Furukawa Yuki (Japanese Actor)

Japanese Actor

Furukawa Yuki (Japanese Actor)


  • First Name: Yuki
  • Surname: Furukawa
  • DoB: 18 December 1987 (31)
  • PoB: Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Civil Status: Married a non-celebrity
  • Language Spoken: Japanese, English (having moved to Canada at 7 and then USA at 16 then came back to Japan at 19)  He remained fluent in Japanese when growing in the west as parents conversed in Japanese at home.
  • Education: System Design Engineering (Control Theory) at Keio University
  • Occupation: Model, Dancer, Musician/ Guitarist,Actor
  • Work Period: 2011 – Present
Dramas & Films:

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  • He loves cats
  • He loves break dancing
  • He loves basketball
  • He married a non-celebrity in June 2019, who was four years older than him.  They are expecting a baby.

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