Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (KDrama) Review & Summary

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  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Noona
  • Date Released: May 2018
  • KDrama: 32  Episode



  • Hwang Jung Eum as Yoo Jung Eum
  • Nam Goong Min as Kang Hoon Nam
  • Choi Tae-Joon as Choi Joon-Soo
  • Oh Yoon Ah as Coach Yang
  • Jo Dal Hwan as Charlie
  • Jung Moon Sung as Yook Ryong
  • Nam Kyung Eup as Kang Jung Do
  • Shim Hye Jin as Go Eun Nim
  • Lee Moon Shik as Yoo Seung Ryul
  • Lee Joo Yeon as Soo Ji
  • Jung Young Joo as Oh Doo-ri
  • Kim Kwang-kyu as Kim So-Wool

Quick Synopsis:

It is a story about a man who is a bit of a love guru but is not interested in a relationship for himself. Added to his is a woman, who had a bitter split with an ex-boyfriend, thus giving up on relationship herself but now works as a love match counselor.

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1-2

I am so glad Hwang Jung Eum is back in the small screen.  I’ve missed this girl.

These two first episodes were fun but not good enough for a riveting watch.  It is too zany and noisy and the dialogues were a quick fire, I can’t keep up with reading the subtitles, especially watching it at almost midnight here in the UK.

Anyway from what I can gather, Jung Eum was a former sports woman, who does diving.  During a competition, she received a break-up text from her boyfriend.  With wet hair and still in her swimsuit, covered by a trenchcoat, she went to the airport pleading with her boyfriend not to leave.

Her boyfriend had made up his mind and can’t be persuaded.  The scene ended up in chaos.

This was part witnessed by Kang Hoon Nam, who just shook his head rather knowingly, thinking that the girl was doing it all wrong to entice her boyfriend to stay.

Five years later.

Jung Eum stopped diving and had developed a phobia with water. Instead she now works as a counselor in a matchmaking agency.

She was tasked to sign up a rich woman, whose father was prepared to give a million to the agency if his daughter is married off.

The woman was about to sign the contract when someone else produced another contract.  The other party was Hoon Nam.

Jung Eum was asked to wait outside, where she saw her client signing the contract with Hoon Nam.

She followed Hoon Nam when he left and was really annoyed with him.

As soon as she got to the office, she was told off by her manager for just leaving their client.  She was told that the client was waiting to sign the contract but Jung Eum just left.

Jung Eum learned that the contract the client signed with Hoon Nam has to do with exhibiting her many Hair Hair dolls in Hoon Nam Toys Studio.

Jung Eum was so down in the dumps but her childhood friend, Joon Soo was there to cheer her up.

Jung Eum and Hoon Nam seemed to bump with each all the time, including when her diving coach which she signed on to their agency got cheated on with the man she met.  Coach Yang jumped off the bridge and Jung Eum pushed Hoon Nam to the water to rescue the coach.  In the end the coach rescued Hoon Nam and Jung Eum had to give him a mouth to mouth resuscitation.

They both stared at one another …… for the next episode. 🙂

Episode 3-4

Jung Eum was tasked to concentrate in finding better-halves for the undateables.  This proved to be near impossible.

She needed help. Her best friend Joon Soo, showed her a magazine where there is a column from a love guru.

And the love guru happened to be Hoon Nam.  The same Hoon Nam, she promised never to meet again.

Episode 5-10

This drama has finally settled, I mean the characters have calm down, especially Hwang Jung Eum.  She is now back into her versatile self (just adore her!).

I am loving this drama.  It is 30 minutes (or so) per episode and it so engaging that you just let each episode flow into the next, hence I am recapping/reviewing 5-10 at once. 🙂

Anyway there was always that little attraction between Hoon Nam and Jung Eum as soon as they ‘met’.  So it was not hard for Jung Eum to convinced Hoon Nam, in the guise of the love guru, to help her match up all her undatable clients.

Their corroboration does not only match up her clients but it seems they are forming a bond themselves.

There was a scene where they shared some rather torrid kissing.  It was for research rather than romantic, but of course it ended up being romantic.

Apparently Hoon Nam was an expert kisser, not only in the technique but how to tell the love history of the woman he was kissing.

After kissing Jung Eum, he told her that she was in a one-sided love and then got dumped five years ago.  Jung Eum remembered the painful experience.

What she doesn’t know was that Hoon Nam witnessed her boyfriend dumping her all those years ago when it happened in a very public area of the airport.

The first undateable Jung Eum to match up was a beautiful girl who suffers from face blindness.

The second one is more interesting and very Mills&Boons-like story about an heiress and a farmer.  But they have got more depths than the paperbacks.  The heiress is not the size zero beauty and the hero is not the tall, dark and handsome eye candy.  Nope the heiress is a spoilt adjumma who is voluptuous and the potential lover was a balding farmer.

But they have loads of chemistry and hoping that they get together.

Yep this drama is so cute but I do feel for the second male lead, who is adorably in love, but hasn’t  mentally thought or accepted it yet, with Jung Eum.  They grew up together and they know each other inside and out and care for one another as siblings and as I said, Choi Joon-soo is now feeling more romantic towards Jung Eum, who doesn’t notice it at all.

Love this drama…

Episode 11

This is just over an half hour of utter cuteness.  Joon So and Jung Eum were stranded in the mountains.  Hoon Nam lost his car key while they were planting potatoes.

The scene with the fireflies was magical. They were flying high with wonder with the glow bugs until Jung Eum said that she wished she was there with someone she loves.  They fell to earth with a thud!


Jung Eum lied to Joon So about being stranded and spending the night in the mountain with Hoon Nam.

Unfortunately he found out and he was a bit upset with Jung Eum.  But no matter how upset he was he cannot deny her when she makes one of her request.

Yook Ryong asked Hoon Nam why he was pandering to Jung Eum, when she obviously does not really like him.

Hoon Nam made a bet with Yook Ryong that he can seduce Jung Eum and then dump her. 🙁

Episode 13

Hoon Nam operation seduction of Jung Eum had started.  But it looks like he was the one being seduced as he was feeling rather proprietorial of Jung Eum especially when she came to his place with Joon So in tow.  Joon So was very familiar with Jung Eum and Hoon Nam was not liking it.

It looks like Hoon Nam and Jung Eum had met when they were children.

There is mystery here

The standout scene in this episode is the neckerchief. Hoon Nam tied the scarf on Jung Eum’s neck to keep her warm.

When Joon So saw it, he took it and used it himself as it was really a man’s scarf.

When Hoon Nam saw it on Joon So, he said the scarf was his and it was returned to him.  The next time Hoon Nam saw Jung Eum, he tied it again around her neck and said not to give it away because it was his.  Awwww

Episode 14 – 15

There was that Korean girl, a surfer from Australia, who almost aborted the growing attraction between Jung Eum and Hoon Nam.

Jung Eum and Hoon Nam are now officially going out together, poor Joon Soo.

Her father is not too well, Joon soo had to take him to the hospital.

Episode 16 -17

This is a bittersweet episode.  Joon Soo finally made Jung Eum realised that he was more into her that just best friends. It was really really sad, I felt for him so much, I surprised myself, I actually had a little cry.

It looks like Jung Eum’s dad and Hoon Nam’s father knew each other well in the past.

In episode 17, Hoon Nam had moved in and rented a room at Jung Eum’s compound.  Joon Soo is doing everything so the couple can’t be alone.

Episode 18

Jung Eum found out that Hoon Nam made a bet to seduce her and then dump her.

Episode 19

Jung Eum told Hoon Nam that she wanted to break up.  She told him that she really liked him.

Episode 20

Hoon Nam did everything to change Jung Eum mind’s about breaking up but the lady is not for turning.  He even applied all his advice to his strategy but they were all fails!

Episode 21 – 22

Hoon Nam won’t accept the break-up.  He is using the Tin-Man missing heart to see Jung Eum all the time.  He said that it is alright that the heart is still missing at least this gives him every opportunity to see her – until forever. He is so cute.

This episode showed more of the background of Hoon Nam as a child.  His mother was one of his father’s women.

His mother left him in a restaurant as she was meeting Jung Eum’s father as he was a childhood hood friend.    But on the way, his mother met an accident.

He then grew up with his stepmother, who was rather kind to him, while his father continued on his merry ways.

Episode 23-25

Hoon Nam met up again with Jung Eum’s father to introduced himself as a suitor, potential marriage partner.

He found out however that Jung Eum’s dad absolutely hate Congressman Kang Jung Do, not knowing that he was Hoon Nam’s father.

Jung Eum finally squared it with Joon Soo that they could only be friends as she is now going out with Hoon Nam.






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