Rikuoh (Japanese Drama) Review

Rikuoh poster


  • Genre:  Family, Business, drama
  • Date Released: October 2017
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  • Koji Yakusho as Koichi Miyazawa
  • Kento Yamazaki as Daichi Miyazawa
  • Rhyoma Takeuchi as Hiroto Mogi

Yes another Kento Yamazaki drama and Rhyoma Takeuchi as well.

Watch this space.  This will be a weekend viewing!


It started pretty interesting. Koichi Miyazawa is a fourth generation owner of a tabi shoes manufacturing company, which has a 100 years history.

The company used to have billions of yens in revenue and employed 200.  But now there were only 20 people using antiquated machineries, which breakdown all the time.

Their bank balance was not very healthy.  Their bank manager advised Koichi to restructure the company by laying off some of the staff.

But everyone was an integral part of the company.

Their first bank manager was friendly and suggested that perhaps aside from the tabi, they should create another product to save the company.


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