Come and Hug Me (KDrama) 2018, Review

Come & Hug Me poster

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Melodrama

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 32 Episodes



  • Jang Ki Yong as Chae Do Jin / Yoon Na Moo
  • Nam Da-reum as young Chae Do Jin/Yoon Na Moo
  • Jin Ki Joo as Gil Nak Won
  • Ryu Han-bi as young Nak Won
  • `Yoon Jong Hoon as Gil Moo Won
  • Heo Joon Ho as Yoon Hee Jae
  • Kim Kyung Nam as Yoon Hyun Moo
  • Lee Da In as Lee Yeon Ji

This is a story about Do Jin and Nak Won who are bound by a murder when they were in their teens.

Woah, Jang Ki Yong as a the lead actor.  About time too.  He was fresh from the drama, My Mister, where he gave a sensitive performance right after wowing the viewers as Nam Gil in Go Back Couple.

The lead girl, Jin Ki Joo,  is of course Hye Jin in  the year excellent drama, Misty.


Come and Hug Me (KDrama) 2018, Review

Episode 1-2

The drama started at the present time.  Do Jin is applying to become a police officer.  During the interview, we learned that he has some familiarity with police work as he had a direct experience of it when he had to testify that his own father is a psychopath, a serial killer.

At the same time, Nak Won is auditioning for a part in a drama.  She was told by the director that she won’t be getting the part but he would recommend her for a another drama with a more suitable role for her ability.  He then said that she looked like her mother, who was also an actress.  He said he was saddened that she became a victim of a psycho-serial-killer.

The drama then take us back a few years back when Nak Won’s family, dog and all, moved to a village where Do Jin lives.

On that same day, they met and there was already an attraction in their young teen-age hearts.

There was a menacing atmosphere within Do Jin’s house, where the father, an all round tradesman, ruled the roost.

One day Nak Won’s dog got away and she had to look for him.  She ended up in a basement, where Do Jin was holding a hammer over her dog inside a cage.  Their surprised looks at one another was disturbed by the appearance Yoon Hee Jae, the father.

I like the pacing of this drama.  It is a good thriller.

Episode 3 & 4

The story is so dark.  You can almost feel the menace.  You know something really terrible is about to happen.

I have to say Heo Joon Ho, playing the father, is really having fun with his role as a psycho dad.

Nak Won and her dog was saved from the wrath of Do Jin’s psycho dad.

Nak Won’s family life is a direct contrast to his own.  For a starter, Nak Won has an affluent family, with her mother being a well known actress.  The actress is a caring, sharing mother.

Do Jin has lost his own biological mother when he was eight, he now lives with a delinquent older brother, younger sister, stepmother and the psycho dad.  The children live in fear of the father, who told them that men and animals are just the same.  You should not show any fear.

Do Jin’s stepmother found out what her husband had been up to, kidnapping and killing women.

Episode 5-6

The stepmother was so scared, she run away with Do Jin’s little sister.

Do Jin’s confessed to Nak Won that he likes her too, very much at the same time he apologised for liking her.

I have to say that the story is too dark and I was so glad that it jumps from different timelines, as a child and then to early adulthood.

Do Jin’s father had been jailed for serial killing of 12 women and Nak Joon’s mom was the last victim as Do Joon himself decided to shop him to the police.  The father had decided to write his memoir, which has become a best seller.  The effect of this was that the press are hounding the family to get their reaction.

Do Jin’s about to graduate as a Summa Cum Laude in the police academy.

Nak Won, on the other hand is a struggling actress, often working as a body double.

Her soap drama was shooting at the police academy when the press started on her.  They wanted to know her reaction to the book.  The grim reality of her past was too much to bear.  Thank goodness  Do Jin was there to support her before she fainted.  So cute.

I have to say Jang Ki Yong looks so good in uniform.

Episode 7- 8

Do Jin helped Nak Won evade the press.

The 7th is a sweet episode with a tinge of sadness.  As much as they want to be together to have a heart to heart, the press is relentless in their pursuit of every bitter rumour.

Awww Do Jin still likes Nak Won but realised they can’t be together because of all the guilt and baggage that they have got.

Episode 9-10

The recurring theme of the drama is that,

Wickedness is not developed.  It is in your blood.

This is more or less what the wicked psycho father think about his youngest son.  Of the two sons, his quiet, studious youngest son is most like him, according to him.  And he would protect him at all cost.

(I reckon the journalist will get it in the end.)

But what he doesn’t want to accept is that his older son is the deranged one just like him.  He had continued his father’s serial killing using the mallet to batter and kill his victim.  All to impress his father.

Nak Won is now his target.

It is also Do Jin’s graduation day, where it turned into a chaos while he was receiving a presidential award for exemplary.  The relatives of the victims of his father sabotaged an otherwise proud moment for Do JIn.

I am really loving this drama.  The cast are amazing. Good acting.

Episode 11-12

The police is now hunting for a serial killer, who is armed with a deadly mallet.

Nak Won has become very popular, she just won the newcomer of the year.  But amidst all the congratulatory flowers, there was a box of a bloodied mallet sent to her.

Because of the shock, Nak Won ended up in hospital at the same time as Do Jin, who got stabbed protecting a colleague policeman.

Do Jin found out that he was Nak Won’s ideal man.  Because she started welling up when looking at him.  She did say that her ideal man was someone who makes her tear up everytime she looks at him.

Episode 13-16

Hyun Moo is picking up where his psycho father left off.  He had been torturing Nak Won and he almost had her hammered to death, thank goodness Do Jin got to her before it was too late.

There is a very ambitious reporter that has been pulling the strings behind the scene.  She was so obsessed with the serial killing of the psycho father that she is encouraging the older brother to continue with the massacre.

This drama is really very good but I have to mention the actor playing young Do Jin/Na Moo was exceptional.  At just 16, he’s got such a maturity of a veteran.

Episode 17

Hyun Moo went to Nak Won’s house to finish her off.  But Do Jin was also there.  He ended up having a confrontation with Hyun Moo, who ended up  stabbing him.

Hyun Moo blamed, Do JIn for breaking their family by reporting their father’s serial killing history.

Episode 18

The mother visited the father in prison.  But he ended up playing with her mind.  He made her fell guilty for not having reported him immediately 12 years ago when she found out that he had killed a woman.  He told her that because of her failure, he ended up killing NakWon’s mother and father.

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