company’s account.

Episode 35 – 39

Lin Lu’s uncle and cousin have sold their shares of Dai Zhong to Yizhong Group.

Yizhong was taken over by the very ambitious Pan Wei Ning as a CEO ousting his elder brother.

Pan Wein Ning has become one of the biggest shareholders of Dai Zhong has been throwing his weight around.

Wen Nuan has come back from the UK and found out the Shallow Cosmos was in such a dire strait situation that she is now determined to help CEO Zhan.

She negotiated and now works for an investor for Shallow Cosmos.  She is assigned to work side by side with CEO Zhan, who was quite happy to see her back.

CEO Zhan’s mother found out about Wen Nuan having come back.  She was not happy about this and made her son choose.  It’s her or Wen Nuan?!!!

Towards the end of episode 37, Lin Lu finally throw in the towel and gave up in his pursuit of Wen Nuan.  He encouraged her to get together with CEO Zhan, who truly loves her.

Gao Fang, the other member of the trio of Shallow Cosmos, collapsed from so much stress at work.

CEO Zhan was near breaking point as he found out that Gao Fang was not only suffering from stress.  He is more ill.  He has stomach cancer.  🙁

Poor Wen Rou!  She is so unlucky with men.  Her cute and lovable young boyfriend turned out to be an industrial spy working for the sneaky Pan Wei Ning.

CEO Zhan’s mother surprised Yixin with a visit who was waiting for Pan Wei Ning.  Yixin had finally got together with Wei Ning but doesn’t know how to break the news to the older woman.

Episode 40

Pan Wei Ning has taken over Dai Zhong, being the majority shareholder, having bought off shares from other shareholders.

He was helped by Wen rou’s young boyfriend, Liu Rui, he was the spy.

He was so naive and close-minded, thinking that if he says sorry, she’ll forgive and forget.

Episode 41

Nanxian’s (CEO Zhan) mother had a heart to heart with Yixin, who said that she was giving up on Nanxian as she now believed that he will never love her as he has only Wen Nuan in his heart.

Yixin confessed that she was now seeing someone else.

Episode 42

This is getting tedious.  The same story going over and over.  Spoilt, immature Nanxian’s mother met an accident where she broke her leg.

She used her hospitalisation to make Nanxian feel sorry for her and a guilt trip for Wen Nuan to break up (again) with Nanxian.

Like a puppet on a string, Wen Nuan broke up with Nanxian, because she can’t live with the guilt of having caused the tragic airplane crash which took the lives of her father as well as Nanxian’s dad.  Yeah really!

Finally, Yixin is becoming more mellow and wanted to give up being an actress and concentrate being a wife to Weining. But there is a problem.  Weining father looks down on her.  She was just a bit actress with some sort of ambiguous relationship with Nanxian.  Weining was warned that he can’t marry Yixin otherwise, he is no longer his father’s son.

Episode 43

This is about Nanxian and Lin Lu pooling their resources together to stop Weining to take over Dai Zhong completely and ruin Shallow Cosmos.

Yixin is pregnant and Weining is the father.  She was very happy about the baby and can’t wait to tell Weining.

Yixin had also a heart to heart with Wen Nuan.  They advised each other to do their best.

Episode 44

Yixin started feeling betrayed by Weining.  She learned that it was him who released the news about her father.  He was also trying to bankrupt Shallow Cosmos.

She also learned that he had told his brother that he was marrying another woman, not Yixin.

Yixin told Weining that he was not the father of her baby but Nanxian.  She has lost faith in Weining.  She just can’t trust him anymore.

Episode 45

News is everywhere that Yixin is pregnant and that she was seen in the OB/GYN with Nansian and he must be the father of her baby.

Wen Nuan was really upset, but it was her own fault, she keeps changing her mind.

Yixin and Nanxian staged a fake wedding.

Weining turned up to stop the proceeding and took Yixin away.  Wen Nuan was also on her way to stop the wedding but was too late.

All was left for her were a wedding dress and a letter from Nanxian explaining that it was a fake wedding just to see if she turns up.

Episode 46

Nanxian disappeared for half a year and in his absence, Wen Nuan became the temporary CEO and she was quite good at it as well.

Nanxian’s mother finally forgave her seeing that she was really a good, caring and selfless girl.

Now, to hunt for Nanxian, she went to London to find him and he was there and he said he had been waiting for her.

They were dancing inside one of the capsules of the London Eye, and Nanxian mentioned that she was dressed too scantily for the baby.


They do have great chemistry.

Finally, I would like to mention that the clothes and accessories in this drama are fantastic, well for the sisters Wen Nuan and Wen Ruo.  I especially love the Gucci grab bags.

As to Yi Xin, for a popular actress, she only has a few dresses and repeats her Gucci suit constantly 🙁  Surely the paps would have mentioned how she never changes her clothes.  Her extreme bangs look like she was hiding a bald patch in her high forehead.

As to Nanxian (CEO Zhan) his fashion is out of this world!  He is supposed to be in London so often as he has a branch of his company in the city,  he should have gone to Savile Row in Mayfair and got himself an array of bespoke suits.  Then he would not have looked like a bit of a beanpole ninny!  Just saying!



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