My Story For You (Chinese Drama Review)

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  • Genre: Romance, Autobiographical, Family, Rags to Riches
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • CDrama: 48 Episodes


  • Luo Jin as Zhang Changgong
  • Zheng Shuang as Li Muzi
  • Pen Hanchen as Han Dong (Best Friend)
  • Zhang Yishang as Zhang YaoYao (sister)
  • Wong Gongliang as Li Ningfeng (policeman)
  • Yang Jingcheng as Wei Xiaoshan (Best-Friend)
  • Li Yiyi as Xiao Ayi (Ex-Gf)
  • Qin Yiming as Liu Mingtao

This story is about the struggle of a high school graduate with a vocational in IT and his ultimate success both in Love and work.

I must say Luo Jin had been so busy these last few months.  This is his third in just a few months.


My Story For You (Chinese Drama Review)

Episode 1 – 6

This was in 1998, time leading to the  computer boom.

Chang Gong finished high school and then studied IT.  Due to not having a college degree, he can’t find gainful employment.  But he created a very popular chatroom where he met young people including Li Muzi.

It was agreed that their core group within the chatroom should meet and greet in person.  Chang Gong described himself as 1.6 m in height while Li Muzi said she was 200 kg in weight.

Of course it was the opposite,  Chang Gong was tall and handsome while Li Muzi was slim and gorgeous.

They were attracted to one another immediately.  Their romance is fairly sedate at the moment as Chang Gong had finally found himself a job, though it did not start well.  On his first day he was investigated by the police for a missing digital camera.

His friends, Han Dong and Mingtao, helped him get the real culprit by using Han Dong expensive mobile phone (think vintage phone) as the bait.  Thank goodness the real thief was rather greedy.  He was caught in the act trying to take the phone from the cupboard.

Han Dong is an heir of a large corporation.  But he was a hot-head and a trouble-maker.

He had a fisticuffs with one of his professors which lead to his expulsion from the univesity.  His father told him to come home but he refused.  He declared that he will not come home without building his own company.  His father washed his hand off him for now and told him he can do whatever he like but he was not getting a penny.

Han Dong is renting a room from Chang Gong parents.  He started selling dvds, cds, cassettes tapes, etc on a bicycle cart which proved popular.  At this time he is getting closer to the daughter of the professor, who he had the fight with.   The woman has a young child already.

This turn of events did not go well with Zhang Yao Yao, the sister of Chang Gong, who has a massive crush on Han Dong. She was so jealous.

Yao Yao was a nurse but secretly resigned from her nursing job to become a call centre handler, which pays more.  Yao Yao seems to attract troubles, through no fault of her own and she always ends up in the police station.  The chief was Li Ningfeng, who has taken a particular interest to Yao Yao’s family.

Wei Shaoshan, who lives with his mother in another room rented from Chang Gong’s parents (?)  has a rich and rather opinionated girlfriend.  The girlfriend was about to fly to the states for further study.  This only made Shaoshan realised how different their status in life.

Chang Gong is doing really well at his job.  He was given more responsibility managing a website of a television station.

Now, the contract for the television is up for renewal.  Chang Gong’s boss, who gave him his big break and believed in him,  told him that he has a couple of choices: stay as a permanent employee of the television station managing their website or go with the CEO’s company and be rewarded for his effort.  The company is going to float their stocks and shares with NASDAQ.

Here he had to make a choice.

Episode 7

Chenggong decided to leave the tv station to work with his IT boss.

He had also met Muzi’s family who were military men.

Chenggong, Han Dong and Ziaxhiosan had decided to bail out Chenggong ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend who borrowed the life savings of the granmother.  The boyfriend then spent the money on a great rich scheme which was buying and selling anti-millennium bug for the coming 2000.  Unfortunately he can’t sell the CDs and lost every thing of the 50K.

Episode 8

It’s year 2000

YaoYao spent New Year’s eve tagging along with the policeman in his rounds.

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